Pressure’s off, mom. Your wee one has finally made the transition from breast or bottle to solid food. (Hooray!) And that means the time has come to find a high chair that’s safe, affordable and easy to clean.

If you think the difference between a five-point and three-point harness is something only a horse-jockey would know, let our roundup of the six best baby high chairs get you on track.

What kind of high chair are you looking for?

Best High Chair Overall

Best high chair overall – Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair with wheels

The Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair checks all the boxes on our list of must-haves: safe, comfortable and easy to wash. Plus, it offers added bang for your buck by splitting from a full-size high chair into a booster seat (the top half) and toddler chair (the bottom half). That means you can use the booster and toddler chair simultaneously if you have two kids!

  • This safety-focused high chair features a five-point harness (meaning it has two straps that secure over the shoulders, two around the hips and one between the legs) in baby mode and a three-point harness (for hips and between the legs) in toddler mode.
  • It has lockable wheels so you can easily move it around your home.
  • The seat padding and straps are machine washable, while the removable tray can be put directly into the dishwasher without risk of warping. (It’s worth noting that the tray is a wee bit heavy, so make sure to have a firm grip when handling.)

The Draw

This high chair was very easy to put together. I like that the cover is removable if I need to throw it in the washer. You can wipe the fabric down for the most part for easy clean up! I haven’t had a problem with food getting stuck anywhere.

–Jessica, Walmart customer

The Downside

This high chair doesn’t fold up and it has wide legs.

–Tam 1, Walmart customer

Best Budget High Chair

Best budget high chair overall – Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

Coming in at well under $100, the Cosco Simple Fold High Chair doesn’t skimp on features even though it’s super affordable. While other budget-friendly chairs tend to eliminate extras like comfort padding and leg rests, this lightweight one has both. Plus, the chair’s simple design suits any modern home and its click-of-a-button folding system means it stores easy, too.

  • While this portable high chair is compact, it still features a full-size adjustable tray with built-in cup holder so you have plenty of room for veggies and your toddler’s favourite sippy.
  • The fabric is fully wipeable, so clean-up time is fast.
  • It only comes with a three-point harness. If your baby is extra squirmy, this high chair may not be the right fit. (Instead, you might want to consider the Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair, which has a five-point harness.)

The Draw

This is a sturdy chair and the wide base makes it unlikely to tip. It folds down very easily for storage or travel.

–MelissaRNS, Walmart customer

The Downside

I think it’s nice and lightweight and folds up for great storage, but our 10 month old just slides down. Even strapped in with [the] tray as tight as we can get it, she still slides down because the back is laid back so far.

–Abert, Walmart customer

Best High Chair for Easy Cleaning

Best high chair for easy cleaning – Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Total Clean High Chair

The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Total Clean High Chair may have the highest price tag on our list, but it’s so easy to clean and saves time (this one’s for you, busy moms!). The seat, removable tray and tray insert can go straight into the dishwasher, while the stain-resistant, crevice-free seat cushion is machine washable. The chair even has a handy compartment for baby wipes below the seat.

  • With four different configurations (regular high chair, space-saving high chair, booster seat and youth seat for older children), this high chair allows your baby to sit with you at meal time until they reach the 50-pound weight limit.
  • It has three recline positions and six height adjustments so your baby is always comfy (no matter how fussy they are!).
  • Though the chair is easy to fold, storage can sometimes be tricky as it doesn’t stand upright when in the collapsed position.

The Draw

Out of the box it was very easy and quick to assemble. My 10 month old is short for her age and this high chair fits great even for her. I love how the tray goes close to her reducing the mess of food dropping onto her lap.

–Nstack4, originally posted on

The Downside

It is a tight fit as a high chair/booster seat for my almost 1-year-old grandson who weighs around 20 pounds.

–Honey1, originally posted on

Trendiest High Chair

Trendiest high chair – Evolur Zoodle 3-in-1 High Chair

We know, we know: You can’t judge a high chair by its cover. Except that the Evolur Zoodle has a wipeable, removable cushioned seat cover that comes in a range of shades—from mint green to baby pink. It’s just so darn cute! What’s more, the modern-looking chair features genuine beechwood legs that you can adjust to bring it up to the kitchen table or low to the ground.

  • Not all baby bellies are the same, so the Zoodle comes with a two-position, adjustable tray so even the squishiest of tummies never feel tight.
  • With its non-skid legs and five-point harness, the Evolur Zoodle doesn’t compromise safety for slick looks.
  • With such a unique design, the Zoodle can be a bit tricky to assemble.

The Draw

From the easy clean up to the perfect table height, they are really well thought out high chairs and they look good too!

–Regan, Walmart customer

The Downside

Others have said it was difficult to put together but it wasn’t bad when we followed the directions.

–Heidi, Walmart customer

Best High Chair for Small Spaces

Best high chair for small spaces – Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

With months worth of baby stuff piling up, the last thing you want is another clunky piece of gear to store—especially if you’re in a tight space. Enter the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver, which includes all the features of a full-sized chair minus, well, the full size. The easy-to-move seat securely clips onto any chair with an adjustable strap and it adapts with your baby from infant to toddler with its three recline positions, two height adjustments and four belly positions.

