The best board games 2018: a perfect idea for fun nights in with friends or family

Board games are a great social activity for friends and family groups of all sizes. Whether you’re having a cozy night in with the kids or socializing with pals, there’s a board game for every occasion! I’ve compiled a list of the best board games for kids, families, and adults to help you pick the right one for you.

Best Board Games of 2018

  1. PAW Patrol Zip Lines And Ladders Game by Cardinal Games (Kids)
  2. Hungry Hungry Hippos by Hasbro Gaming (Kids)
  3. Dinosaurs Hide and Seek by Editions Gladius (Kids)
  4. Monopoly by Hasbro Gaming (Family)
  5. Super Mario Edition Chess (Family)
  6. Clue by Hasbro Gaming (Family)
  7. Jenga by Hasbro Gaming (Family)
  8. Risk by Hasbro Gaming (Family)
  9. Pandemic by Z-Man Games (Adults)
  10. Taboo by Hasbro Gaming (Adults)
  11. You Are A Liar by Outset Media (Adults)
1Best board games for kids

Board games are a wonderful way to bond with your tykes and tots, so it’s great that there are so many kid-friendly options out there. Whether you’re hosting a pre-school party or a young one’s birthday, here are some of the best board games for kids:


PAW Patrol Zip Lines And Ladders Game by Cardinal Games

Your child’s favorite PAW Patrol pups star in this modern twist on Snakes and Ladders. With four PAW Patrol characters and 3D pieces, this interactive board game will entertain your family as they avoid snakes, climb ladders, and rush to reach the Command Base!


Hungry Hungry Hippos by Hasbro Gaming

Hungry Hungry Hippos is a feeding frenzy that your kids are sure to love! In this child-friendly board game, 2-4 players compete to have their champions chomp on the golden marble. Many other marbles are bouncing around at the same time, causing contained chaos with easy cleanup.


Dinosaurs Hide and Seek by Editions Gladius

Your preschooler will love exploring the Jurassic Era with Dinosaurs Hide and Seek. This child-friendly board game features colourful tableaus filled with dinosaurs to find. The game has simple rules, 25 game cards, and three reversable game boards just waiting to explore!



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2Best board games for families

Playing board games with your family is a great way to share some laughs, and there are ample options to choose for your gaming night. From absolute classics to modern twists, here are some of the best board games for families:


Monopoly by Hasbro Gaming

Monopoly is an iconic board game perfect for a night in with friends or family. Your group will have a blast rolling the dice as everyone vies to own all the properties! Monopoly brings plenty of friendly competition to the table, resulting in long-lasting tabletop sessions. Fun themed editions like Fortnite Monopoly will excite your kids and gaming friends alike, too.


Super Mario Edition Chess

Chess is believed to have been invented over a thousand years ago, and it’s a timeless two player classic. The Super Mario edition puts a colourful modern cap on this iconic board game. Chess is a popular logic-based board game that your friends are likely to know well, prompting great contests of strategy and wit.


Clue by Hasbro Gaming

Clue will bring out the detective in your whole family! This version is an updated twist on a classic board game with new rooms, weapons, and guests. Clue is for 3-6 players, so a good-sized group of friends and family can get together and rush to solve the mystery first.


Jenga by Hasbro Gaming

This top-tier block toppler is an iconic classic! Your friends will be on the edge of their seats as you attempt to remove blocks without knocking over the stacked tower. As the turns fly by, someone is bound to make the wrong move, prompting shouts of “Jenga!” as the wobbly wood comes crashing down. Jenga can be played with groups of varying sizes, making this a versatile crowd pleaser that your guests will be familiar with. If you’re seeking an extra challenge, Jenga Pass amps up the difficulty by taking the game off the table!


Risk by Hasbro Gaming

The goal in Risk is simple: total world domination. You compete against other players to build an army and capture strategic points in a war of attrition. Risk is a splendid strategy board game with sessions that can last for hours. You can build and betray alliances, all but ensuring that each game will have memorable moments!

3Best board games for adults

These tabletop games are for mature crowds, with more intricate rules and adult subject matter. Here are some of the best adult party games that are sure to be a party highlight:


Pandemic by Z-Man Games

Pandemic is a cooperative experience for 2-4 players. Four diseases have broken out, and only you and your friends can stop these outbreaks from ending the world. Each player has a unique role to play in Pandemic, making this a fun and challenging co-op experience for adults.


Taboo by Hasbro Gaming

Taboo is a game of forbidden words: you must get others to guess a chosen word without using some blacklisted words to describe it. You only have a limited time to guess the forbidden word before the countdown buzzer rings. This will leave you and your friends shouting frantically back and forth as the clock winds down!


You Are A Liar by Outset Media

In You Are A Liar, players take turn being guessers and readers. One guesser must judge who’s lying from the group of readers, and there’s always one liar! This adult party game will get your guests talking and trigger some great debates. You’re likely to learn a lot about your friends, including who can fool you with a well-crafted fib.

Board games are a fantastic way to spend time with friends and family. Whether you’re looking for a competitive tabletop battle or just some casual laughs, Walmart Canada has a great selection for your needs. With options aplenty for all age groups, I hope you find the best board game for you!

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