Finding the best blender for your family can be as tough as kale stems. To make things smoother, we’ve organized Walmart Canada’s best blenders into nine easy categories. Whether you’re searching for the ultimate smoothie-making machine to sneak nutritious ingredients into your kids’ food, or seeking a multi-functional blender that can also cook up hot soups, baby food, oat milk, dips, nut butters and even craft cocktails, read on to find the perfect blender for your family.

What type of blender are you looking for?

Best Overall Blender

Ninja 72 oz. Professional Blender

Height: 17 in. | Wattage: 900 watts | Warranty: 1 year | Features: BPA free, dishwasher safe, 72 oz. pitcher with spout lid

Because no one likes chewing a smoothie, this blender gets top marks for pulverizing fruits, veggies, frozen produce and ice cubes into velvety, nutritious drinks even the pickiest kids (or adults) will happily slurp down. Plus, the extra-large pitcher makes it easy to serve super smoothies to the whole family in seconds, then just toss everything (minus the base) into the dishwasher.

Pros Cons
Six blades for crushing and puréeing. Loud to operate.
Powerful motor for creamy smoothies, almond butter and crushed ice in seconds. Sharp blades make it hard to clean by hand.
Dishwasher safe.

The Draw

I bought this product years ago and it’s still going strong. I use it to make butter, salsa, guacamole, smoothies, and many other recipes. I use it a lot every week!

–Dairy Dame, originally posted on

The Downside

I call it my pep rally blender because it’s so loud and aggressive. I don’t have a problem blending anything I put in here BUT be warned you need to clean this immediately after blending any kind of greens. They tend to get trapped in the spindle under the blades and it’s tough to get out (even after soaking).

–Jay, Walmart customer

Best Budget Blender

Black + Decker Power Crush Multi-Function Blender with QuadPro Blade Technology

Height: 15.7 in. | Wattage: 700 watts | Warranty: 2-year limited | Features: Glass pitcher with pouring spout, dishwasher safe, hinged ingredient slot

This is one high-powered budget blender for puréeing, blending and even making bread crumbs. The designers also put a lot of thought into function with a spill-free pouring spout, slip-resistent rubber feet and Easy Clean function to loosen stuck-on foods, not to mention the glass pitcher’s classic look that’s completely dishwasher-safe.

Pros Cons
Add foods while the motor is running through the hinged ingredient slot. Glass pitcher and handle make it heavy.
Lid has recloseable pouring spout for easier, kid-friendly pouring. Food can get caught underneath blades.
Generous six-cup capacity.

The Draw

This works great for making my daily fruit smoothies. It’s excellent at crushing ice and chopped up fruit. It’s pretty quiet while in use and it’s easy to clean.

–Quita, originally posted on

The Downside

I love this blender and have been using it every day for 2 months. I loved how thick the glass was too. However, washing it the other day it slipped out of my hand and into the empty sink and cracked into a thousand pieces!

–Anonymous, originally posted on

Best Compact Blender

Oster 8 Speed Blender

Height: 12.9 in. | Wattage: 700 watts | Warranty: 1 year | Features: Glass pitcher, dishwasher safe, 8-speed control

Don’t want to haul out a massive blender every morning? This compact unit can easily (and tidily) stay on the kitchen countertop, either tucked away in a corner or underneath upper cabinets. Its smaller size makes it easier to fit in the dishwasher, yet it still holds six cups of liquid and can pulse, crush and purée your favourite ingredients into smoothie goodness.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean—just toss everything in the dishwasher (minus the base). Smaller size needs the right liquid-to-solid ratio to blend properly.
Glass pitcher is thermal shock tested for swings in temperature (e.g. hot dishwasher to frozen smoothies). Must pre-chop larger produce before blending.
High wattage in a small blender.

The Draw

It’s hard to believe it costs so little considering the power, multifunction, and glass. I’ve successfully made vegan ice cream in it, and it works perfect for smoothies.

–whiskertoots, Walmart customer

The Downside

I bought this a few months ago and the children wanted it for smoothies but it doesn’t work well unless you have a lot of liquid. They like their smoothies thick.