  • The seat comes apart for easy storage and it even contains a compartment in the back to hold the table tray.
  • The dishwasher-safe seat, tray and tray insert mean you’ll have extra time to clean the messiest part of mealtime: your baby.
  • Though both the seat pad and seat are machine washable and dishwasher safe, crumbs and residue can sometimes build up in cracks, so you may need to do the occasional manual clean.

The Draw

My little one just turned five months old today and is just starting to eat solid food. I needed something portable and small to use. The features are amazing, from the ease of buckling him in safely to the one-hand recline feature.

–Mijuliee, originally posted on

The Downside

I love the look but I wish it was able to sit straight up. The baby slants to one side which I don’t like.

–Anonymous, Walmart customer

Best Booster Seat

Best booster seat – Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

This intelligently designed, cushioned booster doubles as a floor play-seat while your young infant is gaining the strength to sit up on their own. Once your baby hits this milestone, slide the food tray out of its bottom compartment, clip the seat to your kitchen chair and your baby is ready to eat meals with the fam.

  • An easy-to-wipe seat and dishwasher-safe tray helps make mealtime clean-up a breeze.
  • Remove the foam cushioning from the booster and it becomes a toddler seat for your growing baby.
  • While the seat is suitable for babies six months and up, the harness only comes with a three-point option. You may want a five-point harness if you baby is especially active during meals.

The Draw

We love this seat! It works as a high chair or just a place for baby to sit. I like that you can buckle it into the chair to be used as a high chair or unbuckle and take with you.

–Shaleah, originally posted on

The Downside

I wish the backrest could snap in and out for easy travel. It would be nice if you could store it in the base the way it was in the package.

–Sean, originally posted on

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Your Questions, Answered

The Basics of High-Chair Use

Are high chairs really necessary?

Whether or not you purchase a high chair is a family choice, but many parents rely on the stability, safety features (like a harness and crotch post) and easy after-dinner clean-up that a high chair provides.

When can babies sit in a high chair?

When your baby is able to sit up alone and keep their head and neck stable, that’s a sign that they’re ready to graduate from your arms to a high chair. Infants develop at different rates, but your child will probably reach this stage around four to six months.[1] Some high chairs have a recline mode, so you may be able to place your baby in this type of high chair at an earlier age for bottle-feeding or relaxing. Just remember: Never feed your child solid baby food in the recline position.[2]

What age do you stop using a high chair?

The longer you can keep your child safely strapped in a high chair during busy mealtimes, the better. Sometime around six months, your child should be able to sit up consistently without falling over[1]—at this point, you can think about moving your child into a booster seat if you want them pulled up against the table. However, most parents wait until at least 18 months (or even as long as four years) to make the switch.

Choosing a High Chair

What should you look for in a high chair?

When searching for the best baby high chair, some of the key factors to consider are:

  • Functionality (Will it grow with my child?)
  • Ease of use (Is it easy to move my fussy child in and out of the chair?)
  • Safety (Does it come with a wide base, waist belt and crotch strap? Does the tray lock in place?)
  • Comfort (Is it padded? Is there a leg rest?)
  • Cleanliness (Is the padding removable and machine washable?)

Are wooden high chairs safe?

Yes—as long as the chair is designed to meet Canadian safety standards. Watch for splits, cracks and splinters in the wood. Also keep an eye out for moving parts that could pinch or trap a child’s finger or toe.

Do high chairs expire?

High chairs do not expire per se, but safety standards change. Before using a high chair, always make sure it’s up to date with the latest government regulations—especially if the chair is a hand-me-down.

Which is better: a high chair or a booster seat?

High chairs and booster seats perform similar functions, but they’re appropriate for children at different stages. A high chair is better for your baby from around six months to toddlerhood because of the safety features and physical supports. Most parents wait until at least 18 months to switch to a booster seat. That said, if your baby is able to sit up unsupported and wants to pull up to the table with the rest of the family, you may be able to make the transition earlier. Whether you use a high chair or a booster, never leave your child unattended when strapped in.[3]

Keeping Things Tidy

How do you disinfect a high chair?

Some of the best baby high chairs have trays that can go directly into the dishwasher, which makes cleaning easy! (Either use the dishwasher’s sanitation setting or choose hot water and the heated drying cycle.[4]) Otherwise, scrub the tray with dish soap and warm water, rinse thoroughly and dry. If you notice crumbs in the chair’s crevices, remove them by wrapping a disinfecting wipe around a long piece of dental floss and rubbing it along the cracks. You can also try digging into nooks with a cotton swab dipped in mouthwash that contains alcohol. Every few days, you might want to disinfect the chair by wiping it with hydrogen peroxide.

How do you clean high-chair straps?

If the straps of your baby’s high chair are removable, put them into a fabric bag and throw them in the washing machine. Use the sanitation cycle if disinfecting the straps is your main goal, then allow them to air dry. Don’t put them in the dryer or they might shrink!

If the straps are fixed in place, dip a cloth in water mixed with dish soap or detergent and soak the straps until dry food begins to loosen. For stubborn stains, take a soft brush and gently scrub. Baking soda or white vinegar may help. Leave to dry.

For both removable and non-removable straps, check the instruction manual before disinfecting with bleach.

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