This Mother’s Day, give mom the gift of an at-home spa day. Check out these tips and ideas to create an at-home spa experience she’ll appreciate.

Here are some tips and ideas you can use to treat the mom in your life to an at-home spa day on Mother’s Day. As a mother of too many munchkins (just kidding, although my four kiddies can be a handful!), I know how hard it is to score a little me-time. A spa gift card is a well-intentioned gift, but sometimes it’s hard for mom to step away from family life for an extended period. These at-home spa ideas for mom will allow her to enjoy the pampering she deserves from the comforts of home.

At-home Spa Ideas for Mom:

  • Set the mood
  • Candles
  • Essential oils
  • Photo collage
  • At-home spa essentials
  • Sudsy soak
  • Facial
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Treats between spa treatments
  • Herbal teas
  • Healthy snacks
  • Light meal

Set the mood

Treat the mom in your life to a day she’ll remember by setting the mood at home with a spa-like vibe. Candles help create the perfect ambiance with just the right amount of low lighting. Essential oils and scentsationals wax cubes—fragrances ranging from relaxing to invigorating—can help provide her with the relaxing effects she needs to unwind.

Nothing puts a smile on my face like seeing photos of my husband and kids. Happy memories are easily triggered as I glance around my bedroom at the various framed photos of family portraits, candid shots and trip pics. It can be hard to find the time to capture all those great moments if you have a new baby or young family. Why not give mom a sweet surprise by presenting her with a photo collage that showcases some of her favourite photos? Be sure to display the photo collage in the spa area for added ambiance. You’ll be glad you did.

hometrends Collage Frame

hometrends Collage Frame

Capture some of her fondest family moments with this collage frame by hometrends. Create a photo collage of memories on medium-density fibreboard with a rustic grey-wash background. Includes five frame openings and one additional clip.

At-home spa essentials

Sudsy Soak

A Mother’s Day at-home spa experience wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing, sudsy soak. Choose from Walmart’s wide selection of bath bombs, bubble baths, soaks and body scrubs to make this pampering experience one she’ll appreciate as you help her nourish body, mind and soul.

Dr. Teal's Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak

Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak

Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak combines pure Epsom Salt with mineral-rich Pink Himalayan Salt and the light scent of bergamot and sweet orange essential oils. She’ll love relaxing with the lightly scented aroma as she soaks in the tub.


A facial can help reduce stress while it cleanses, detoxifies and rejuvenates skin. Treat mom to a facial with a luxurious face mask. Better yet, give her a face mask collection so she can choose the one that’s right for her (so much depends on her mood at the time). Her skin will love the results.

Olay Glow Boost White Charcoal Clay Face Mask Stick

Olay Glow Boost White Charcoal Clay Face Mask Stick

Olay’s clay face mask stick is formulated with premium Kaolin clay that micro-exfoliates to help remove skin-dulling impurities. It helps provide a natural, healthy glow to lacklustre skin.


Running around after little ones all day does a number on her feet. A proper pedicure starts with a foot spa. Pedicure tools will help her scrub and buff those tired tootsies. She’ll want to apply a foot cream to help revive, rejuvenate and soften skin (after she’s done scrubbing and buffing).

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

This Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File is designed to be gentle on feet and easy to use. It helps buff away hard skin in minutes for silky soft feet. Battery operated (batteries included).


A manicure that focuses on proper nail care is definitely on my pamper wish list when it comes to primping and preening. Fresh new nail polish is sure to help make her feel more like herself. Present her with a nail treatment kit and a collection of uplifting shades that will bring a little style to her day.

Hard Candy PRO FX Kickoff Your Manicure

Hard Candy PRO FX Kickoff Your Manicure

She can prep and restore her nails with this starter nail treatment pro-kit by Hard Candy. The kit contains three nail and cuticle treatments, as well as a cuticle pusher and professional style nail file. The complete 3 formula can enhance the overall colour and brightness of nails.

Treats between spa treatments

A good spa serves soothing herbal and specialty teas, healthy snacks and fresh fruit between treatments. Help the mom in your life recreate a memorable spa experience at home by having sparkling water, herbal tea and nutritious munchies at the ready. Want to wow her? Serve a scrumptious salad as a light meal (drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette … homemade by yours truly).

Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad
Prep time: 5 min
Cooking time: 25 min
Serving size: 4

Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad

This simple salad has just the right amount of sweet and savoury. Perfect as a light meal in between spa treatments, this green salad is topped with grilled chicken breast, fresh fruit, chopped walnuts and drizzled with homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Help the mom in your life experience the at-home spa of her dreams. (We won’t tell her where you got all of your ideas if you don’t!)

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