Here are the best Legend and weapons skins in Apex Legends. Become a legend and look the part in the new free-to-play game.

At 50 million players, it’s no secret that Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends has been taking the video game industry by storm. That’s particularly impressive considering the game released just over one month ago (February 4th, specifically) for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Since then, I’ve been playing daily and having an absolute blast! The 60-person battle royale title is a happy marriage between the tight shooter-mechanics of Call of Duty, and Overwatch’s hero system.

A huge draw to Apex Legends is their version of “heroes”—the Legends. You have access to six Legends right out of the gate, and two more to unlock. These characters are each given two Character Abilities (one passive, one active) and an Ultimate power. I find all heroes are fun to learn and use, but have taken a particular liking to Bloodhound. His heightened tracking senses are really useful!

As you play the game you’ll unlock new Legend skins, weapon skins, as well as other customizable features to personalize your Legends. If you want to fast track and acquire loot quickly, there’s also the option of purchasing loot boxes, known in-game as Apex Packs, which can be acquired using Apex Coins.

We’ll look at what Apex Coins are, what Apex Packs include, and show you some of my favourite skins to unlock.

Apex Legends: character and weapon skins:

  1. What are Apex Coins?
  2. What can you unlock?
  3. Best Legend and weapon skins

What are Apex Coins?

Apex Coins are the currency used in Apex Legends. They’re used to purchase Apex Packs, which contain loot to customize your Legends with new skins that set them apart from other players.

Apex Coins are available in packs of 1000 Coins, 2150 Coins, 4350 Coins, 6700 Coins, and 11500 Coins. Each pack above 1000 Coins includes a base amount plus a bonus amount—and the bonuses scale, so the more Apex Coins you buy the larger the bonus will be. If you want to maximize the bonus coins, it’s better to buy a larger pack vs. buying several smaller packs.


What can you unlock?

Opening an Apex Pack rewards you with a random selection of three items—and none will be duplicates. Legend skins and weapon skins are the main loot you’ll get, and they come in four tiers: Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. Respawn has been very transparent with the probability of obtaining Rare or better cosmetics, as you can see below:

Apex Box

For every Apex Pack opened, you are guaranteed to get at least one Rare or better item. The odds of getting an Epic or better item is 24.8%, and Legendary items have a 7.4% acquisition rate. All probabilities are listed in the game’s Store.

In addition to skins, you can also unlock pre-match Banners, new Finishers, or audio Quips used during match intros and after defeating enemies. The last potential items you can get in Apex Packs are Crafting Metals.

If you have your eyes set on a particular skin or cosmetic item, you can obtain it by using Crafting Metals. Depending on an item’s rarity, the amount of Crafting Metals required to unlock can range between 30 and 1200. The only way to obtain Crafting Metals is by opening Apex Packs.

Keep in mind the Apex Legends’ Store has a weekly rotation of featured skins that you can also purchase. Furthermore, according to the Apex Legends official FAQ, you’re guaranteed to receive 45 free Apex Packs as you progress from level 1-100. However, be aware this could take weeks or months depending on how frequently you play.


Best Legend and weapon skins

So now that you’ve got some Apex Coins, let’s take a look at the suite of cool and unique skin designs for each Legend. There’s a wide variety of ways to personalize your hero. Perhaps you feel like giving your Legend a stealthy camo look to increase your survival odds. Or, maybe you like being loud and proud by dropping into each match with a colourful, flashy suit!

Weapons also receive a similar treatment. You can opt for intimidating designs or add an 80’s-inspired neon finish to your weapon. Again, you can purchase skins outright using Crafting Metals, or go the flow with whatever rewards you find in your Apex Packs!

Here are a few of my favourite Legend and weapon skins:

Gibraltar – Daemon Hunter – 400 Crafting Metals


Some may argue the bright red holographic finish on this skin may make you a target. For me, I love striking some fear in my enemy’s eyes while rushing them!

Bloodhound – Plague Doctor – 1200 Crafting Metals


Inspired by a 17th century Plague Doctor, this outfit sure is terrifying. Another bonus: this shadowy all-black suit is great for hiding out in dark areas for a surprise assault.

Lifeline – Desert Scorpion – 60 Crafting Metals


The Desert Scorpion skin is a perfect camo outfit if you’re looking to get the drop on your opponents. Kings Canyon, the Apex Legends map, is largely comprised of earth tones, so you’ll fit right in wearing this skin.

Mirage – Hack the System – 400 Crafting Metals


The Hack the System skin is a fun one as ripples of vibrant green continuously flows from top to bottom. Who says the lava lamp fad is over!

Bangalore – Varsity – 60 Crafting Metals


Getting flashbacks to the Saved By The Bell intro? Anyone feeling nostalgic for the 90s will really enjoy the Varsity skin.

Wraith – Arachnophobia – 60 Crafting Metals


The contrast between the wine red and deep teal colours on the Arachnophobia skin just looks cool. Plus, if you look closely you’ll see spider web prints; as a big Spider-Man fan how could I resist?

Caustic – Philosopher’s Stone – 1200 Crafting Metals


Caustic is already menacing due to his stature. Philosopher’s Stone adds blue hair and a scarred face so you can instill more fear into your opponents after laying down some deadly Nox Gas Traps.

Pathfinder – Unicornucopia – 60 Crafting Metals


Pathfinder already has a funny look with his singular “lens” eye and happy face chest monitor. Double down with the Unicornucopia skin—a hilarious pattern of cartoon unicorns from head-to-toe.

Longbow DMR – Big Game Hunter – 1200 Crafting Metals


Looking like it was ripped straight out of the Predator films comes the Big Game Hunter skin. The attention to detail is fantastic including a cheeky “Hunt Me” etching which can be found near the trigger.

Peacekeeper – Pal 9000 – 1200 Crafting Metals


If you’re maining Pathfinder, you may want to check out the Pal 9000 skin. It’s a perfect companion as it features the Legend’s signature smiley face.

Hemlock Burst AR – Paper Trail – 60 Crafting Metals


Personally, my favourite of the bunch. The Paper Trail skin is full of small doodles and drawings, as if someone slapped a page from a high school notebook onto the Hemlock.

Havoc Rifle – Eye of the Storm – 400 Crafting Metals

Havoc Rifle

Finally, we have the new Havoc Rifle with a sleek blue finish. It’s simple, yet bold enough to make the weapon stand out amongst most skins.

With Apex Legends expected to receive continuous updates, we can anticipate more great Legend and weapons skins to come. In fact, Respawn Entertainment has already outlined their plans for multiple seasons running from March through the end of the year. Each season will introduce new Legends, weapons, and cosmetic items, so the list of skins will continue to grow as the game evolves.

Though the launch date of season one has not been announced, keep an eye out for additional details on the storefront. See you on the island!

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