Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Looking for fresh bathroom décor ideas?  We’ve rounded up the top design trends of 2022, along with helpful tips and ideas to easily recreate them in your own home. Find out how to make your bathroom both functional and fabulous with simple and easy upgrades that won’t break the bank, and start your day off right in an inspiring space full of personality and pizzazz!

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Soft textiles in bathroom decor

1. Add soft textiles to create a spa-like ambiance.

Struggling to find time to get to the spa for some much-needed R&R? Why not bring the spa to you?  A few key items, like plush towels and bath mats, an essential oils diffuser and candles, a handy bathtub caddy or even bathroom art can all go a long way to help up the spa factor in your space, no matter what your bathroom design preference or budget. Best of all, these simple additions are  easy to add and coordinate, so grab a few items and start unwinding as soon as this weekend!

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Natural wood accents in bathroom decor

2. Add warmth with natural wood accents.

There’s something inherently healing and grounding about being surrounded by the natural elements. It’s no wonder, then, that wood finishes and accents are one of this year’s top bathroom design trends. Some simple bathroom ideas to easily incorporate the au naturel wave into your space: Add a wooden bathroom towel rack, planter, picture frames or any other items with wood trim or finishes. And don’t forget baskets, which are not only trendy, but especially great for organizing linens and toiletries.

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Foliage and greenery in bathroom decor

3. Breathe new life into your bathroom with fresh foliage and greenery.

One of the easiest ways to instantly inject life into your space is to incorporate bathroom plants and foliage. Whether you’ve got a stark black and white bathroom, a simple white powder room, or a space where you’re just not feeling the vibe, plants are a trendy, easy and budget-wise way to upgrade your bathroom décor.  Best of all, many plants, like bamboo or ferns  do especially well in windowless bathrooms,[1] and may even increase the overall air quality in your home.[2]  How’s that for a fresh start to your day?

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Go bold with pretty wallpaper

4. Go bold with pretty wallpaper.

While putting up wallpaper can admittedly be one of the more time-consuming tasks in any design upgrade, it’s also one of the most inexpensive ways to instantly add style and pizzazz to your bathroom décor. And with so many gorgeous (and affordable!) patterns to choose from, there are a number of options to suit any kind of bathroom idea you have in mind, whether you’re opting for the old-school pasting technique, or prefer peel-and-stick bathroom wallpaper that can be easily applied over a weekend. Add a bold pattern to a feature wall and see how quickly your space transforms.

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Vintage finishes in modern bathroom decor

5. Incorporate vintage finishes.

This year’s décor trends incorporate vintage bathroom furniture alongside more modern finishes, and luckily, there are practical and inexpensive ways to achieve this terrific look! Try adding an antique mirror over the vanity, or hanging vintage bathroom art on walls. You can also achieve this fun look by updating your bathroom  doorknobs (or other hardware) with a glass or vintage finish, or adding a vintage clock—which, of course, comes with added benefit of keeping you and your family on time during those busy weekday mornings!

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Enhance functional design with convenient seating options.

6. Enhance functional design with convenient seating options.

Whether you’re rushing to get the kids ready in the morning or need to run a razor over your legs before throwing on that skirt, having seating options in the bathroom is key—and, quite conveniently happens to be one of 2022’s top bathroom décor trends. Whether it’s a waterproof bench in your walk-in shower, seating along one of your bathroom walls, or a pretty stool (especially great for small bathrooms) to paint your toenails or for tying your toddler’s shoelaces during those manic Mondays, seating is an essential and easy design hack for any bathroom.

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Hexagonal patterns in modern bathroom design

7. Add interest and depth with hexagonal patterns.

Fun patterns, including hexagons, are another big bathroom trend we’re seeing in 2022. Does that mean you should add new tiling or redo your floor? Not necessarily. An easier and more budget-friendly way to ride this pattern wave is through textiles, like towels or shower curtains. Geometrically interesting bathroom art, like a hexagonal planter or hex shelves, also incorporates the trend while adding a bit of that coveted storage space.

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Keep your bathroom tidy and organized with handy bathroom storage.

8. Keep your bathroom tidy and organized with handy bathroom storage.

Bathroom storage is always in style (and demand), and all the more so in 2022. With more open concept bathrooms and spaces that include everything from a walk-in closets to a washer and dryer, creating multifunctional areas is hotter than ever when it comes to modern bathroom design ideas. If you’re looking to make your everyday a little easier (and let’s face it, who isn’t), consider adding drawer organizers, countertop totes with compartments, hooks over the door, or even baskets or cubes to your bathroom to help you and your family get out the door faster on those busy mornings.

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Enjoy sensational splash time with simple shower upgrades

9. Enjoy sensational splash time with simple shower upgrades.

Not everyone has the luxury of taking a long hot bath (let alone the time to actually soak in one!). Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t bling out your shower to make it a modern and enjoyable space. Whether it’s as simple as upgrading your showerhead with an invigorating, new rainfall shower fixture, adding in waterproof speakers for your very own Canadian Idol singalong session, or a sleek and functional hanging rack to your shower for more spacious splash time, there are tons of quick and inexpensive ways to upgrade your shower, to turn it into soothing, quality time.

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Modern lighting fixtures in bathroom design 2022

10. Brighten your bathroom with modern lighting fixtures.

Switching up the look of your bathroom can be both easier and less expensive than you’d think. In fact, it can be as simple as turning on a switch! Finding the right bathroom light fixtures is an important part of modern bathroom design, and adding more modern light fixtures to your space can go a long way to help brighten up your bathroom (not to mention making it easier to spot dirt and smudges for better cleanup and hygiene).

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Not up to switching out the fixture? Check your owner’s manual and consider upgrading the bulb instead.

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