30 Cool Ways to Add Shade to Your Yard or Deck

Backyard shade ideas fro walmart pergolas and patio umbrellas

From awesome awnings to gorgeous gazebos, picture-perfect pergolas to offset umbrellas (and more!), these outdoor shade solutions for your patio, deck or backyard will keep you stylishly safe from the sun and comfortably cool, all summer long.  

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1. Umbrellas
$ 19

Mainstays 7 ft. Beach Umbrella

Families with little kids who love to roll and play on the grass will appreciate this rainbow beach umbrella that can easily be set up in a backyard. The adjustable tilt makes casting shade easy, and a wind vent on top provides extra stability on windy days.

$ 199

hometrends 10 ft. Round Offset Shanghai Umbrella & Base

This extra wide 10-foot deck umbrella is perfect on a patio with multiple zones. It can rotate and tilt to cast shade whether you’re eating at an outdoor table, or lounging on a sectional. The wide umbrella base adds security and stability, and the weather-resistant polyester fabric means this umbrella can hold up to the elements.

$ 59.98

hometrends 7.5 ft. Round Market Umbrella

Don’t let sunny days (and sunburns!) sneak up on you. The stylish and cheerful red patio umbrella comes with a conveniently slim frame so you can easily store it on a corner of your deck, then roll it out and pop it open whenever those UVA and UVB rays become too hot to handle.

$ 249

hometrends 11 ft. Round Offset Umbrella with LED Lights & Base

Love those fun summer days with friends that seamlessly turn into relaxing evenings? This 11-foot round umbrella is the ideal patio partner thanks its smart solar-charged LED light system conveniently cupped within the canopy. Best of all, it casts a warm glow that creates instant ambiance.

$ 169.99

Outsunny 15' Outdoor Patio Umbrella

No need to play musical chairs when the sun’s rays hit! With this unique, extra long 15-foot patio umbrella, every seat at the table will be comfortably shaded. The canopy is anti-UV and water resistant, so rain or shine, you can dine!

$ 99

hometrends 10 ft. Round 3-Tier Market Umbrella

While patio umbrellas might not always be known for their style, this one raises the bar! Designed with a beautiful three-tier canopy, it’s reminiscent of a tropical resort right in the comfort of your own backyard. Plus, it comes with a rust-resistant steel frame and faux wood finish for added elegance.  Best of all, you can rest assured your investment will hold up to the elements, thanks to the canopy’s water and fade-resistant olefin fabric.

$ 100.98

CorLiving 10 Ft Tilting Patio Umbrella

Special features like a simple crank-and-pulley system, side flaps for added shade, and a tilt position option, make this cheerful umbrella a genius patio shade solution.

Cool Tip: Remember that a colourful umbrella will contrast best with a garden filled with flowers, so don’t shy away from bright hues, like yellow, red or green, when shopping for a patio umbrella.

2. Shade sails
$ 49

Outsunny 12 Ft Triangle Sun Shade Sail

Sail into refreshing shade all summer long with this unique triangle canopy option on your yard or deck.  Easy to install, this triangle shade sail is made with polyethylene fabric, making it resistant to mould, mildew, stains, and fading. Simply set it and forget it for the summer!

$ 54

Outsunny 9.8' Square Shade Sails

Looking for creative and unique deck shade ideas? Shade sails can be hung in a number of ways: overhead, on an angle, or wrapped around posts. No matter the size of your outdoor space, or the challenges of creating privacy and shade, there’s always a way to hang a shade sail. Look for an option like this one, with stainless steel D-rings in each corner for an ultra-durable design and style!

$ 72.58

185GSM Rectangle Shade Sail

When it comes to large areas of over a yard or deck, shade sails offer a stylish and budget-friendly solution for creating cool and comfortable shelter from the sun. You can even hang them over a pool to prevent sunburns while carefree kids splash in the water! Just ensure it doesn’t block your view and ability to lifeguard little swimmers.

$ 54

Outsunny Triangle Sun Shade Sail

When shopping for a sun shade, look for an option designed with breathable fabric, like this one in a polyethylene weave, to ensure good air flow and cool temperatures below the sail. Plus, it’s easy to clean with a mild detergent and water, and folds flat for storage through the off seasons.

3. Gazebos and pergolas
$ 998

hometrends 10 ft. x 12 ft. Aluminum & Galvanized Steel Gazebo

In addition to providing a cool shaded area to enjoy hot summer days, gazebos create an instant focal point in your yard. Style it with hanging lanterns, and potted plants around the exterior for a magical little oasis in your backyard. This option comes with netting for added comfort when the bugs start buzzing!

$ 448

hometrends 10 ft. x 12 ft. Soft Top Gazebo

Gazebos are not only a great way to create or a shaded lounge or dining area in your backyard, but also handy helpers for families with little kids, too: Set up a sun-safe play zone under your gazebo with a water table, chalk and bubbles! With cool shade, kids can play happily (and safely) for hours, and you might just be able to sneak in some uninterrupted time to enjoy a lemonade or two!

$ 598

hometrends 8 ft. x 10 ft. Sling Top Pergola

Sun worshippers and shady ladies alike will appreciate this pergola which features an adjustable shade panel. Pull the shades up the sides or across the top of the pergola, to conveniently cast shade wherever needed. Best of all, its quick-dry fabric allows you to go from sun showers to sunsets in no time!

