Exercise notebooks, pens, pencils, a calculator and other assorted school supplies on a wood-look background

With back-to-school season right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing school supply lists with everything your kids will need. Whether they’re a new kindergartener, a first-time campus dweller or a keen homeschooler, we got you.

After poring over lists from school boards across Canada, we’ve collected the essentials—from pens and pencils to notebooks and Post-its—that you’ll need to get them well-stocked for the coming year. Our curated list of back-to-school supplies also includes the nice-to-haves that will ease your child into the school year with no missteps.

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It’s a big—and exciting—moment to have your little one start kindergarten. They’re off to formally learn about the world through art, literacy, math and play. Help ease them into the fun world of school education with all the right supplies from washable markers and construction paper to easy-open lunch boxes and—sigh—glue.

Back to school checklist for Kindergarten.

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Elementary School: Grades 1 to 3

You blinked and your babies have hit grade school. Before your little ones can shop for themselves, it’s important to keep them outfitted with every essential. From kids backpacks to folders to a new pair of gym shoes, check off all the items in this back-to-school shopping list for grades one through three.

Back to school checklist for Grades 1-3

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Elementary School: Grades 4 and 5

While standard pencils are still a must, kids in higher primary grades start needing more advanced school supplies like permanent pens (yikes!), highlighters and even calculators. Think of buying a bigger backpack for these years as binders and folders need more space than that old stuffed animal your little one couldn’t leave home without.

Back to school checklist for Grades 4-5

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Middle School

Help your middle schooler make a seamless transition to their teen years with the right school supplies to keep them afloat in a sea of new academic and social demands. Usually around this age, kids start wanting a much more active role in choosing their backpacks, lunch bags and binders, so why not shop online together this year?

Back to school checklist for middle school

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High School

With adulthood on the not-so-distant horizon, your high schoolers will need a strong academic foundation to cross that bridge and organization is key. With many subjects and multiple teachers, the high school supply list of essentials now includes subject dividers and the all-important assignment planner to keep them organized.

Back to school checklist for high school

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The needs of college and university students extend far beyond those of the classroom, as the dorm room is where they will spend most of their time. Outfitting the dormitory space can be expensive, so finding all-in-one products like Bed in a Bag can be a great cost-saving solution. Oh, and buying a milk frother will definitely save them trips to the fancy coffee shop.

Back to school checklist for University/College

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Back to school checklist for University/College dorm room

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