–Twillie, Walmart customer

Best Single Serve Blender

Hamilton Beach® Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid

Height: 12.1 in. | Wattage: 175 watts | Warranty: 5 year | Features: BPA free, travel-friendly 14-oz cup with lid, easy to store

Moms, if you just want your own dang personal blender to make smoothies for yourself, this is the one. Just toss in your ingredients, blend with a single button, pop on the travel lid and you’re good to go. It’s not dishwasher safe, but at the size of a drinking glass, it’s not a huge effort to hand wash.

Pros Cons
Ultra-convenient blend-and-go container with drinking lid. Lower wattage; needs more time to incorporate ingredients.
Small enough to stash in a drawer. Hand-wash only.
Amazing 5-year warranty.

The Draw

We use it almost daily for smoothies. It works great and takes up very little counter space.

–Dennygo, Walmart customer

The Downside

Takes a while to blend and, requires pushing contents down and adding lots of liquid.

–Blue23, Walmart customer

Best Hand Blender

KitchenAid Hand Blender

Height: 16 in. | Wattage: 250 watts | Warranty: 1 year | Features: 2-speed blender, dishwasher safe, comes with BPA-free jar with lid

Sometimes called an immersion blender or stick blender, this hand-held device lets you bring the blades to wherever you want something puréed: a glass jar, a smoothie cup, or a bowl of baby food. This model has a comfortable grip to make puréeing easy, while the blending arm comes apart and can be tossed in the dishwasher when finished.

Pros Cons
Easy to store and clean. A bit of a learning curve to avoid splashing.
Blends hot food easily (be careful!). Not kid-friendly.
No bulky pitcher.

The Draw

It’s not only pretty to look at, it is so easy to use! It’s light, but sturdy and so convenient. It’s also really easy to clean, which I love! I have made several different creamy soups, mashed potatoes and smoothies! LOVE it!

–Pammie59, originally posted on

The Downside

Really enjoy the ease it is to blend my son’s morning shakes. However, it is a bit bulky and heavy.

–ricardo, Walmart customer

Best Blender with To-Go Cups

Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups

Height: 17 in. | Wattage: 1100 watts | Warranty: 1 year | Features: Dishwasher-safe, BPA free, 72 oz. blender jar, 2 x 16 oz. to-go cups

When blenders say “professional” they bring on the power, quickly turning anything from nuts to whole fruits to frozen produce into velvety-smooth purées. With this model you even get all that muscle in single-serve to-go cups with their own smaller blades, too. Bonus: everything is dishwasher-safe.

Pros Cons
Variable speeds for both family-sized pitcher and single-serve cups. Pitcher is awkward to hand wash for stuck-on foods.
Crushes ice in seconds. Not meant for hot foods; must cool soups before blending.
Pitcher lid opens into a spout for easy pouring.

The Draw

I use it every single day to make my morning protein shake. I use frozen fruit, protein powder, collagen, spinach and almond milk. Blends perfectly every time, takes under a minute and I’m out the door.

–Crissy, originally posted on

The Downside

After trying so many ways to clean it, we can’t find a good solution. We spend like 30 minutes trying to clean all the corners after each use, so it’s not worth it. But it’s good, works well, just the cleaning after is horrible.

–AdyP, originally posted on

Best Blender for Crushing Ice

Ninja Professional Touchscreen Blender

Height: 17 in. | Wattage: 1000 watts | Warranty: 1 year | Features: Dishwasher safe, BPA free, 72 oz. pitcher, touchscreen controls

If Margaritaville is your summer destination while the kids lap up sno cones (with the blender washed in between, of course), look no further than this ice-crushing model with a special Frozen Drink setting. Just tap the touchscreen and watch ice and juice magically transform into cool, slushy drinks. Use the pre-set Purée function for perfect guacamole and you’ve got yourself a party.

Pros Cons
Easily turns ice into snow for frosty drinks. Very sharp blades can be hard to clean.
Timed, pre-set pulsing patterns for ideal smoothie, drink or dip consistency. Pre-set controls may not do the job, needing a second round.
Sleek touchscreen controls.

The Draw

I mostly wanted it to make smoothies and it has far surpassed my expectations. It crushes ice easily and there are no crystals in my drinks. I would buy this one again.

–Needednewone, Walmart customer

The Downside

Beware when cleaning the blade inside the blender, it is very sharp. I got a few cuts the first few washes. I finally learned to be more careful when handling the blade.

