new HDTVs for 2018 and the best tv shows, apps and Smart TV content

If you’re getting a new HDTV, there are some important tips you should know.

Buying a new HDTV is an exciting moment. Not only can you enjoy all the great HD content out there, but most TVs these days also include many smart features. In order to maximize your TV experience, it’s important to be aware of all the things you can do with your new set.

This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of eight tips to get the most out of your new HDTV. Optimizing your picture quality, downloading apps, and streaming are just some of the recommendations we suggest. Let’s dive right in!

8 tips for a better TV experience:

  1. Configure Your Picture Settings
  2. Buy a Good Universal Remote
  3. Stream TV and Movies
  4. Listen to Live and Streamed Radio
  5. Web Browsing
  6. Access Social Media
  7. Watch Live Sports
  8. Connect TV to Speakers for Home Theatre Experience

1Configure Your Picture Settings

One of the best and easiest ways to improve your viewing experience is to optimize the TV’s picture settings. Every room is different, from the amount of window glare, to the types of lights you use. These lighting elements affect the picture quality you see. Plus, you may want to adjust the settings depending on the types of content (sports, movies, TV, games, etc.) you enjoy watching most.

To begin this process, most HDTVs allow you to manually adjust settings like the brightness, contrast, black level, and colour saturation. If you don’t want to bother adjusting these individually, usually you’ll find a range of TV presets such as Movie, Standard, Vivid, and more. Go to the picture settings on your TV to try each mode until you come across one you like.

Ultimately, your display settings are a matter of personal preference, which is why we recommend customizing the settings to achieve the best picture possible. The easiest way is to begin with a pre-set picture mode you like, then fine-tune the settings to get the best picture possible for your personal preferences, and room lighting.

2Buy a Good Universal Remote

We can do more with TVs now than ever before. Cable boxes, home theatre systems, streaming gadgets, and Blu-ray players are just some of the devices we can connect to our TVs. In order to manage all these components more efficiently, consider replacing your TV remote with a universal one. This helps streamline your viewing experience and makes life easier.

With a universal remote, you can control many functions of your connected devices with one device. Not only does this eliminate the clutter of using multiple remotes, but it saves you the cost of replacing their batteries too.

To pair all your devices with the universal remote, follow the manual’s step-by-step instructions. Generally, this involves typing in code corresponding to the device’s make and model. Once your universal remote is setup, you can use it to power your devices on or off, adjust the volume, press play or pause, and many other convenient control features.

3Stream TV and Movies

Some HDTVs can connect to your home WiFi to stream TV shows and movies. Whether it’s streaming on-demand titles from your TV provider or using Smart TV apps like Netflix, streaming your favourite content has never been more convenient and easy.

Make full use of your HDTV’s smart hub or dashboard to download apps like YouTube, CraveTV, as well as live sports, and other options. You can also purchase streaming boxes such as Roku, or Apple TV for your entertainment needs. The options are vast, and watching the content you want has never been easier.

4Listen to Live and Streamed Radio

Your streaming options don’t end with TV shows and film. Smart HDTVs can connect to apps that stream music, live radio, and podcasts. Popular streaming apps include Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube. You may want to consider getting a sound bar or surround sound system to hear to your favourite tunes in clear, high quality detail.

5Web Browsing

Smart HDTVs typically have a built-in web browser that you can use to browse the Internet just like you would on your laptop or mobile device. HDTVs give you the benefit of enjoying your favourite music videos or websites with a big screen presentation.

While you can use the on-screen keyboard, we recommend using a universal remote with a QWERTY keyboard or voice capabilities. They make your TV web experience easier and more user-friendly versus using a traditional remote.

6Access Social Media

Another feature common to most Smart HDTVs is the ability visit your preferred social media channels. Accessing apps like Facebook or Twitter enable you to see photos, read updates, and watch videos posted by your family and friends. You can also share your own updates straight from the app on your TV.

7Watch Live Sports

Sports have never been more accessible than they are today. Many HDTVs let you install apps like MLB.TV and other sports subscription services to enjoy live sports in high definition.

This is an especially good choice for those with 4K TVs, as most sports streaming services broadcast in HD and 4K. Cheer on your favourite teams as you watch the latest baseball, football, and hockey games live via sport streaming apps.

8Connect TV to Speakers for Home Theatre Experience

The built-in speakers of your HDTV will only get you so far. To get fully immersed in your movies, TV, and music, we recommend connecting your HDTV to a surround sound system or sound bar. Speakers offer high quality treble and bass for a better home theatre experience that truly draws you into your content. Add a subwoofer for an even more immersive sound experience.



Once you bring your new HDTV home and set it up, the fun is only beginning. There are all sorts of ways to enhance your TV experience, from connecting to the internet, hooking up a speaker system, or downloading the latest streaming apps. Make sure to also customize your picture settings to get the best picture quality possible

In addition to watching TV, you can listen to live radio, watch sports, play games, stream movies in full HD. You can even use social media apps and browse the web. Today’s HDTV can do a lot more than just connect to a cable box. Smart TV technologies let us access a wide variety of content and services, all on our television sets. If these tips have helped sparked new ideas for you, head over to for find great deals on HDTVs and home theatre systems in your area today!


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