20 Best Bike Accessories for Adults

best biking accessories for adults

From style to colour, gears to setup, bicycles are super customizable, with an endless list of accessories to choose from for every type of cyclist. Whether you’re commuting to work, touring nearby trails, or cruising with your kids, here are our top picks of best bike accessories for safety, comfort and keeping your bike in tip-top condition.

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1. Best bike accessories for safe rides
$ 7.98

Bell Sports Dinger 300 Spinning Bike Bell

Having a bike bell is as important for your own safety as for those around you. In most Canadian provinces and territories, including Ontario, it’s even mandatory as part of the Cycling and Highway Traffic Act. Luckily, bike bells are inexpensive and easy to installand they’re a fun way to accessorize your handlebars, too!

$ 31.98

Lumina 900 USB Light Set

Whether you’re cruising to a coffee date in the early morning, or riding home late from work, a good set of bike lights will ensure that you’re visible to cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists. We like that both the front and rear lights in this set easily install without tools and are USB rechargeable.

$ 21.98

Bell Sports CATALYST 300 U Shape Lock

In the time it takes to run into a coffee shop and order a double-shot, an unlocked bike can be lifted and long gone. (In case you’re curious, Vancouver has the most thefts per capita among major Canadian cities.) The best way to keep your bike from getting stolen? Lock it up—every single time, and this padlock is as secure as they come to help make sure your ride remains, well, yours!

$ 38.98

Bell Sports Vert 2.0 Adult Multi-Sport Helmet

When it comes to cool bike accessories, this must-have bike helmet has it all: Not only is it lightweight, but it’s designed with venting in mind, to help wick away heat, and clips easily to your lock or backpack.

$ 11.98

Bell Sports Smartview 300 Wide-angle Mirror

Offering an extra large, wide-angle view, this bike mirror provides a crisp, clear views of pedestrians, bikes and car traffic all around you. Plus, the hook-and-loop strap makes it easy to install without the need for tools, making it ultra convenient and easy to tack on.

2. Best bike accessories for comfort
$ 19.98

Bell Sports Stowaway 100 Handlebar Bag

While it may not be an absolute necessity, having a place to do a full pocket dump before you head out on your bike will certainly help make your rides more comfortable. Stow your keys, phone, snacks and more in this handlebar bag for a carefree ride snug and secure. It’s also insulated to keep your water bottle cool, and conveniently comes with stretch mesh outer pockets to keep your smaller items safe, too.

$ 11.98

Movelo Water Bottle with Cage

It’s important to stay hydrated on the go. This lightweight water bottle cage is easy to mount and comes with a BPA-free and dishwasher safe bottle. We like the bite valve that allows for sipping while you cycle.

$ 18.23

Hanes Women’s Stretch Jersey Bike Short

Whether you’re setting out on a casual Sunday spin, gearing up for a workout or riding to the local coffee shop to meet friends, these bike shorts are basic in the best way. Wear them on their own or layered under a sundress for stylish (and comfy!) cycling.

$ 17.98

Bell Dashboard 300 Wireless Cycling Computer

With a dashboard computer, you can keep tabs on your speed, clock the length of your ride and track your distance. It’s a handy tool, even if you’re just traveling from point A to point B.

$ 11.99

Bicycle Phone Holder Anti-slip Handlebar Mount

Whether you need to follow a map to your destination, need to switch podcasts mid-ride, or like to flip through tunes as you cruise, there are many reasons to have your smartphone handy on your bike. This holder will keep your phone securely in place even when you bounce over potholes or take a sharp turn.

$ 17.98

Shield 600 Rear Adjustable Fender

As every good cyclist knows, when the skies open up mid-ride, falling rain is only half the problem. What’s worse is the filthy spray being kicked up off the road by your tires (and often into your eyes). A pair of wide, durable fenders may not keep you dry, but they’ll sure keep you from arriving to your destination with much less nasty road water all over you.

$ 21.98

COOSH 800 Memory Foam Seat Pad

A bit of extra padding will make go a long way in making long excursions (and stretches of bumpy roads), much more comfortable. Best of all, this anti-slip bike saddle will stay put to prevent chafing and skin irritations.

$ 34.97

Reebok Backpack

Whether you’re commuting to work or just touring on the weekends, a light, ergonomic backpack is a sensible investment. Look for one with storage options, sectioned pockets, and enough room to hold a U-lock, sunglasses case, tube of sunblock, jacket, energy bar and a laptop.

$ 11.31

New Fashion Climbing Outdoor Sport Bicycle Mesh Gloves

While bike gloves may not be essential, some riders enjoy the comfort they feel with their hands covered—and the extra grip gloves offer during a sweaty ride. If you opt for gloves, you’ll want them to be breathable and durable, and this one checks off both of those boxes.

3. Best bike accessories for maintenance and storage
$ 23.98

Air Attack 650 Pump

A floor pump is inexpensive, simple to use and will save you from running to a bike shop every time your tires get low. With its wide barrel design, this one pushes out more air to get you back on the road more quickly, and even comes with an easy-to-read gauge for added convenience.

$ 13.98

Bell Sports Roadside 300 Multi-Tool

This handy gadget includes 13 tools, including a Phillips screwdriver, spoke wrench and magnetic socket. The 15 mm wrench allows for bolted wheel removal, so you can do those inevitable tube and tire repairs with ease.

$ 4.98

Bell Sports STOPPER 300 Bicycle Tube Repair Kit

The occasional flat tire is inevitable, so it pays to be prepared with the right tube repair kit in tow. This one can patch small punctures, from nails or glass shard, and comes with a large repair patch for bigger holes and tears, so you can get your rubber back on the road faster.

$ 9.98

Bell Sports Wheelhouse 150 Jumbo Storage Hooks

Let’s face it: Even if you’re blessed with a spacious garage or storage shed, making room for bicycles can be a challenge. These heavy-duty bike hooks can be mounted to a wall or ceiling, accommodate 3-inch tires, and are PVC-coated to protect your bike’s paint job.

$ 27.59

Outdoor Bicycle Cover Rain Dust Protector

Whether you’re storing your bike outside or in a garage, having a bike cover can come in handy, whether to keep dust and rain off your frames and wheel, and prevent UV damage, too. Best of all, this cover is conveniently designed to accommodate easy access to your bike lock, too.

$ 11.98

Bell Sports Quicklink 400 Chain Repair Kit

Use this kit to shorten your chain, add links, or replace it completely. It’s compatible with most 1 to 3 speed and 7 to 10 speed bikes, and the stores easily in a bike bag for quick and easy on-the-go bike repairs.

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