Image divided into four quadrants including a pink and blue balloon, gift, baby shower invitation and party decor
Image divided into four quadrants including a pink and blue balloon, gift, baby shower invitation and party decor

So, you’re planning a baby shower and searching for gorgeous Pinterest-worthy baby shower ideas but you don’t want to spend weeks agonizing over every detail. Tall order! Luckily, we’ve rounded up 25 easy food, décor and game ideas that will make the new parents feel extra special—and most of them are totally doable for a socially distanced gathering. The best part? They’re easy to plan and carry out, even if you’re not super crafty.

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1. Customize an invitation template.

Many talented designers sell baby shower invitation templates that you can personalize—and they’re available on Etsy and other online shops. Simply find a template you love, customize your text and then email them out to your guests. If you’re chasing the title of “best baby shower host,” you may also want to grab thank-you cards and pass them along to the expectant parents to fill out after the party.

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2. Create a flower market backdrop.

Everyone loves a good backdrop, but the elaborate ideas you see on Pinterest can be a ton of work. This backdrop on the other hand? Easy! Simply stack boxes or crates, then fill them with bunches of flowers. To save time and money, buy blooms at the grocery store when picking up other party supplies. Guests can then make their own bouquets and take them home as party favours.

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3. String up DIY patio lanterns.

We know, we promised easy ideas, but these paper lanterns are actually super simple baby shower decorations—even for non-crafty types! Simply fold the paper in half, make a few straight snips, then open the sheet and glue it into a cylinder. String the lanterns up and you’re done! They make an adorable and inexpensive party backdrop. This YouTube tutorial demonstrates how it’s done.

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4. Stick to a single colour.

Keep things simple by using one colour (like shades of pink) for all your baby shower decorations. Not only will it make a big visual impact, but it will also take away the stress of coordinating different hues. You can also ask your guests to dress in the signature colour for the day.

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5. Keep the florals on budget.

Flowers make décor feel fresh, but they can also be pricey. Instead of blowing the budget on massive floral arrangements, buy bunches of affordable blooms and pop them in mason jars—just a few stems per jar. It’s a sparse look that works! Group the jars on trays and display them throughout the party space.

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6. Throw a boho garage party.

Trying to keep the party outside? Host the baby shower on a porch, driveway or in a garage and have guests walk or drive by. Since you won’t spend a ton on games, food and décor, you can splurge on balloons and incorporate boho-style accessories—think globally-inspired fabrics, plush pillows, wood, woven pieces and hanging pendants. If it’s winter, add hot chocolate and wool blankets. Just make sure the mom-to-be has a comfy place to sit.

Pull it off: Hanging Swing Chair

7. Take it to the park.

Alleviate the stress of hosting in or around your home and head to a park where it’s easy to social distance. To ensure you aren’t lugging everything to the park yourself, delegate food, drinks and décor to different friends and family members. And if you have space in your budget, consider a special treat like a live band.

Pull it off: Striped Beach Mat

8. Make a virtual baby shower backdrop.

Pandemic or not, expectant parents often have relatives out of town and a Zoom party is a great way to include them. To make it feel special, help the parents create a background with simple elements like a wooden pallet, balloons, flowers and baby props. Set it up somewhere with lots of natural light. You can also record the party as a keepsake for the family.

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9. Set up a DIY lemonade bar.

The mama-to-be may not be able to drink alcohol, but the drinks can still be festive and fun. Start with a base lemonade, supply fixings like basil, lime, cucumber, sliced ginger, mint, fruit and even jalapeños, then let guests mix their own creations. But if you’re throwing a socially distant party, pre-make three versions and put them in drink dispensers or designate one friend to run the bar. (We love this Cucumber Cooler recipe.)

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10. Make it a brunch, single-serve style.

When brainstorming baby shower ideas, consider hosting a breakfast or brunch. It’s easy to plan and a morning timeslot frees up the rest of the day for your guests. Since COVID-19 means we’re limiting buffet-style sharing, you can create single-serve options like yogurt-and-granola parfaits—delicious and pretty! (Check out our Recipe Centre for more ideas.)

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11. Cover a wall with donuts.

This trendy wedding reception treat also makes for fun baby shower food, plus it’s a major crowd-pleaser. It might satisfy the mom-to-be’s carb cravings, too! No need to break out the power tools (unless you want to). Simply pick up a pre-made donut wall and hit your local donut shop or bakery.

