A crib probably springs to mind when you think about your newborn’s sleep space, but when it comes to comfort, emotional connection and convenience, a bassinet should be the first item on your list.

Typically used for infants up to six months old, the best bassinets can easily tuck next to a bed or couch so baby is nearby for feeding, soothing and cuddling at any time of day (or night!). A bassinet may only get around six-month’s use per child, but it can have immeasurable health benefits for a worn-out mama and her new sidekick.[1]

Since there are so many models to choose between—from portable bassinets to co-sleepers—we’ve gathered all the details so you don’t have to. Here are the six best baby bassinets for every budget.

What kind of bassinet are you looking for?

Best Bassinet Overall

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper — Best Bassinet Overall

It may be the priciest bassinet on our list, but it also doubles as a two-in-one sleeper: a free-standing bassinet and a co-sleeper depending on how you use it. Co-sleeper bassinets (a.k.a. bedside bassinets) provide peace of mind by pulling up alongside your bed while maintaining your baby’s separate sleep area, which reduces health risks associated with bed-sharing.[2] Another big perk is the one-touch soothing panel featuring a nightlight, four calming sounds and two vibration levels to help relax your child before sleep.

  • In co-sleeper mode, the drop-side makes it easy for you to reach your baby without getting out of bed—an especially important feature if you’re experiencing post-childbirth pain.
  • Convenient pockets keep diapers and wipes handy for late-night diaper changes.
  • The swivel feature means you can move the bassinet smoothly, which allows you to get in and out of bed without disrupting your baby’s sleep.

The Draw

It’s so sturdy you could bump it and it wouldn’t fall over. I like that it’s mesh and see through. It gave my baby comfort knowing that I was nearby. It’s very spacious, the padding is also very soft. The pockets are quite useful.

–Leaanna, originally posted on Walmart.com

The Downside

We ended up not using the battery features so we probably could have gotten away with the basic model.

–ANH, originally posted on Walmart.com

Best Value Bassinet

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet — Best Value Bassinet

While it may not swivel like the Halo model, this Fisher-Price bassinet features plenty of bells and whistles to soothe your baby to sleep. Not only does it vibrate and play music, but the main attraction is a light projection unit that fills the ceiling with stimulating nighttime stars. Even better? It can be removed and used as a tabletop projector once your child outgrows the bassinet.

  • This Fisher-Price bassinet is a good value for the price, considering it comes with extras like a mobile, bassinet sheet and portable projector.
  • The variety of mobile toys, motions and sounds help promote your baby’s sensory development.
  • Some reviewers say it’s a little low, making it uncomfortable to lift baby in and out.

The Draw

I absolutely love this bassinet because my son instantly fell asleep and slept through the night. The vibration on it really helps and I love that it has the starry light on it! It’s super easy to put together and my son enjoys the music on it. It helps calm him down when he’s fussy!

–Alyssakbye, originally posted on shop.mattel.com

The Downside

The music, night lights and vibrations really make this an all-in-one product. Only thing that I would change is adding wheels to make for more convenience in moving baby around.

–AGoden11, originally posted on shop.mattel.com

Best Bassinet for Travel

Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet — Best Bassinet for Travel

Whether you’re visiting grandma’s house or planning a vacation, this travel bassinet is a must-have. The legs snap in and out for easy set-up and take-down and the whole thing folds into a convenient travel bag.

  • Unless you need the light projector or mobile toys offered by Soothing Motions Bassinet, the Stow ‘n Go also vibrates and it’s easy to transport—all at a more affordable price.
  • The mesh sides on this Fisher-Price bassinet make it easy to see your baby as they sleep.
  • While some foldable bassinets sacrifice comfort, the Stow ‘n Go’s mattress is thick and comfortable enough for everyday use.

The Draw

Awesome bassinet! We use this by our bed in our room and plan to travel with it too. Super easy to assemble and the mattress pad is comfy for my baby. Comes with removable mattress sheet and it’s also easy to wipe off.

–KristinD, originally posted on Walmart.com

The Downside

The only thing I don’t like is how far the legs stick out. However, I understand why they do! I just trip over the legs 50% of the time.

–KristinA, originally posted on Walmart.com

Best Budget Bassinet

Bily Rocking Bassinet — Best Budget Bassinet

If a traditional look is more your thing, we suggest the Bily Rocking Bassinet with its frilly skirt and adjustable canopy with hanging plush toys. Plus, it’s one of only two bassinets on our list that rocks back and forth to gently soothe your baby to sleep.

  • It’s the most affordable bassinet in our roundup and it’s also the only rolling bassinet, which allows for easy movement between rooms.
  • Retractable wheels mean the bassinet can stand still or rock side to side, a feature not found on most bassinets.
  • The sleeping surface is thin and not as comfortable for your baby as more-expensive options.

The Draw

Purchased for my granddaughter who will be here in a few weeks. Very easy to put together and my daughter likes that she can roll it around on the wheels or turn the wheels up and rock.

–3gma, Walmart customer

The Downside

The only issue is the small mattress pad needs a fabric cover. Our baby got too hot at night and would sweat.

–jen325, Walmart customer

Best Portable Bassinet

Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet — Best Portable Bassinet

The Evenflo Loft’s folding design and 10-pound weight (the second lowest on our list!) make it an excellent choice for busy moms on the go. This bassinet sets up in seconds and has mesh sides for maximum visibility, meaning you can move it around from room to room to keep an eye on your sleeping beauty.

