DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults

You don’t need to be a DIYer to craft these simple Halloween costume ideas—just wardrobe staples, glue and a key accessory or two will help you pull these totally affordable yet original looks together.

Halloween is around the corner. The candy is in stores and so are the kids costumes. But what about you? This year, whether you’re excited to take the kids trick or treating, or you’ve been invited to a costume party for adults only, join in the fun by mixing things up and going beyond the typical witch or ghost costume. Instead, show off your creative side with these fresh ideas to wow fellow revellers.

Here are some DIY Halloween costumes for adults that are sure to impress.

Here are some DIY Halloween costumes for adults that are sure to impress.


The simple nerd costume


Thanks to Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory, nerds are cool again! Good thing, too, because a nerd ensemble makes for an easy last-minute DIY Halloween costume you can pull together using items from your own closet.

Just hike up a pair of jeans à la Steve Urkel from Family Matters, and pair it with a dress shirt with some pens in the pocket.

Then add suspenders, white socks and black shoes, and top it off with this pair of Nerdy Glasses from Rhode Island Novelty, complete with white Teflon tape on the bridge. Voilà: the geek squad has arrived!

Create your geek look



Be the Instagram story you’ve always wanted


Live out your Instagram Story fantasies with a totally cool, yet super simple, adult Halloween costume at your next party. Print a blown-up copy of the Instagram logo and pin it to any outfit as part of your Instagram Story.

Whether it’s an exotic vacation you’re dressed for, an extreme sport stunt or the job of your dreams, dress the part and take the shot. Not sure which one to try on for size? You can try on a cute book blogger look with a vintage librarian outfit sourced from your closest. All you need is a pleated or pencil skirt, stockings, tortoise-shell glasses, heels or flats and grab an armful of your favourite books.

Or, grab some ski goggles and poles, pair them with Zodaca’s Knitted Beanie Hat and pose for your chalet chic adventure story.


Instagram this



Tasty grapes, anyone?


Here’s a juicy costume idea for you: hang out by the buffet table camouflaged as your favourite fruit.

For this attention-grabbing costume, all you need is a few packages of coloured balloons and a matching long sleeved shirt paired with pants or leggings to go dressed as a big bunch of purple or green grapes. Fasten as many balloons as you can to your clothes by threading pins through the ends of the inflated balloons.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can cut some leaves out of green felt and use a hot glue gun to attach them to a headband. At the end of the night, gauge how much fun you’ve had by how many balloons have popped! If you leave the party looking more like a bunch of raisins, you know it’s been a good night.

Be a grape



The coolest (literally) ice cream costume

Ice cream costume

Be the queen of cool when you walk in with your sweet-as-can be ice cream costume! It’s super simple to whip up—just take a white dress, like the Womens Floral Lace Shift Dress from Charter Club, and tape or glue on Twizzlers and small pieces of coloured felt or pom poms for sprinkles.

For an ice cream sundae costume, cut a cherry from red Bristol board and use a hot glue gun to attach it to a headband. Or, for an ice cream cone costume, roll orange or brown Bristol board into the shape of a cone for your headwear for the night.

It’s a sweet, simple costume everyone will love!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…



Error 404 costume


Slacker alert! When it comes to DIY Halloween costumes for adults, it doesn’t get any easier than this Error 404 costume.

Whether you’ve left your costume hunting to the last minute, or finally decided to go to that costume party you were hemming and hawing about, here’s something anyone can do on their way out the door. All you need are two things: a white T-shirt and a black permanent marker.

Simply write “Error 404 Costume Not Found” on the front of the shirt and you’re good to go!

Keep it simple



Queen of Hearts costume


Steal the show with this Alice in Wonderland-inspired costume idea. A Queen of Hearts DIY Halloween costume is not only effortless and fun, but it will also give you the chance to get away with shouting “Off with their heads!” whenever you feel like it.

For this look, you’ll need a red or black dress, red and white face paint and red or black heels. If want to take it to the next level, fan out a deck of cards in a circle pattern and use a stapler to create a collar that will make your costume really stand out. Top your ensemble off with this Royal Queen Crown from Forum Novelties, or get crafty and make one yourself with metallic paper, scissors and glue.

Look out, people: the queen has arrived!

Be a queen



Throwback to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Fresh Prince Costume

Will Smith may be an Oscar-nominated actor, but he’ll always be the Fresh Prince to us. Bring your favourite ’90s TV show back with your very own Fresh Prince of Bel-Air costume. It’s easy and, best of all, you can put this look together fairly quickly!

Just grab a brightly coloured ball cap and flip up the brim, then pair it with sunglasses, a T-shirt, basketball shorts and your favourite pair of sneakers.

Don’t forget the most important part of your costume: your Fresh Prince swagger, and be sure to brush up on the theme song lyrics!

Fresh Prince essentials



Be a bread winner


Here’s a super easy costume that’s sure to be a Halloween party winner! For you athletic and competitive junkies, this DIY costume has your name written all over it! All you need is a pair of sports medals, athletic shorts, a T-shirt, a sports headband and a loaf or two of bread.

It’s simple, made from mostly household ingredients, and partygoers are sure to get a kick out of it! Oh, and if the halloween party food doesn’t quite meet your appetite, at least you’ll have some bread to munch on.

Stay winning


Costumes come in all forms of shapes, sizes and unique spooks. But sometimes, you just want to get creative and do a little something outside the box and these 8 DIY Halloween costumes for adults are a great way to do so.

If you’re looking for more inspiration or curious to see what else is out there, be sure to check out a variety of Halloween costumes and Halloween essentials at!

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