Best Board Games for Adults

You’ll find the best board games for adults at Walmart Canada. Curious to know what our favourites are? Here are our top eight picks for a fun party night!

There’s nothing like a good board game to turn your next get together with friends into a night filled with fun and laughter. From family board game classics like Risk and Monopoly to creative, newer adult party games like Pandemic and Hot Seat, there’s no shortage of options for every occasion.

To help you sort through the selection, I put together this list highlighting my favourite adult board games found in-store and online at Walmart Canada. Let’s check out board games that can turn your next adult party into one you’ll never forget!

Best Board Games for Adults

Best Board Games for Adults


Risk – Hasbro Gaming

Risk – Hasbro GamingRuler of the world? Sign me up! Risk has been an extremely popular board game for decades and for good reason: you get the excitement of alliances, betrayals, and epic victories!

This Hasbro Gaming classic is playable for up to five players and with games typically lasting a few hours, Risk can provide a whole evening’s worth of entertainment.

This version of Risk features updated figures and improved Mission cards to speed up the game—including 12 Secret Missions. So even if you’re a Risk veteran you’ll find new surprises in this updated edition.

Ironically, this board game is one of the least risky options when deciding on the best game for your next social night in!


Monopoly – Hasbro Gaming

Monopoly – Hasbro GamingPerhaps the most famous board game around, you really can’t go wrong with Monopoly by Hasbro Gaming. It never gets old wheeling and dealing properties, rolling to get out of jail (occasionally for free), and building the greatest property empire this side of Boardwalk.

Best of all, virtually everyone knows the rules of Monopoly, so no teaching is required—just open the box and play! For added fun, why not ask the group what house rules they typically use? You may learn about an exciting, game-altering rule change that mixes things up for the better!

This version of Monopoly includes three new tokens: the Rubber Ducky, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Penguin. Of the three, my personal favourite is the T-Rex, but I guess that’s what happens when you watch Jurassic Park every year!


Clue – Hasbro Gaming

Clue – Hasbro GamingAnother great choice from Hasbro Gaming is Clue, the classic whodunit board game where you gather evidence and solve a murder mystery with friends. Your goal is to travel around a lavish mansion uncovering clues to determine who’s responsible, in what room, and with what weapon.

To refresh this timeless classic, this new edition of Clue features updated rooms, weapons, and guests—including the all-new suspect, Dr. Orchid!

Accusing your friends of being the perpetrator might just lead to hilarious (or awkward) moments your friends and family members will be laughing about for the rest of the night.

If it turns out you were the murderer all along, hey at least M. Night Shyamalan would be proud!


Pandemic – Z-Man Games

Pandemic – Z-Man GamesHumanity has been fighting off diseases for as long as we’ve existed, but in Pandemic by Z-Man Games, the situation is getting serious. Four diseases have broken out, and it’s up to your team of specialists to find the cures before humanity is wiped out.

Sounds pretty serious, eh! Well, the good news is this is a fictional board game meant for thrills and excitement for you and up to three friends.

In contrast to games like Monopoly or Risk, Pandemic is a co-operative board game so it’s great for maintaining group harmony.

There’s no fighting or accusing here, just four friends working together to rid the world of devastating diseases!


Jenga – Hasbro Gaming

Jenga – Hasbro GamingFew games will get the group’s heart racing like Jenga. The premise couldn’t be simpler: you take turns strategically removing blocks hoping not to topple over the tower.

Of course, the longer matches run the more precarious the tower gets—and the bigger the potential tower collapses are!

While gravity isn’t your friend during a tense game of Jenga, it’s possible to team up with your buddy for friendly two vs. two competitions. The game’s dynamic nature can result in unforgettable moments you and your friends will never forget.

Few board games can beat the rush of playing Jenga!


Hot Seat – Buffalo Games

Hot Seat – Buffalo GamesIt can be fun you put your friends in the hot seat, and this board from Buffalo Games is built on that premise.

Each round, you and your friends write an answer to a question pretending to be the player in the Hot Seat. Points are awarded to those who correctly guess the Hot Seat player’s response.

On the flip side, if you successfully fool friends into guessing your answer, then you’ll earn points for yourself.



Scrabble – Hasbro Gaming

Scrabble – Hasbro GamingAnother “oldie but a goodie” is Scrabble. Hasbro’s classic word-on-word showdown is all about demonstrating your vocabulary by strategically placing words for maximum points.

Should your friend put down a “questionable” word, make sure you determine if the word’s acceptable using the official online Scrabble Dictionary Checker!

You and up to three of your friends can get in on the word-based fun. Just don’t tell your friends you practiced up by reading the dictionary before the part…

…let them find out when you unleash a difficult word for max points!


Taboo – Hasbro Gaming

Taboo – Hasbro GamingThe final board game on this list is Taboo, the timeless party game about guessing words.

You and your friends will be laughing well into the night as you attempt (and often fail!) to guess all kinds of weird and wonderful words.

Four hundred double-sided cards are included, which means Taboo is a game you can play over and over again without getting stale!

Well, there’s my list of favourite board games for adults. Many more options are out there if you like to explore, so be sure to check out Walmart Canada’s large board games selection!