Check out our best board games for kids 2018. Walmart Canada’s guide features some of the latest trends as well as classics in board games for children.

When it comes to holiday fun, pass the time with board games for kids the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for screen time diversion or something the whole family can do together, we’ve got a variety of board games to suit all styles and ages.

Best Board Games for Kids 2018

  1. Gamewright Go Away Monster Board Game
  2. Soggy Doggy Board Game for Kids with Interactive Dog Toy
  3. Gamewright Forbidden Sky Height of Danger Game
  4. Spin Master Games – Beat the Parents Family Challenge Board Game
  5. Winning Moves Games Aggravation Game
  6. Asmodee Ticket to Ride Board Game
  7. Winning Moves Games Candy Land Game
  8. Winning Moves Games Classic Trouble Game
  9. Hasbro Gaming Sorry!
  10. Cardinal Games Classic Snakes & Ladders Game
  11. Monopoly
  12. Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game

What are the best board games for kids 2018?

These board games for kids can help keep the kids busy, and unplugged when you have things to do.

The goal of this Gamewright board game is to add all of the bedroom items a player needs to the game board. If a player accidentally grabs a monster, they shout “Go away, Monster!” and fling it away. The game reinforces taking turns and following rules. Best of all? Kids become masters over those pesky nighttime monsters! This board game can be played by children as young as 2 years of age.


If the kids are asking for a pet this holiday season, you might be able to delay pet chores with this playful doggy. Good Housekeeping chose this fun board game as one of their Best Board Games for the Whole Family. Players move around the board taking turns to bathe the dog. But be careful! He loves to shake himself dry. If Soggy Doggy shakes all over a player, they must wipe themselves off and head back to the start. The first one around the board wins! Intended for ages 4 and up.


Players soar to dizzying heights in this electrifying adventure! Team players work to uncover a mystical power platform that floats at the centre of an intense lightning storm. Players must connect a circuit of cables to launch a secret rocket before being hit by lightning or blown off the bridge! This board game tests the power of courage and cooperation. Intended for ages 10 and up.


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2What are some fun family board games?

Set time aside for the whole family to play these board games for kids. They can provide hours of giggly, adventurous and sometimes challenging fun.

Spin Master Games – Beat the Parents Family Challenge Board Game

This board game by Spin Master Games is the game of friendly family competition! Everyone competes in four kinds of events: Vision, Agility, Smarts and Luck. Each event card deck has 27 unique mini-games that share that theme. By the time all four Event Medals have been collected, the team that has won the most challenges and medals wins the game! With over 100 mini-games available to compete in, Beat the Parents Family Challenge is a great board game for family fun. Intended for ages 6 and up.


Winning Moves Games Aggravation  Game

Originally marketed in 1962 as a board game for children, families soon realized that everyone enjoyed playing this fast-paced marble game by Winning Moves Games. To win, a player must have all four plastic marble playing pieces reach the player’s home section of the board. This board game’s name comes from capturing an opponent’s piece by landing on its space, which is known as “aggravating.” Don’t let the name fool you! This board game can provide hours of family fun. Intended for ages 6 and up.


Asmodee Ticket to Ride Board Game

The Ticket to Ride board game by Asmodee enacts a cross-country train adventure. It celebrates Fogg’s rash and lucrative gamble to travel “Around the World in 80 Days” by proposing a new wager. The objective of this train board game is to see who can travel by rail to the most cities in North America in just seven days. The stake is a $1 million prize in this winner-takes-all competition! Easy to play, and without complicated rules, this board game is sure to become a family favourite in your home. Intended for ages 8 and up.

3What are some of the most popular board games of all time?

You’ll likely remember playing these classic board games for kids from when you were growing up. Why not introduce them to the kids in your life?

Winning Moves Games Candy Land Game

Indulge in some holiday nostalgia with this board game classic. Celebrating over 65 years of family fun, Candy Land features the charming graphics and components from the game’s early board game days. The simple, race-to-the-finish game will bring back fond memories of Gumdrop Mountains, Candy Hearts, the Peppermint Stick Forest, Lollypop Woods, Ice Cream Floats, the Gingerbread Plum Tree, the Crooked Old Peanut Brittle House and Molasses Swamp. The first player to wind their way to the pink-frosted Home Sweet Home wins the game! Intended for ages 4 and up.


Winning Moves Games Classic Trouble Game

Introduce the kids to this all-time favourite board game. It might be freezing outside, but you and the family can stay cozy and warm gathered around this classic board game. Enjoy the simple pleasures of popping the Pop-O-Matic bubble to roll the dice. See who will be the first to move all their pegs around the game board and into the finish slots! Intended for ages 5 and up.


Hasbro Gaming Sorry!

Bring on the friendly competition this holiday season with this board game classic by Hasbro Gaming. Pick the card that gets your pawns out of the starting area, and then get ready to challenge your opponents in this game of sweet revenge. This take on the Sorry! classic board game includes special fire and ice power-up tokens that give your pawns more powers against other players. So power-up with fire and ice as you bump, jump and slide your way to victory. Intended for ages 5 and up.


Cardinal Games Classic Snakes & Ladders Game

For many, Snakes & Ladders by Cardinal Games is their first introduction to the world of board games. Climb up the ladders or slide down the slippery snakes—it’s all up to a roll of the dice. First to the top wins! Intended for ages 6 and up.



Here’s one of the most popular board games of all time. Buy up the town and raise the rent. The object of this classic Monopoly game is to beat your fellow players to the finish line by amassing a fortune. Tread carefully! Players may find their fortunes changing with a roll of the dice as they take a trip around the game board. Intended for ages 8 and up.


Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game

Break out the dictionary for this mind-bending Scrabble board game. Players put letters together, build words and add up their points to win. Use letters to score points as you challenge family and friends. It’s your word against theirs! Intended for ages 9 and up.

The holiday season and winter months are the perfect times to introduce kids, young and old, to board games. Why not take the time to unplug and reconnect as a family over the holidays with some of these board games for kids? You’ll be glad you did. Got a wee one who is too young to play board games? Check out our Toy Academy for some great holiday gift ideas for babies and kids of all ages!

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