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Lisa is the author of five books and counting. She’s also a versatile voice-artist and the former morning co-anchor at 680 News. She loves coffee, cheese and Twizzlers, but not at the same time. She believes the best part about working from home is talking on the phone to people who have no idea that she's still wearing her pajamas. Animal lover Lisa lives in Wallaceburg (about an hour west of London) with her husband and their senior rescue cat Miss Sugar. You can follow Lisa on Twitter @lisambrandt.
Woman in pink shirt sitting on a beige couch writing on paper

Baby Budget Breakdown: Planning for the First Year

Your child is priceless, but what you’ll need in the first year will cost you.
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12 Simple Tips to Help You Cope with New Mom Stresses

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve got simple tips and ideas to help you manage new mom stresses.
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Father’s Day Brunch Ideas: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Each Father’s Day brunch idea is made with a special ingredient: LOVE!
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Why Do It All Yourself? Get Kids Involved with Meal Prep

Teach your children about food and nutrition while getting assistance in the kitchen.
15 gift ideas to make father's day special

15 Gift Ideas to Make Father’s Day Special

This Father’s Day, DIY also stands for Dad It’s You! Let’s make him feel special.
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Enlist Family Help to Get Chores Done

Find out what motivates your kids to do chores and use it to your advantage.
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Celebrating Motherhood: Three Generations Reflect on Baby Safety

Three generations of moms tell us how baby safety has evolved. Always a hot topic.
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Gardening: Make It a Family Affair This Weekend

Parenting expert Alyson Schafer reminds us the goal is to have fun, not win a gardening award!
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Caffeinate Your Social Life with a Coffee Date for Moms

Give your social life a boost by joining, or starting, a coffee date for moms.
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20 Inexpensive Ways to Get Baby Eating More Veggies

Sometimes you have to get a bit creative to get your kids to eat veggies!