$ 1698.98

Vita 120"L x 120"W x 96"H Vinyl Trellis Pergola

Pergolas are a great way to give your yard a fresh facelift without the cost (and time!) of a big landscaping project. They can introduce all sorts of styles, like this traditional pergola, in an English garden design. After all, who doesn’t enjoy their afternoon high tea and scones, shaded from the blazing sun?

$ 914.79

VidaXL Round Gazebo with Curtains

This gazebo is an entertainer’s dream! It’s beautiful for backyard barbecues, birthdays or simply stealing a few minutes of shade after basking in the afternoon sun. It includes beautifully willowing shade curtains that hang on rings for easy opening and closing, and includes tiebacks to style an elegant parted curtain. Complete your gazebo with loungers, side tables and outdoor accessories, for a yard that truly extends your living space into the great (yet shaded) outdoors.

$ 98

Outsunny 10 X 10ft Double Tier Canopy Top

A big, bright gazebo doesn’t have to break the bank. This contemporary design is under $100, and designed using weather-resistant fabric, a vent for air floor, and velcro pieces for easy assembly and disassembly.

4. Tents
$ 109

Simple Push Instant Canopy

The simple push technology of this pop-up tent makes it a great purchase to have on hand for parties and impromptu gatherings. Taking only a few mere minutes to set up, you and your family can be seated safely in the shade before you’ve even broken a sweat! The poles can also be easily adjusted at higher or lower heights, so whether it’s to provide a shaded area for little kids to play, or a place to socialize for taller friends and family, everyone will be comfortably shaded.

$ 198

Outsunny 10x10ft Pop up Tent with Removable Mesh Curtains

Enjoy all the bells and whistles of gazebos in a temporary pop-up tent! This 10 x 10-foot tent conveniently includes mesh curtains with zipper closures, so whether you’re hiding from sun or stingers, you can eliminate summer’s nuisances and focus on the fun!

$ 58.97

Babymoov Anti-UV Tent Tropical

A pop-up tent for babies and toddlers is a must-have for new parents (and makes a great gift!). The sensitive skin of babies can’t risk any sun exposure, but under a UV-protected tent, you can let babies enjoy fresh air, listen to music, and play with toys to their hearts’ content.

$ 95.98

Babymoov Aquani Baby Pool

What could be cooler than a shaded pop-up kiddie pool? This one comes with a retractable awning and hanging toys. It also has a padded base, making it a double-duty playmat, especially handy for those harder surfaces, like a wooden deck. Best of all, it’s waterproof and can hold up to 20 gallons of water! Of course, with babies, all you need is enough to splash.

Safety Tip: Babies can drown in as little as two inches of water, so err on the side of caution and never leave a baby unattended in a kiddie pool!

$ 660.83

Screen House Room Outdoor Canopy

Enjoy the comforts of home in the great outdoors with this spacious tent. It can fit four to six adults comfortably, including outdoor furniture! Added bonus: Weighing in at only a mere 15 lbs, it’s simple and easy to fold down, making it easy to store away during the off seasons.

$ 164.99

Outdoor Canopy Tent

Looking for a more streamlined design that blends unobtrusively into your lovely landscaping? This canopy tent is ideal for parties where a little shade is necessary to help keep potluck platters and pitchers of sangria out of the sun (and likely the only time where throwing shade at a party is welcome!)

5. Awnings
$ 214

Outsunny Manual Retractable Awning

Creating a more permanent solution to decks that overheat is easy with a retractable awning. This manually operated awning is UV resistant and waterproof, and you can adjust the angle as needed to block the rays.

$ 338

Outsunny 6.6'x5' Manual Retractable Patio Awning

Looking to create shade on a more temporary basis like a rental property? Window awnings like this one are a great option because they can be mounted without any drilling: The tension rods fit between 5’6” and 9’2” and are made with aluminium and steel for ultra durability, too.

$ 304

Outsunny 10’x8’ Manual Retractable Waterproof Awning

When selecting an awning for your backyard, deck or patio, consider a colour that will blend beautifully with the space, all while creating a cozy ambiance. Under this forest green awning, for example, you’ll feel as though you’re keeping cool under a forest canopy.

$ 612.99

Manual Retractable Waterproof Sun Shade Patio Awning

In addition to providing an additional shaded area to enjoy summer, awnings add a charming, neighbourly quality to a home’s exterior façade, so don’t overlook front porches when considering installing awnings. Over a front porch, a retractable awning can create a cool, convenient and comfortable space for rocking chairs (can you picture anything more idyllic?). Bonus: Awnings work wonders for keeping the interior of your home cool as well, saving you loads on air conditioning bills!

$ 719

ALEKO Retractable Motorized Patio Awning

Summon the shade with the press of a button! This handy, motorized awning makes instant entertaining a snap — even (and especially) with kids, where sun safety is a must.

$ 186.02

Dyfrio Patio Awning

Don’t feel limited by the location of your windows, you can install an awning anywhere on your deck to create a serene and shady spot. Once you create a comfortable outdoor space for yourself, you’ll be surprised at how often you wander out, and wonder why you didn’t install an awning sooner!

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