While there are many exciting “firsts” to look forward to as a new parent, baby’s first night in a separate room can feel like cause for anxiety. Baby monitors are a great way to ease the transition, keeping you closely connected to your little one despite the distance.

From audio, video and breathing sensors to number of cameras, deciding on the best baby monitor for your family can be daunting. That’s why we’ve combed over oodles of models and tons of baby monitor reviews to roundup some of the very best baby monitors on the market. Scroll through our list to find the monitor that’s as perfect for you as your new bundle of joy.

What kind of baby monitor are you looking for?

Best Baby Monitor Overall

Best Baby Monitor Overall, VTech VM320 Full Colour Video and Audio Monitor

Feel the need to constantly check in on your little one but don’t want to disturb their slumber? A video monitor like the VTech VM320 means you won’t miss a thing. The high-resolution 2.4-inch screen displays your sweetie in colour and the image is even crystal clear in the dark thanks to automatic infrared night vision. The zoom and angle adjustments help you keep close watch—as if they were in a bassinet at your bedside. Mount it on the wall for easy viewing.

  • The VTech VM320 features a two-way intercom, so you can talk or sing to your little one if they’re having trouble falling asleep.
  • Like more expensive video baby monitors, the temperature sensor lets you know if the nursery becomes warmer or cooler than the recommended 20 to 22.2°C, helping to keep kiddo safe and cozy.[1]
  • It has 1,000 feet of range, which is perfect for two-storey houses, but you’ll have to charge the battery frequently.

The Draw

I liked the night vision/close-up feature. The detail is really sharp, and I could hear my son sleep, which gives this mama peace of mind.

–Sarah, Walmart customer

The Downside

The battery on the monitor goes down quickly, so I charge it daily.

–MomofEnA, Walmart customer

Best Audio Baby Monitor

Best Audio Baby Monitor, VTech DM1211-Enhanced Range Digital Audio Monitor

Audio baby monitors are a great option when you’re not worried about babe tossing and turning (or escaping) throughout the night. With a lower price tag than their video counterparts, audio monitors still keep you connected to your tot, allowing you to check on breathing, crying and fussing. The DM1211 model will also vibrate when it picks up sound, quietly calling you to action.

  • Helpful nighttime features like the receiver’s backlit display and the transmitter’s soft nightlight make this monitor easy to use in the dark.
  • The two-way intercom allows you to soothe your little one from up to 1500-feet away, giving you more freedom.
  • The transmitter needs to be plugged in relatively close to where the baby is sleeping, so baby must be positioned near an outlet. The parent unit can be plugged in or battery operated.

The Draw

On top of clarity, it has a vibration and sound alert when it detects noise. If you’re a heavy sleeper, this is the ideal monitor.

–Brooke, Walmart customer

The Downside

Baby monitor works great as long as it’s plugged in. The rechargeable battery does not charge much and does not stay charged.

–Deadbattery, Walmart customer

Best Video Baby Monitor

Best Video Baby Monitor, AC337 Angelcare Baby Breathing Monitor

While nearly double the price of the VTech VM320, this Angelcare baby monitor’s breathing sensor pad ups the ante when it comes to health and safety. The wireless pad lays under your crib mattress (so it still complies with standards for safe sleep[2]) and alerts you if there’s been no movement in 20 seconds. Just keep in mind, no baby monitor can replace adult supervision or guarantee prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)—not even one with breathing sensors.[3]

  • You can control the angle and zoom of the baby monitor camera from your parent unit, making it easy to watch an entire room remotely.
  • It includes infrared night vision so you can see your little one in the dark.
  • Some users say the breathing sensors are a little too sensitive.

The Draw

The video quality is superb! I also love that it gives the temperature in the room.

–Sarahjferg, originally posted on angelcarebaby.com

The Downside

It was easy to install but I needed a wood board because my crib has a spring base.

–Alex_DD, originally posted on angelcarebaby.com

Best Two-Camera Baby Monitor

Best Two-Camera Baby Monitor, VTech VM320-2 2.4” Digital Video Baby Monitor

Packed with all the great features of VTech’s VM320 but with twice the number of cameras, the VM320-2 is perfect for households of multiples. If you haven’t yet sprouted eyeballs on the back of your head, a two-camera baby monitor keeps you from missing a beat.

  • The wall-mount installation is handy for a two-camera setup. Place one baby monitor camera near the crib and another on the wall to give yourself a view of the entire room.
  • It has extra features including a two-way intercom, temperature sensor and infrared night vision.
  • The 800-foot range allows for multi-room use, though some reviewers say the reception quality could be better.

The Draw

The colour picture is nice and clear in the dark.

–husseinj, Walmart customer

The Downside

The reception is poor as it does not reach from our living room to bedroom (house is less than 2,000 square feet).

–Bre22, Walmart customer

Best Baby Monitor on a Budget

Best Baby Monitor on a Budget VTech DM1111-Enhanced Range Digital Audio Monitor

If your baby sleeps soundly on their own, you may not need to shell out for the very best video baby monitor. Instead, you might go for the budget-friendly VTech DM1111 audio baby monitor, which is a solid option for keeping an ear on baby’s cries. Another bonus: it’s portable and can be clipped on for hands-free use, making it great for sleepovers at grandma’s.

  • The VTech DM111 outperforms the higher-priced monitors on this list when it comes to range. Even when 1500-feet away, you won’t miss a coo.
  • It uses digital transmission, which reduces your chance of picking up nearby frequencies (like your neighbour’s monitor), boosts the sound quality and provides greater security.[4]
  • It’s super affordable, but some reviews say it would be better if the batteries had longer life.

The Draw

I can go outside in the yard and it works perfectly. The range of this product is true!

