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Parents, rejoice! Kids… Well… Parents, rejoice! Back to school is upon us, which means rounding up school supplies so that your kids can get back to school and you can get back to you!

Take out some of the shopping stress and pre-semester planning with our easy school supplies lists for grades K to 5 in Canada. Get your little scholar set up for success before the last pool party even ends!

We researched and pored over lists from a variety of schools and school boards across Canada to collect some of the essentials, from pens and pencils to notebooks and Post-its, that you’ll need to get them well-stocked for the coming year. If your little one goes to a school without a uniform dress code, this article from Money Crashers offers great tips on how to save money when shopping for back-to-school outfits.

Of course, you’ll want to explore the specific supplies listings for your school of choice—they each have their own specific requirements—but these are some of the common essentials they’ll need.

School supplies list for grade kindergarten (K):

Being clever can be fun and stylish at any age, so we have a ton of cute school supplies to keep your littles show-ready for school. This handy list of kindergarten school supplies answers many of the core needs for children just starting school in Canada:

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School supplies list for grade 1

Whether they’re destined to be a little lawyer, mini marketer or anything else their hearts desire, these are some of the common supplies required for grades 1 to 5 by most Canadian schools.

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School supplies list for grade 2

When scouring back to school tips for newer students, we found that by grade 2, we are seeing students begin to trade in crayons and tissues for notebooks and binders.

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School supplies list for grade 3

Truly a transitional year, school checklists for grade 3 students include them still requiring basic tools, like those that facilitate artistic exposure and craft, as well as take the next steps into notetaking, organization and more complex assignments and writing exercises. This supply list highlights the need for more assignment-based work and study.

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School supplies list for grade 4

Crayons and Elmer’s glue are likely a thing of the past by grade 4. Sadly, that kiss goodbye in the parking lot might be, too, but they’ll come back around eventually. In the meantime, what your kiddo lacks in enthusiasm for research papers, book reviews and long division you can make up for with great prices, savings and cost comforts on these more “professional” school supplies!

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School supplies list for grade 5

Students in grade 5 are typically moving on to more advanced art forms, extended mathematical applications, advanced sciences and more sophisticated literary practices. To this end, we see Canadian schools requiring more specialized tools in addition to the basics, like calculators, geometry sets, earbuds and even more technical electronics than most of us had in our entire neighbourhood growing up!

Click to view grade 5 school supplies

School’s almost here, which means long summer nights and fun family experiences are drawing to a close. Get your little one started off on the right foot for the first day back to school with the supplies they need, giving them the boost they need for a fantastic school year.

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