Baby Bath Toys (for Toddlers Too)!

Turn bath time into play time with these fun baby bath toys.

My little guy loves bath time—my wife and I like to take some of the credit since we always strive to make bath time fun. Whether that’s by giving him a new water-squirting toy or waterproof soft block, we constantly think of ways to educate and entertain our son during bath time. You too can help make bath time fun with baby bath toys that will have your child looking forward to tub time!

Play and experimentation with water provides many opportunities for learning and laughs all while splish-splashing and getting squeaky clean in the tub. Encouraging water-based play is important as it helps children work on their hand-eye coordination and helps develop their creativity and imagination. Here are a few suggestions that are a hit in our household.

Best Baby Bath Toys:

  1. PAW Patrol Gluten Free Bubble Bath
  2. Nuby Little Squirts Bath Squirters
  3. Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers
  4. Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers
  5. Nuby Splash N’ Catch Bathtime Fishing Set
  6. Playgro Splash and Learn Bath Soft Blocks
  7. Disney Mickey Mouse Hooded Towel
  8. Jolly Jumper Bath Tub Toy Bag

PAW Patrol Gluten Free Bubble BathThe most fun baby bath times at our house always start with bubbles! The PAW Patrol Gluten Free Bubble Bath has a gentle formula that’s dye and tear free for a bubbly experience that will keep parents and baby happy. The bottle features Ryder and his team of pups all at the ready to help your child have a wonderful bath experience with their favourite characters! As a parent I get peace of mind having a hypoallergenic formula, and for my little one, he enjoys the berry-scented bubbles.

Nuby Little Squirts Bath SquirtersSquirt toys offer a fun way to experiment with water! The colourful cast of animal characters in this Nuby Bath Squirters set are a great way to visually engage toddlers, too. Their compact size makes it easy for small hands to grab and squeeze, helping to work on fine and gross motor skills. The bath squirters come in a set of 10, and with their great assortment of colours they can help your child learn to recognize red, blue, green, and more!



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Munchkin Bath Letters and NumbersThis set of bath letters can help you and your toddler spell out some fun! The Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers kit comes with twenty-six floating letters (A-Z) and 10 numbers (0-9) for plenty of reading and counting during bath time. The letters and numbers are made from soft, durable, non-toxic foam that floats while your child is splishing and splashing. When the shapes are wet, they can stick to tub walls and bathroom tiles, letting your child spell out names, places, and more while having fun in the tub.

Munchkin Caterpillar SpillersStack and pour educational fun into bath time with the Caterpillar Spillers! My son absolutely loves pouring and filling during bath time; it’s a great behaviour to encourage as it helps kids learn about the world around them.

This set is unique as the seven included cups connect to create a cute caterpillar friend or can stack up to form a towering paddle wheel. Another bonus is the cups are all numbered and colour coated, so your child can practice counting and identifying colours. The cups also nest into one another, creating a mini-puzzle to help improve your little one’s problem solving and hand-eye coordination skills.

Nuby Splash N' Catch Bathtime Fishing SetCatch more fun at bath time with Nuby’s bright and colourful Splash N’ Catch Fishing Set. The set includes a net and linkable sea characters that you and your baby can fish for together, encouraging the use of fine motor skills.

The net is lightweight, which is great as my little one can easily hold it and fish with a sense of independence. We really enjoy fishing for certain colours, which he finds very fun, but it also allows him to recognize and repeat the names of sea life.

Playgro Splash and Learn Bath Soft BlocksLearn numbers, colours, letters, and shapes in the tub with Playgro Splash and Learn Bath Soft Blocks. The water-proof blocks can also be used outside of the bath, extending their playtime to other rooms in the house. Build fun mini-forts at the edge of the tub or play “I spy” with different objects on the blocks to help reinforce learning. When bath time is over, there are other great building blocks for your child to play and learn with!

Disney Mickey Mouse Hooded TowelOnce all the bath time fun has ended, you’ll want to wrap-up your little mouse properly to quickly dry them off and keep them warm. Hooded baby towels have been a staple in my household since my son was only days old. The hood does a great job of keeping your child’s head nice and cozy straight out of their bath time adventure. Disney’s Mickey Mouse hooded towel is an excellent choice since most kids love Mickey! The towel is made of absorbent, 100% cotton material keeping your little one feeling snuggly and warm.

Jolly Jumper Bath Tub Toy BagMake clean-up time a breeze with the Jolly Jumper Bath Tub Toy Bag. I found as my little guy has grown up one of the biggest challenges is keeping all of his toys organized and together. Solutions like a bath toy bag really help to keep things neat, organized, and easily accessible since they cling directly to many bathroom surfaces. After bath time you’ll need drying space for the toys, and the bag helps by providing easy storage with a quick dry mesh for mold-free drying.

I hope these selections help make your family’s bath time more fun! If you are looking for even more options for bath toys, Walmart Canada has you covered for all your infant needs.

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