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I’ve compiled my recommendations for the best baby shower ideas to help make this special occasion fun for everyone!

Someone you love will soon give birth to a little someone who will change their world forever. And you want to make the expectant mom’s baby shower a celebration that will make her feel special and prepared for what’s to come. Try these baby shower ideas to help you plan a party she’ll remember forever.

Baby Shower Ideas:

  1. When to have the baby shower
  2. Planning
  3. Themes
  4. Food and beverages
  5. Games and activities
  6. Gifts

When to have the baby shower

Baby showers typically take place about two months before the baby’s arrival, but some expectant parents prefer to wait until after the baby is born. Others can’t wait until the seven-month mark! Find out whether the mom-to-be would prefer an afternoon or evening gathering, and which day is best for her.

Stepping Stones Baby First Parts FrameStepping Stones Baby First Parts Frame

Here’s a perfect present for new parents. They’ll be able to use it right away to preserve baby’s hand print, foot print and photo. This classic white frame from Stepping Stones comes with a nameplate, decorative mat with silver foil accents, non-toxic washable ink and placement guides for prints. Frame has an easel back for tabletop display and hook for wall display.


Planning a baby shower

Will the guest list include friends, family members, work colleagues, neighbours or a combination? The expectant parents are your best resources here. Traditional baby showers are for women only, but they can be a lot more fun with the guys. After all, the dad-to-be is excited about the baby, too.

You could choose an element or two as a surprise for the mom-to-be. Perhaps there’s someone special to her who lives out of province, and you could conspire on their secret arrival! Surprises should be gentle, positive and not scary.

Decide whether to accept individual gifts or contributions to a larger, group present. That should be noted in the invitations, which ought to be sent out four to six weeks before the party. Ask for RSVPs no later than two weeks prior.

List-making is your best asset. As guests respond, you can adjust the number of party favours, plates, cutlery, napkins, food, etc.  Give lots of lead time to prepare a special cake or any other custom items. And when friends offer to help, take them up on it! Spread that good feeling around.

Hallmark Signature New Baby Greeting CardHallmark Signature New Baby Greeting Card

For some people, it’s all about the card. HALLMARK has been sending good wishes for more than 100 years, and that’s a lot of babies! The front reads: Hello Baby. The inside message reads: So much love and cuteness is headed your way … So happy for you!


Baby shower themes

These days, you can toss tradition and take the expectant mom on a Girls’ Night Out. Pamper her with fresh skin care products and makeup. Give her the perfect dress and go dancing or out for dinner. See a play or take in a movie. Make her feel like a Queen for a Day!

My sister-in-law holds family-tree themed baby showers. (There’s always a quiz!) This way, she keeps the memories of our loved ones alive, and baby’s first book is one she makes about our family.

Take video footage on your smartphone of everyone’s wish for the baby’s future or a tidbit about mom and dad that the child will enjoy when they’re older.

Base a theme on the new mom’s favourite colour, movie or beloved book. A music-themed shower is fun with karaoke and baby gifts such as musical mobiles and lullabies.

A ‘baby safety’ shower is all about the gadgets needed to baby proof a home such as baby gates, cabinet locks and a baby monitor.

A ‘bath time’ shower is good, clean fun with rubber ducky décor and gifts ranging from baby bath toys and tubs to baby towelsbaby hair and body wash.

With a nursery rhyme or fairy tale shower, you can select a story for themed decorations and ask guests to help stock the nursery library with gifts of their favourite storybooks.

For a co-ed shower, keep the theme decorations neutral, not girly or cutesy so that the guys will feel comfortable and part of the action.

HoMedics Mybaby Deep Sleep Soundspa Baby MonitorHoMedics Mybaby Deep Sleep Soundspa Baby Monitor

This Deep Sleep Baby Soundspa by HoMedics is designed to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep. Choose from three patented white noise programs and six nature tones: Heartbeat, Soothe, Mask, Calm, Ocean and Twinkle Twinkle. Plug it into the wall or take it with you (uses 4 AAA batteries, not included). The auto-off can be set to 30, 60, or 90 minutes, making it perfect for nap time


Food and beverages

Generally, beverages ought to be non-alcoholic so everyone drinks what the guest of honour can drink: sparkling water and soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee. However, that all depends on the theme, the guests, and whether it’s okay with the expectant mom to open some beer or a bottle of wine for guests.