–CatLiz25, Walmart customer

The Downside

I like to use the batteries over plugging it in, but the batteries do not last long at all.

–Jackie, Walmart customer

Best Baby Monitor for Nighttime

Best Baby Monitor for Nighttime, Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Colour Video Monitor

While the priciest monitor on our list, this Summer Infant baby monitor has enough features to justify the splurge—especially for twilight rebels. With its 1000-foot range, 360-degree remote-control viewing and motion detector, the Pixel keeps you close to the nursery while you take some well-deserved me-time.

  • If you’ve been blessed with a fussy sleeper, try out the built-in nightlight. Choose between a calming blue or sunset glow to bring on the zzzs and make midnight feedings less hazardous.
  • This monitor’s five-inch viewing screen, the largest on our list, lights up at night to display your tired tot in full colour, unlike other infrared night-vision monitors.
  • Some reviewers say the Pixel could use longer battery life, like many other baby monitors on the market.

The Draw

Super clear picture, long range! We love this monitor and would highly recommend!

–KrisDon, originally posted on summerinfant.com

The Downside

There is no temperature alert. We live in a house without air conditioning so in the summer rooms can get hot quickly.

–JB2020, originally posted on summerinfant.com

Best Prenatal Baby Monitor

Best Prenatal Baby Monitor, ToronTek-R88 Fetal Doppler

Pregnancy brings great excitement… and great anxiety, especially for first-time moms or moms with pregnancy complications. A home fetal Doppler helps ease those nerves by allowing you to hear your baby’s heartbeat without a doctor’s visit. While the ToronTek-R88 Fetal Doppler does not replace your OB-GYN, it can provide comfort in between your ultrasounds when you need some extra connection with your little bun in the oven.[5]

  • The ToronTek-R88 connects to any recording device so you can share the heartbeat with faraway friends and family.
  • It comes user-ready, complete with ultrasound gel so you can find the heartbeat as early as 11 weeks.
  • Some reviewers say the beat-per-minute (BPM) reader offers fluctuating results, leaving them to wonder if the reading is completely accurate.

The Draw

It was nice for family to be able to hear the heartbeat over the phone. Easy to use and works great.

–Emilie P, Walmart customer

The Downside

To eliminate all the static, there has to be a generous amount of the gel.

–Wte0909, Walmart customer

Baby Health & Safety

Your Questions, Answered

Baby Monitor Basics

What is a baby monitor?

Baby monitors are gadgets that allow parents to check in on their baby remotely. Typically, monitors contain two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter picks up sounds—and sometimes images—of your kiddo and sends them to the receiver. It keeps you connected, even if you’re in a different room.

Do I need a baby monitor?

Many parents find that baby monitors provide peace of mind, especially during the transition from bedside bassinet to nursery crib. However, if you live in a small space or feel comfortable leaving your baby alone throughout the night, a baby monitor may not be necessary for you.

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Baby Monitor Types

What are the different types of baby monitors?

Gone are the days of your grandma’s clunky monitor. Today, there are two major groups to choose from: audio monitors and video monitors.

These two categories have many variations including Wi-Fi baby monitors that connect to apps, as well as movement monitors that will alert you if your baby wakes or stops breathing.

While there are still some analogue monitors out there, the new digital monitors protect against static and interference while providing a more secure signal between transmitter and receiver.

What type of baby monitor is best?

The best baby monitor for you may not be the best for another parent. For example, if you have an active baby, you may prefer video so you can keep an eye on them. If you have a sound sleeper and just want to keep an ear on their breathing, an audio monitor may be all you need. With baby monitors, there’s no one-size-fits-all model. It depends on what will give you the most peace of mind when leaving your baby’s side.

Baby Monitor Features & Benefits

What are the best baby monitor features?

What works best will depend on your brood’s needs and lifestyle.

• If you’re a multi-tasker, a monitor that clips on to free up hands may be a must-have.
• Motion sensors could be essential for little Houdinis.
• Two-way talk is great for remotely engaging with your cub.
• Temperature monitoring can ensure they’re comfy when away from your side.

What are the benefits of a baby monitor?

The major benefit of a baby monitor is being able to watch over your little one without physically being in the same room. It gives you the freedom to go about your day during nap time without the anxiety of missing anything, plus you may be able to get notifications throughout the night.

Choosing a Baby Monitor

How do I choose a baby monitor?

Start by determining the basic type of monitor that best suits your needs. Will an audio monitor do the trick, or will video better ease your mind?

Next, think of your family’s lifestyle. If you have a large house, you’ll want to consider monitors with greater range. If you work away from home and have a babysitter or other daytime caregiver, a Wi-Fi monitor could come in handy.

Consider other features you find important like digital transmission to cut out interference and encrypt signals, or the ability to connect additional transmitters. With great options at every price point, you’re sure to find the right fit.

Are video baby monitors worth it?

If you have a fussy sleeper or escape artist, a video monitor may be worth it to you. If you just want to keep tabs on breathing or crying, an audio baby monitor may work just fine. It all comes down to your comfort level and what will make you feel most secure.

Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

Do I need Wi-Fi for my baby monitor?

Nope! Many baby monitors run on their own without connecting to the Internet. However, Wi-Fi baby monitors do have some advantages.

  • A Wi-Fi monitor allows you to check in on your baby from anywhere you have cell reception, which can relieve some nerves while away from home.
  • It also makes it possible to share sounds and images with family too far away to pinch your baby’s cheeks.

Are Wi-Fi baby monitors safe?

As with any smart device, there is the worry that Wi-Fi baby monitors can be hacked.[6] While the idea is a little scary, there are many steps you can take to protect yourself. The Government of Canada suggests:

  • setting your privacy controls
  • choosing a strong password
  • keeping your software updated
  • setting up two-step verification[7]

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