Pull it off: Wooden Donut Rack

12. Bring on the theme cake.

It’s easy to love a punny baby shower theme—and “ready to pop” is a cinch to bring to life. Match your dessert to the theme with a yummy caramel popcorn cake. Simply grab a basic cake or cupcakes and customize the topper yourself by making a quick batch of caramel corn. Top the cake when the popcorn is warm and sticky and it will harden into the shape you want.

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13. Create a flipbook memento.

Buy a fresh deck of cards, then glue paper to the centre panel of each card. Finish off by punching two holes along the left sides. At the party, ask guests to write a wish or note on the cards. Choose a specific topic like “52 things no one ever told you about having a baby.” After the party, finish the flipbook off with two binder rings.

Pull it off: Bicycle Poker Playing Cards

14. Decorate wooden blocks.

Provide a set of blank wooden blocks and permanent markers, then let each guest design a block for the baby. You’ll create a full set of decorative blocks that will look pretty displayed in the nursery (so long as they stay out of tiny mouths!). It’s super easy and guests can do it on their own time during the event.

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15. Play outdoor lawn games.

Coming up with baby shower activities that don’t make guests groan can be tricky—but that’s where outdoor games come in. If the weather is nice, head outside for lawn bowling or bocce ball to create some friendly competition.

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16. Ask guests to guess mom’s bump size.

Give all party goers string or yarn and have them guess the guest of honour’s bump size. Whoever is the closest wins a prize and bragging rights.

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17. Set up a friendly “Guess the Gender” game.

When guests grab a drink, supply their choice of pink or blue cup. Then during the gender reveal, everyone with that colour can raise their cup and cheer!

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18. Organize a bib decorating station.

Setting up a bib decorating station creates a fun baby shower activity and you’ll end up with bibs that the mom-to-be can definitely use. You just need white bibs or onesies, plus fabric markers. Keep in mind that you want decorating supplies that will tolerate being washed, so no glue, beads or anything that baby can choke on. Set up a clothesline and display them during the party.

Pull it off: Fabric Fun Duo Tip Fabric Markers

19. Build a “Guess the Baby” photo wall.

Ask guests to bring a baby pic of themselves, then hang them all on the wall with string and clothes pegs. The party goers can guess which photo goes with which guest, plus you’ll have a unique backdrop and a great conversation starter. If you’re planning a Zoom party, ask guests to send photos beforehand so you can host the same game online and give a little structure to your virtual baby shower.

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20. Book a maternity photographer.

Hire a photographer for the shower to capture party moments. You can set up a simple photo booth with paper props to capture Insta-worthy snaps and also set aside time for a mini maternity session with the soon-to-be parents who will already be dressed up! This unique group gift is a two-in-one, since it doubles as a baby shower activity.

Pull it off: Rose Gold Baby Shower Photo Booth Props

21. Host a “just for mom” shower.

This gifting idea makes perfect sense for a mama who already has a kid or two. If she already has all the baby gear she could ever need but you want to shower her with love, consider throwing a spa-themed celebration where the gifts are just for mom. Surprise her with candles, loungewear or gift cards to her favourite online shops. (We’ve even selected a 50 gifts mom will absolutely love.)

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22. Throw a frozen meal party.

What do new parents really need? Meals that are easy to prep and throw in the oven. For this unique baby shower idea, coordinate with guests to bring a variety of frozen meals or takeout gift cards instead of a traditional gift. The meal should have heating instructions and can even include the recipe—maybe they’ll love it and want to make it again! Guests will also appreciate the budget-friendly suggestion.

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23. Ask for books instead of cards.

A book-themed party is sweet and practical—especially for a mother-to-be who loves to read. Instead of a greeting card, which often gets tossed in the bin, ask guests to sign a favourite children’s book instead. Then buy a small wooden bookcase where guests can place their books and create a complete library by the end of the party.

Pull it off: Kidcraft Sling Bookshelf

24. Give the diaper cake an update.

While it might seem a little old-fashioned, the diaper cake is a baby shower staple and is a fun way to load up the parents-to-be with diapers (an absolute necessity!). However, you can make it more modern with simple greenery and a neutral palette. Easy peasy. (We’ve created a list of 37 baby registry must-haves that mom may also want to add to the baby shower gift list!)

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25. Say thank you with a succulent.

Your search for the perfect thank-you present is over. Grab a case of budget-friendly succulents, add a tag and you’re done! Guests will appreciate the gesture and an easy-care plant is something everyone will enjoy. It’s also perfectly on theme for a party that celebrates a growing baby. (We love the tag, “Watch me grow!”)

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