  • It boasts unique features including a Bluetooth speaker to play your child’s favourite bedtime lullabies, a room temperature monitor to track their comfort and safety and a soft nightlight for late-night diaper changes—all at an affordable price.
  • The look is sleek and modern to suit your home and nursery décor.
  • Some reviewers complain about the mattress sagging after only a couple months of use.

The Draw

My baby has used it in the kitchen while I cook, near the dining table at mealtime, in the laundry room while I fold clothes… I have taken with me all over the house. It folds easily so I know I will probably be taking it with me to places like grandma’s house.

–Krisco, originally posted on evenflo.com

The Downside

I really love the design of this bassinet. It folds very easily, is compact, and the mesh sides are perfect. Unfortunately, the mattress gave out very quickly.

–LindseySass, originally posted on evenflo.com

Best Rocking Bassinet

Ingenuity Wood Foldaway Rocking Bassinet — Best Rocking Bassinet

Stylish and spacious, the Ingenuity Wood FoldAway is our top pick for rocking bassinets. It has a smart-locking design that allows it to easily convert from a stationary bassinet to a rocker depending on your baby’s mood. The wooden legs are also foldable for easy storage or moving the bassinet from room to room.

  • This rocking bassinet is the only one on our list that has a classic wood design for a sleek, contemporary look.
  • It folds flat so you can easily store it in a closet or under the bed.
  • While many reviewers like that the bassinet is larger than most, finding bassinet sheets to fit the unusual proportions can be tricky.

The Draw

My favorite part of this bassinet is how EASY it is to assemble. You literally just pop it out of the box! It is absolutely gorgeous and neutral.

–Mast, originally posted on kidsii.com

The Downside

This would be the perfect bassinet if it wasn’t so wide.

–Kaa, Walmart customer

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Your Questions, Answered

Bassinet Basics

What is a bassinet?

A bassinet is essentially a small bed that’s specifically designed for newborns and infants up to around six months old. Health Canada cautions that you should move your baby from a bassinet to a crib once they have reached the manufacturer’s weight limit or when they can roll over—whichever comes first.[3]

Should I get a bassinet?

While a bassinet isn’t an absolute necessity, they’re designed to fit beside your bed and research shows that infants who share a room with their parents have a lower risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).[1] Many bassinets are also light enough to move around the house (meaning you can switch rooms and keep a watchful eye on your baby at all times!).

How much does a baby bassinet cost?

The cost of a bassinet varies from less than $100 to over $300 depending on the type and the features you choose. For example, a co-sleeper (a.k.a. bedside bassinet) will generally cost more than a lightweight travel bassinet. Prepare to pay more for unique features like a swivel base, lights or music. Likewise, on average a solid-wood bassinet will cost more than a similar style made out of plastic.

Bassinet Types

What are the different types of bassinets?

There is a bassinet for just about every need and price. It’s up to you to decide whether your budget allows for luxe materials or extras like soothing vibrations, music or a mobile. Typically, travel bassinets are more straightforward and budget-friendly than other models.

Some common styles include:

  • Travel bassinet: This one folds down to make it compact enough to throw in the car for weekend getaways or a visit to grandma’s house.
  • Moving bassinet: It either rocks back and forth or is suspended so that it gently sways in response to your baby’s movements.
  • Rolling bassinet: This type has wheels for easy movement around the house.
  • Bedside bassinet or co-sleeping bassinet: You can push this type right up to your bed so that your baby has a safe space to sleep within arm’s reach.

What type of bassinet is best?

The best baby bassinet is the one that suits your needs. If you know you’ll be spending lots of time visiting relatives, then a travel or portable bassinet is probably your best bet. If you have a planned C-section, then you might want to invest in a co-sleeper bassinet to keep your baby as close to your bed as possible. Or maybe your baby is calmed by gentle swaying or bouncing, in which case a vibrating or rocking bassinet will give your arms a break.

Bassinet Comfort and Maintenance

How do you make a bassinet more comfortable?

Though it’s counter-intuitive, sleep surfaces meant for babies are supposed to be firm. A plush bassinet mattress or pad can conform to your baby’s head, which is a suffocation risk.[1] To make your baby most comfortable in their bassinet, consider getting a breathable cotton bassinet sheet. Just make sure that it fits your bassinet snugly without any loose material. Using a swaddle will also help your baby feel safe and secure so long as they are placed on their back, never on their stomach.[4]

How do you clean a baby bassinet?

Many bassinets, like the Halo Swivel Sleeper, feature a waterproof bassinet mattress that makes cleaning as easy as wiping the surface with a wet cloth and mild detergent. Other mattresses, like the one on the Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet, can go right in the washing machine. Make sure you follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your specific model.

Do bassinets expire?

Bassinets don’t expire per se, but Health Canada cautions against using a family heirloom because it may not meet current safety standards. For your baby’s protection, the bassinet mattress should fit snugly inside the bassinet with no space around the edges and it should be no more than 1.5 inches thick.[5] If you reuse a bassinet passed down from your older children, be sure to replace the mattress if it’s too soft or worn out.

Bassinets and Cribs

How do I transition my baby from a bassinet to a crib?

It can be hard to switch up your baby’s bed once they have a routine. Ease the transition by moving the crib into your room for a while so they can continue to experience familiar sights and sounds. Alternatively, put them in their crib for daytime naps so they’ll be familiar with the space when they switch to a crib full-time. Make sure you stick to the same sleep schedule and bedtime routine during the transition, and keep your baby monitor on at all times, so there aren’t too many changes happening at once.

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