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A new year means a new selection of TVs to choose from. Here are our favourite 4K sets available now at

The world of 4K televisions is evolving every year, bringing more options and better picture quality as technology improves. It can be a challenge to choose the right TV set for your family, with factors like cost, picture quality and features to consider. We’re here to help breakdown all the best 4K television options available at Walmart Canada. Whether you’re looking for a big upgrade or the best value, you’ll find a set that suits your needs.

To make your decision easier, I’ve organized the televisions into two categories: high-performance 4K TVs and great value options.

Best 4K TVs

Best 4K TVs

High Performance 4K TVs

High Performance 4K TVs

 LG is a name synonymous with the best in 4K televisions, and the LG 65” SK8000 Super UHD Smart TV is a prime reason why. The sets feature stunning picture quality with HDR capability, which gives you truer black tones and brilliant colours.

4K HDR content will appear true-to-life on this screen, so get ready for movie visuals to “pop” and your favourite video games to look incredibly realistic.

The TV display also features reduced reflectivity with a wider viewing angle, making every seat in the house a good one. If you are often viewing with your family, this is an excellent choice to ensure everyone is getting a great visual experience.

The LG 8000 series also boasts the ThinQ AI, which allows you to navigate the TV’s interface and other services with your voice. The LG 8000 Series is available on Walmart Canada in 55” and 65” sizes.

Samsung-75-inch-4K-UHD-Smart-TV-(UN75NU6900FXZC)The 75” 4K Samsung Smart TV should be high on any videophile’s wish lists with 4K UHD, HDR, and PurColour all in one panel. The vibrant, sharp screen gives you truest-to-life tones that will have you feeling like you’re immersed in the movie.

Along with Samsung’s signature high-quality picture, the TV set also features Smart Hub. This intuitive interface lets you easily search for movies and TV shows, browse the web and explore Samsung apps. You can also use the SmartThings app on your smartphone, allowing you to use your device as a remote control. The app also gives you the ability to share photos and videos from your small screen to the big one.

Haier-75-inch-Slim-4K-UHD-LED-TVHaier’s latest 4K TV offers a big screen experience and packs a punch in the audio department. Along with 4K visuals, the set has a 2-way sound chamber speaker that provides enhanced sound quality. The TV’s “dbx-tv Total Technology” gives you expanded audio options right out of the box. This includes deeper bass and more audio options to reduce distortion and other audio related issues.

The panel also has the latest HDMI ports capable of 4K 60 frames per second video that looks incredibly smooth. The big screen, in combination with great sound, offers hours of entertainment for you and the entire family.

Great value 4K TVs

Great value 4K TVs

If you are looking for incredible value and stunning pictures, look no further than the TCL series of 4K televisions. These sets have been making waves in the tech industry since their introduction, praised for having comparable screen quality to televisions at higher prices. The TCL series 4 is available in 55” and 65” offering high quality 4K HDR picture, while also upscaling lower resolution content to look sharper on the big screen.

Another fantastic bonus to the TCL series is that it’s powered by the Roku TV smart interface. Roku streams your favourite shows right out the box with an unrivalled 4K content library both free and paid depending on the provider.

If you are a savvy buyer looking for a great quality 4K TV, the TCL series is for you.

Sharp-60-inch-Class-4K-Ultra-HD-HDR-LED-Roku-Smart-TVThe popular Aquos screen makes its return in Sharp’s 60” 4K HDR panel packed with features. The TV has a fast 60 Hz refresh rate which reduces motion blur in action-heavy scenes like those found in sports and video games. If you are a big fan of either, the speedy refresh rate is great for a consistently sharper picture and reduced input lag.

The set also boasts a 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle, meaning that you get a great picture no matter where you’re sitting in your TV room. The high viewing angle range is another big plus when watching movies or gaming with a large group of people, as everyone gets a great view of the action.

The TV has Roku’s streaming technology built-in, giving you access to plenty of 4K content both paid and free, not to mention a slick, easy-to-use interface.

Samsung-43-inch-4K-UHD-Smart-TVIf you’re looking for a budget model with a quality brand behind it, the Samsung 43” 4K UHD Smart TV is the way to go.

The set performs at four times the resolution of full HD offering a great picture with a wide range of colour and detail. The powerful UHD engine upscales lower quality content to 4K quality, giving you a better picture even with lower resolution content. This TV also syncs with your smartphone, letting you share, access and control content all from one place.

Walmart Canada has a wide variety of 4K TVs for all needs and budgets—upgrading your entertainment is just a few clicks away!

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