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Catalina Margulis is a Toronto editor and writer. When she’s not working on her latest assignment, she’s cleaning up after her four young children, writing her first novel (The Hill) and working on her upcoming podcast Passion Project (passionprojectpod.com). She basically runs on fumes. You can follow Catalina on Instagram @catmargulis.
Tripanel shot of spiders in a jar, witchy skeleton and jack o lantern

Spooky and Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas for 2019

Get inspired for Halloween with these Halloween decoration ideas.
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New Baby Checklist: What’s Essential for Your Newborn and Easy on...

Moms share what's on their newborn essentials shopping list.
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First Trimester Pregnancy: Expert Ideas to Help Make Life Less Stressful

These expert tips will help you manage stress safely during your first trimester.
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I Just Found Out I’m Pregnant! Now What?

Pregnant? We chat with an expert who explains why it’s important to take prenatal vitamins.
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6 Light and Fresh Summer Dinner Ideas

You’ll find quick and easy healthy food ideas that make the most of summer’s bounty.
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5 Natural Energy Boosters for New Moms

Boost your energy safely and naturally to help you combat new mom burnout.
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Am I Pregnant? 6 Signs That Help You Answer This Question

So you think you’re pregnant? Exciting! Here’s what you need to know.
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Oh, Canada! Our Home and Tasty Land

Celebrate Canada Day with these classic Canadian recipes and easy meal ideas.
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5 Ways Dads Can Help Give New Moms a Break

Simple tips and ideas that dads can do to help new moms rest and recharge.
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Make Time for You: Commit to Joining The 5 AM Club

Build in some me-time by joining The 5 AM Club. You’ll be glad you did.