Take a deep breath—the best air purifiers can help make your home’s air cleaner. Reducing airborne pollutants and household allergens can be simple!

If you’re like me and suffer from allergies or get irritated by dust particles at home, then you’ve probably tried opening a window to alleviate the problem. While this temporary solution may work in the short term, it doesn’t address the underlying problem. A better solution to help clear out those pesky particles should include air purification.

Filtering out odours, germs, and allergens using an air purifier can result in a cleaner home environment too. To help you sniff out the best purifier for your home, I’ve prepared this handy guide containing personal favourites available at Walmart Canada. Let’s explore your options so you can begin to worry less about what’s in your air!

Best Air Purifiers

Best Air Purifiers

Bionaire-Visipure-Mini-Tower-Air-CleanerLet’s begin with Bionaire’s Visipure Mini Tower, a great device for general air cleanup in your home. The HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter removes up to 99% of airborne particles, whether it be pet dander, pollen or dust.

The Visipure includes an optional ionizer setting. Ionizers give unwanted micro-particles in your household a negative charge, creating dense dirt particles that cannot float in the air. You can then simply sweep the dirt away while enjoying fresher, cleaner air.

GermGuardian-Pluggable-UV-C-Air-Sanitizer-and-DeodorizerRidding common odours is a simple task using UV-C lights! This technology destroys odours instead of filtering them. By pulling bacteria and microorganisms into a light-chamber, the UV-C helps halt the spread of these microbes.

GermGuardian’s Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer is a wonderful, easy to operate device suited for rooms that generate odours. Just plug in the air purifier in rooms like your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom and get the cleaner air you deserve.

GermGuardian-3-in-1-Table-Top-Air-PurifierGermGuardian’s 3-in-1 Table Top is a well-rounded, stylish device fit for any home office or smaller living space. The rationale for calling this device 3-in-1 lies in its ability to improve your air in three ways. First, it uses HEPA technology to capture allergens like pollen or pet dander. Second, it fights germs and kills airborne bacteria with its UV-C lighting. Lastly, it reduces odours using a charcoal filter for common smells like pets, smoking, and cooking.

To help keep your home’s air clean and healthy, the GermGuardian 3-in-1 has a filter replacement reminder. Changing the filter regularly is a must; especially if you’re like me and have pets in the home.

Fellowes-Aeramax-100-DX5-Air-PurifierWhen flu season rears its ugly head, the last thing you want is to spread germs around your home to other family members. Fellowes’ Aeramax air purifier is made to dispose of airborne influenza bacteria with its Aera+ mode.

The Aeramax is ideal for smaller spaces 100-200 feet in size. A light indicator on the purifier will notify you when it is time to change filters.

GermGuardian-Night-Night-4-in-1-Air-PurifierThe Night-Night 4-in-1 is perfect for kids that may suffer from asthma or allergies. Like the GermGuardian 3-in-1, this model fights germs with its UV-C light, filters allergens at three different speeds, and removes unwanted odours.

This unit is called a 4-in-1 with the ability to project night lights. Kids will surely get a kick out of the built-in light, which displays images and colours onto the ceiling. This model also comes in a blue colour and is compact enough to sit on a dresser or bedside table.

Bionaire-True-HEPA-Dual-Position-Mini-Tower-Air-PurifierBionaire’s Dual Position Mini Tower is a nice vertical-standing purifier with a contemporary look. For added flexibility, you can also lay the purifier flat, making it adaptable to nearly every room in your home.

To make life easier, the purifier can run on a timer so you can set it and forget it! There are five different speed options to choose from, and all hum along very quietly. A washable pre-filter in the unit can be removed for cleaning, extending the filter’s life.

Fellowes-Aeramax-DB55-Baby-Air-PurifierFor households expecting a new addition in the family, Fellowes has a purifier tailored to the baby’s room. The 10lb unit can be comfortably placed in the corner and reduce those terrible diaper odours!

With antimicrobial technology, the purifier can safely reduce up to 99.97% of the harmful airborne viruses and germs.

Brondell-O2+-HALO-True-HEPA-Air-PurifierThe Brondell O2+ HALO has a sleek body and contains a heavy-duty filter that captures particles down to 0.3 microns—that’s very small! The unit has True HEPA filtration and will help reduce everyday irritants. On top of that, the O2+ can help reduce the level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as formaldehyde.

Improve the quality of your air with the purifier’s Auto Mode which automatically regulates itself based on the air quality of the room.

Dyson-Pure-Hot-+-Cold-Air-Purifier-Heater-&-FanEveryone knows the Dyson name, and chances are you’ve seen one of these units before. But did you know that on top of being a heater and fan, it will fight hard to improve air quality?

That’s right, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold can help purify the air and remove allergens. In the winter the heater can project hot air, while in the summer it becomes a fan to cool you down!

Control the settings right off your smartphone with the Dyson Link app. You’ll also receive reports on your air quality and can set the purifier’s schedule based on your lifestyle.

GermGuardian-Wi-Fi-Smart-4-in-1-Air-PurifierAnother air purifier that features smart technology is GermGuardian’s Wi-Fi Smart 4-in-1. With a combination of True HEPA filtering and UV-C lighting, your air is in good hands. Control the purifier with the GuardianTech app and receive updates when your air quality needs your attention.

From the app, you can schedule a one to eight-hour timer. Even if you’re not in the house, you can stay informed about the quality of air on-demand by opening the app!

Take a deep breath. Walmart Canada’s catalogue of air purifiers, accessories and filters has everything you need to help improve the air in your home!

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