–Shawna, Walmart customer

Best Blender with Glass Pitcher

Instant Pot Cooking Blender

Height: 19.2 in. | Wattage: 600 watts blending, 700 watts cooking | Warranty: 1 year | Features: 60 oz. glass pitcher, easy-pour spout, heating element

If plastic isn’t your thing, this sizeable glass pitcher does a great job of blending breakfast smoothies in the morning. Then, cook a hearty soup or velvety-smooth sauce right in the blender for lunch or dinner. Love soy milk? There’s even a pre-set Soy Milk button to gently cook soybeans at just the right temperature.

Pros Cons
Cook food right inside the blender. Glass pitcher is cloth-wash only; only lid, tamper and strainer bag are dishwasher-safe.
Different controls for blending hot or cold foods. Cooked-on foods can be hard to clean.
Comes with accessories: cleaning brush, strainer bag, tamper.

The Draw

Excellent product, I was looking for a practical blender to make smoothies, soups, purée, celery juice, nut milk, etc. My expectations were met and I am very pleased!

–Corey, Walmart customer

The Downside

First, it can get so hot that it will scorch some foods, which leads to the second issue, namely that it cannot be disassembled for cleaning.

–Robert, Walmart customer

Best Blender for Soup and Hot Liquids

Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender

Height: 17.9 in. | Wattage: 1400 watts blending, 800 watts cooking | Warranty: 1 year | Features: Glass pitcher, 12 pre-set programs, BPA free

Make smoothies in the summer, lattés in the winter, and craft cocktails year-round with this all-in-one blender. Not only does this kitchen appliance both cook and blend, there’s a pre-programmed Water/Tea Infusion button to make tonics and elixirs, while the Cocktail Infusion button gently adds fruits, herbs or spices to the alcohol of your choice.

Pros Cons
Powerful motor for super-smooth soups, dips and lattés. Pitcher is not dishwasher-safe, only the parts.
Heated Clean setting to get rid of stuck-on foods. 64 oz. pitcher (with a 56-oz. max cold capacity) is a little smaller than other professional-grade blenders.
Included accessories: tamper, cleaning brush and recipe booklet.

The Draw

I can set it to make delicious chunky (or creamy) soups, walk away and come back in 30 minutes to a delicious meal. Without this blender, I would have had to cook in a pot on the stove, cool, blend, and then cook some more. Just the pitcher to wash and nothing else.

–Teacup, originally posted on

The Downside

It is such a big tall jar with that 4-inch base attached that even getting it under the tap to rinse it out was a chore and annoying. Even emptying it is very heavy to carry (and I carry an 18-pound baby around).

–sammb, originally posted on

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Your Questions, Answered

What features should you consider when buying a blender?

  • Style: The range of styles includes countertop (larger, traditional standup units), personal (smaller and storable), hand blenders (for immersing in liquids) and single-serve (easily fit in cupboards).
  • Capacity: Choices fall between 16-oz single serving to 72-oz “professional” size. Consider that most adult smoothie serving sizes are about 10 ounces, or 1 1/4 cups, depending on the ingredients.
  • Height: Will you be blending smoothies for the whole family, or would a more compact blender do the job? Consider dishwasher height (if the pitcher is dishwasher-friendly) and how much space is between your counter and upper cabinets.
  • Wattage: Lower wattage means less power, which means longer time to purée foods or frozen drinks into a smooth consistency. Standard yogurt-and-banana-type smoothies don’t need high wattage, but if you want to pulverize leafy greens, a powerful motor is key.
  • Material: Most pitchers are made from either BPA-free plastic or glass, with stainless steel blades for blending. Not all glass pitchers are dishwasher-friendly.
  • Pour spout: Will independent-minded kids want to pour out their own creations? Some models use one corner of the pitcher for pouring, while others engineer a well-designed pour spout for fewer spills.
  • Tamper: Made for pushing down ingredients to just above the blade, tampers are handy for making purées and multi-ingredient smoothies.
  • To-go cups: Meant for blend-and-go convenience, be sure the travel size isn’t too large or too small for your needs.
  • Speeds: The simplest models have one speed, while others have four or more. More advanced models have pre-set functions to help you use the right speed for the right foods.

How we choose products: Simply put, we don’t recommend any products we wouldn’t buy ourselves. Our writers leverage a number of sources as a starting point, including reputable third-party reviews, user reviews, and Walmart Canada’s category specialists. theHUB editorial staff has final say for all products included in this guide.

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