We’ve got the scoop on the best arms workout! Walmart sits down with an expert to get his advice on exercises and equipment to help you achieve the arms you’ve been gunning for. Aim high, work hard and follow this fitness expert’s tips and ideas to help you get results.

“When you’re talking arms, you’re talking primarily about the biceps and triceps—that’s typically where people want to see improvements or change,” says fitness coach Tommy Europe. “Arms, especially for guys, are like glutes for women. Everyone wants them, but not everyone’s going to put the work in to achieve the results they want.”

Tommy_EuropeVoted twice as one of Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers by IMPACT Magazine, Tommy Europe earned his fitness credentials in the school of hard knocks: as a professional football player. An 11-year veteran of the game, he is a two-time all-star defensive back in the Canadian Football League. Following Europe’s career with the CFL, he founded Tommy Europe Fitness, and developed the SHRED® training and performance tool—which stands for Strength, Heart, Resilience, Efficiency, Discipline. Europe applied this SHRED® philosophy to build his own successful business including making the leap into the entertainment industry as a stunt actor. He is also a television personality and fitness trainer to the stars.


Table of Contents:

  1. How can I build arm muscle fast?
  2. How do I sculpt my arms?
  3. What is the best arm exercise?
  4. What is the best workout for biceps?

How can I build arm muscle fast?

“If arms are a focus of what you want to grow, dedicate a couple of exercises a couple of times a week to get that work in,” says Europe, who recommends the barbell bicep curl to build arm muscle fast. “Curl up halfway from the bottom for seven, then do the top half for seven, then a full curl for seven,” he explains. “You can use a bar or barbell, and it works all aspects of the arm. By the time you get to full curl, those seven will be tough to do. [The] key is making the bar travel at the same speed from the bottom all the way to the top so that you end up using more muscle fibers and work the biceps that much more.”


CAP Barbell Workout Bar

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How do I sculpt my arms?

“I like doing supersets to sculpt arms,” says Europe, who suggests moving back and forth between two different exercises with little or no rest in between. “Sometimes you’re working opposing muscle groups, such as dumbbell bicep curls and tricep pulldowns with rope. Sometimes it’s the same muscle group—barbell bicep curls and Spiderman curls. It’s about forcing the body and muscles to work past exhaustion,” he explains. “The tough reps are the ones that really count and [where] you’ll receive the most benefit—pushing yourself past the comfort zone and creating muscle damage for muscle growth.”


CAP Barbell Deluxe Tricep Rope

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What is the best arm exercise?

“I like barbell bicep curls [because] they add size and shape, provided you’re not cheating by swinging,” says Europe of the best arm exercises. “They’re definitely the biggest bang for your buck. And one of the hardest exercises to do properly.”

To achieve perfect form, Europe says to make sure you’re using a nice, slow, even pace, moving the bar at the same speed at the bottom as at the top. “You’re not using momentum; reduce any swing [and] let the biceps do all the work,” he explains.


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What is the best workout for biceps?

For the best workout for biceps, Europe steadfastly recommends the barbell bicep curl. “I also like hanging negatives, where you’re in a chin-up position, chin above bar, and lowering yourself until your arms are straight,” he says. “Try to hold on as long as you can, at each phase as you start to drop. Those are highly effective for the biceps.”

For triceps? “You really can’t beat a proper dip,” says Europe. “Dips are awesome for the triceps, as are [the] close-grip bench press and tricep pulldowns. Keep the elbows close to your sides as much as possible and focus on your triceps and not overloading the shoulders,” he explains. “Don’t go too low. Really focus on the lockout at the top.”


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Follow Europe’s workout advice to help you get your arms in their best shape. This expert’s tips and ideas for the best arms workout can help you build stronger muscles whether you’re at home or the gym. Commit to working out, and you might even achieve that just-perfect T-shirt look!

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