We’ve got the best abs workout to help you build a healthier you! Walmart speaks with an expert who offers advice and workout must-haves. We’ll help you build strength and develop a lean, toned core, at home or the gym.

Whether you’re working toward a “new year, new you” goal, or you want to trim down through your middle section, fitness coach Tommy Europe’s ab-busting exercises are sure to help you build the core you’ve been yearning for. “When it comes to ab workouts, really focus on the muscles you’re using,” says Europe. “You should be using your core in every exercise, whether you’re walking or going for a run.”

Tommy_EuropeVoted twice as one of Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers by IMPACT Magazine, Tommy Europe earned his fitness credentials in the school of hard knocks: as a professional football player. An 11-year veteran of the game, he is a two-time all-star defensive back in the Canadian Football League. Following Europe’s career with the CFL, he founded Tommy Europe Fitness, and developed the SHRED® training and performance tool—which stands for Strength, Heart, Resilience, Efficiency, Discipline. Europe applied this SHRED® philosophy to build his own successful business including making the leap into the entertainment industry as a stunt actor. He is also a television personality and fitness trainer to the stars.


Table of Contents:

  1. What exercise burns the most belly fat?
  2. What exercises can I do to get abs at home?
  3. How can I tone my abs fast?
  4. What exercise is best for abs?

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

“I don’t think any one exercise burns the most belly fat,” says Europe. “It’s a combination of exercises that target the area that is the fastest way to lose belly fat.”

Europe points to movements that force knees to chest as some of the best exercises to work the belly. “High knee runs and tuck jumps make for great cardio for the core. Add to those mountain climbers, the ab wheel and planks, and you have a great abs workout,” he says.

The ab wheel, according to Europe, is a good piece of equipment to help tone your abs. He recommends rolling it out and pulling it in. “It’s really effective at working the core,” adds Europe.


Double Ab Wheel Deluxe

This ab wheel by Iron Body Fitness – IBF helps to strengthen your abdominal core muscles, as well as the muscles in your chest, shoulders, arms and back. This versatile piece of fitness equipment is designed with molded plastic discs that feature T.P.E. covered wheels to help prevent slips. It features a sturdy iron rod with grips made for comfort.

The key to effectively using the ab wheel, he says, is to keep your body in a straight line between your head and your knees, and make sure you’re using your core. “If you’re a beginner, maybe don’t roll out all the way,” advises Europe. “As you get more confident and your core gets stronger, you can extend all the way out.”


What exercises can I do to get abs at home?

According to Europe, planks top the list when it comes to exercises you can do to get stronger abs at home. “Certain crunches on a stability ball, if done correctly, can also help,” he says.

A stability ball can help to improve your balance, develop core strength and enhance your muscle tone. It can also be used to help develop flexibility and reduce muscle soreness post workout. “[It] compromises stability, forcing the body to work harder,” Europe explains.


STOTT PILATES Stability Ball with Pump

This 65 cm (26 in) stability ball by STOTT PILATES is designed to create a plane of instability, forcing joints and muscles to react to maintain balance. This ball is latex-free and is designed with a ribbed surface to help guard against slipping. Includes a hand pump and exercise guide.

Europe stresses that many people are approaching their ab exercises in the wrong way. “A lot of people use momentum, and they’re not feeling it the way they’re supposed to,” he says. “Really focus on speed of movement. If you do the exercise correctly, you should feel every single rep,” adds Europe.

Europe says that men and women can do the same exercises to achieve a stronger core. “Women tend to want to work the lower abs more,” he says. To target this area, Europe recommends leg drops. “Lay on your back with feet straight up in the air, and lower heels until the graze the floor, then raise them back up again,” he explains.

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How can I tone my abs fast?

According to Europe, using the full body workout approach is the best way to tone abs fast. “Doing cardio, high knee running, is great for abs, as are skipping and burpees,” he says. “I don’t just do one exercise; I like using five, six, seven exercises together when I’m working the abs.”

To help tone your abs fast, Europe suggests that your abs should be a focus of any workout. “I work the abs throughout the workout; I don’t save them for [the] end when I’m already tired,” he says.

Most important, Europe says to keep your focus on technique. “Don’t focus so much on how many repetitions you’re doing; really focus on achieving perfect form,” he explains. “If you can do 10 perfect reps, awesome. It [helps to] prevent injury as well.”


elitejumper Fitness Jump Rope

This Canadian-made jump rope by Jumprope.com can be adjusted to suit your height. It is designed with smooth turning steel ball bearings and features a heavier PVC cord. It is Phthalate-free, BPA-free and crafted with lead-free materials.


What exercise is best for abs?

“I don’t think there’s one single exercise that’s best for abs,” says Europe. Some are harder than others, but it really depends on where you’re at.”

For beginners, Europe recommends the plank. “Perfect the plank,” he says. “The plank, mountain climbers, rollouts and knees to chest exercises are all good ways to utilize the core.”

Those who are more advanced with their workouts may want to exercise using a multi-station home gym. If this is in your wheelhouse, Europe recommends hanging from a pullup bar and raising knees to chest before lowering them again to work your abs effectively.


Bowflex BodyTower

This multi-station tower by Bowflex has EZ-Adjust horizontal bars that are designed to help you increase the variety of your exercises, raise the intensity of your workouts and improve the results of your fitness program. It features a compact footprint (50″w x 50″d x 70″h) and can handle up to 300 lbs maximum user weight.

Whether at home or the gym, there is a variety of ab exercises to help you trim and tone your core. Europe reiterates that it’s important to focus on your abs throughout any workout. From perfect planks to pullup knee raises, when combined with cardio exercises, you’ll be on your way to building a stronger core.

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