If the theme is nautical, offer seafood salads with Campbell’s goldfish crackers and crab dip. For high-tea, serve scones with butter and strawberry jam with a selection of herbal teas. Pot-luck is appropriate anytime, as guests love to contribute to the meal and buffet style is easiest on the host. If the shower is co-ed, consider putting one of the dads at the BBQ and having burgers and hot dogs.

Perrier Slim CansPerrier Slim Cans

Perrier in 10 slim cans is affordable and refreshing. Comes in Lime, Pink Grapefruit and Original flavours—all sourced (since 1863) from a single spring near the small village of Vergèze, France. This all-natural beverage has no sugar and 0 calories.

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Baby shower games and activities

Who’s That Baby: Your guests post a baby picture of themselves on a poster board and everyone guesses who the babies are.

Celebrity Babies: Everyone attempts to link a list of baby names to their celebrity parents. Example: Apple and Moses. (Answer: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin)

Baby Pool: Guess the baby’s birth date. Set aside $2 from each player with proceeds split between the guest of honour and the winner. (This game does not work with a planned caesarean birth!) The game continues until long after the shower itself—when the true birth date is revealed!

Diaper Motivation: Place a large stack of diapers and a handful of markers on a table. Guests write supportive statements on the diapers that the new parents will read when they’re exhausted as they tend to their newborn’s needs. Things like, “You’re doing great!” and “You’ve got this!” will help lift their spirits when they need it most.

If the guys are present, game-time should appeal to them, too. An adult-oriented board game or two will help keep the party lively.

Take game-time outdoors, with a water balloon toss: Couples toss a full water balloon back and forth, backing up a step each time until the last couple has an unbroken balloon. Caution—you might get wet!

Buffalo Games Hot Seat Party GameBuffalo Games Hot Seat Party Game

Four to 10 players can play Hot Seat by Buffalo Games. It’s the adult party game about your friends. Hear the stories your friends were hoping everyone forgot. Write an answer to the question pretending to be the player in the Hot Seat. Points are awarded to the players who guess the Hot Seat player’s response correctly, and those who successfully fool players into guessing their answer.


Baby shower gift ideas

We know what new parents need: baby bodysuits or onesies, bath and skin care products, wipes and roughly one million diapers! That’s just a partial list. Even though she might get duplicates of some things, she will use them all, and there are many ways to make your gift stand out as something special.

Onesie cupcake: Roll a baby sock inside a onesie with the toe sticking out a bit. Stuff it into a cupcake liner and a cupcake gift box.

Diaper wreath: Roll diapers tightly and secure with a clear, stretchy band. Tie with ribbon to a wire wreath frame and repeat until you have a diaper wreath! Attach related items such as pacifiers and teethers with ribbon.

Sock roses: Roll baby socks and fasten each one to a straw. Arrange in a vase with colourful tissue paper to space out your “roses.”

Co-ed shower tip: Give men the opportunity to bring baby gifts for the new dad. Ideas? Dad could have his very own blanket for cozying up with baby in a sports-team theme or lumberjack plaid motif. Or present him with a onesie for baby featuring a dad-focused saying such as “Daddy’s girl” or “Daddy’s little helper.” A diaper bag in the form of a backpack or duffle bag would make a great gift for the new dad, too.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Super PackPampers Swaddlers Diapers – Super Pack

It’s impossible to bring too many diapers to a baby shower. You could build a throne out of boxes of Pampers and give the expectant mom this seat of honour! These ultra-soft diapers feature a unique Heart Quilts liner that provides breathability and helps pull wetness and mess away from baby’s skin for added comfort. Each diaper also has Air Channels to help distribute moisture easily while a Wetness Indicator tells you when baby might need a change. A box of 84 diapers works out to .30 cents each!

We hope you’ve had an “aha” moment here and are now ready to throw the best baby shower!

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