Gaming sure has come a long way since the Super Mario days on the original Nintendo. We’ve got more games and console choices than ever before! It’s a rare house that doesn’t have at least one gamer under its roof and if you’re starting your holiday shopping for a game-loving guy or girl, you may be wondering where to start. That’s where we step in to help — you’re sure to find the perfect gift in our roundup of 30 top gifts ideas for gamers.


When it comes to high quality games loved by experienced gamers, there’s simply no beating the PlayStation 4. Available with 500GB of memory capability, the PS4 has been a top game console choice since it debuted and is still a favourite today. Its exclusive titles are some of the best games available, so whether your teen wants to explore the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn or your significant other wants to continue the adventures of Kratos in God of War, they need the PS4 to do it.


There’s nothing better than reliving childhood memories, and the Sega Genesis Mini Console makes that easy. The game console comes pre-loaded with 40 classic games including Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter 2, Contra: Hard Corps and many more. Original Sega Genesis players will love revisiting these classic 16-bit games and, even better, sharing them with a new, younger generation of gamers. Make no mistake, the original Sonic still has what it takes to keep kids captivated.


With the best mix of games for adults and children alike, the Xbox One S All Digital is a solid choice for ensuring that everyone in the family can find a game they enjoy, from Halo to Minecraft. And this digital-only version of the Xbox One S is perfect for parents that feel like they’re drowning in a sea of children’s toys. Instead of buying hard copy games, new titles are downloaded directly onto the system. That means less clutter and more fun for the whole family.


VR gaming is booming. Many gamers love feeling like they’re inside their games and experiencing the action first-hand. If you’ve got a gamer that’s been dying to give VR gaming a try, but you don’t want to spend hundreds on a VR system right away, this affordable headset is the answer. Using a smartphone, it lets you enjoy VR experience with an assortment of downloadable games, all for less than $30.


Nintendo’s titles are among the most kid-friendly games available, while also being incredibly popular with adults. Nintendo Switch lets gamers experience them all with its revolutionary system that combines handheld gaming with big screen console gaming for maximum fun. Exclusive titles like Super Smash Bros, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey can all be played on the go or on your home TV via the included docking station…which means mom and dad can try out the games, too.


Gaming PCs are expensive, there’s no getting around that. But there are still some great systems available that have all the features needed for running many top PC games, with a price that’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than other choices. The ACER Nitro 5 Laptop is the perfect example of that, with a futuristic design, full HD display and powerful Intel Core processor capable of running many modern games smoothly and clearly. The specs and style of this laptop make it a budget favourite with PC gamers.


Playing the original Nintendo games is a treat for any retro gamer. And, if you know somebody that’s saved those original games but no longer has a working Nintendo system, the Retro Bit RES Console for Nintendo makes a perfect gift. The sleek little system is an RCA compatible, micro-USB powered console designed to play original Nintendo cartridges. It includes two controllers with the classic Nintendo design and with a price of less than $35, it’s the perfect economical way to let a retro gamer dust off those original games and get playing again.


For a PC gamer that wants top performance no matter where they play, the ASUS ROG STRIX II has the specs that will help make this a gift that’s used (and loved) for years. The latest NVIDIA graphics ensure a crystal clear display, while the 512GB SSD and 16GB DDR4 RAM help even the biggest games run without a hiccup. The features are topped off with an eye-catching design featuring an RGB keyboard, logo and lightbar. Put it all together, and you’ve got any computer gamer’s dream gift.

Have an older teen that wants a high-quality gaming computer but also needs a computer for school or work? This MSI laptop provides a great combination of fun and function that will let PC gamers play all their favourites while also letting them do the work they need to. The laptop includes Windows 10 Home and a 512 GB SSD hard drive, perfect for handling everyday computer jobs. And, when it’s time to play, the 16GB of RAM and large, 17.3” full HD screen mean hours of flawless gameplay.


Looking for the best gaming gift ideas for a video game newbie? The Nintendo Switch Lite is a great way for younger players to experience gaming on a portable console featuring some of the best all-ages games available. Lightweight and compatible with nearly all Nintendo Switch games, the Switch Lite will let your lucky new gamer have many fun and immersive gaming experiences. And the console sells at a reasonable price, too!

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If there’s one thing that can instantly help a gamer feel like they’re immersed in the action, it’s great sound. For the uncompromising gamer, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 wireless headset will provide the immersive experience they crave. Available for both Xbox One and PS4, the headset boasts virtual surround sound, a flip-up auto-muting microphone and 15 hours of gameplay per charge. Additionally, the headset’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting lets players hear even the quietest noises for better strategizing and more realistic gameplay.


If the gamer in your life spends hours building and perfecting that perfect desktop gaming setup, then this gaming kit is the perfect way to add a finishing touch that they’ll appreciate for years. Featuring an RGB LED Wired Keyboard, matching wired optical mouse, a gaming headset and a precision mouse pad, it has everything a desktop gamer needs to make the most of that gaming computer. Plus, the futuristic design provides an immediate style upgrade to any gaming setup.


When it comes to desktop gaming, a high quality HD display is a must for maximum accuracy and enjoyment. The LG Gaming Monitor has exactly that, with some extra features that make it a great choice for the best clarity when gaming. The full HD display is complemented with an anti-glare monitor and IPS technology, which both improves colour and allows viewing of the screen from wide angles. Energy Star qualified with a reasonable price, this is a great first monitor for a desktop gamer.


The Nintendo Switch combines handheld and console gaming, making it one of the coolest consoles on the market today. But, as much fun as the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are to use, sometimes a gamer wants the extra precision of a traditional controller to gain that competitive edge online, or beat that challenging boss. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller provides that, and can be used both when the system is docked and in Tabletop mode, which lets players use the Nintendo Switch as a mini TV screen. It’s an ideal upgrade for making console gaming more fun and tabletop gaming more versatile.


For a PC gamer that wants to take their gaming setup to the max, the Orneta Chroma Gaming Keyboard is guaranteed to impress. The keyboard’s Mecha-Membrane provides a soft touch while also featuring a mechanical click for a best-of-both-worlds gaming experience. An included wrist rest help ensure comfortable gameplay. And, the keyboard is powered by Razer Chroma technology, which creates mind-blowing LED light effects for the ultimate in stylish gaming, with the keyboard backlighting even reacts to in-game effects as it’s used. Useful and so very visually appealing, it’s a dream come true for any would-be Twitch streamer.


It’s sometimes said that it’s not fair to bring a mouse to a controller fight, because the quick clicking and rolling of a mouse means significantly faster reaction times and better overall accuracy. For the PC gamer though, a mouse is a must. To bring your best into a battle, the Logitech Lightspeed is ready for action. This mouse features one millisecond wireless connectivity for ultra-fast response times and 11 programmable buttons to let players customize the mouse to their exact specifications. A wireless design means unencumbered movement and with up to 60 hours of gameplay per charge, an all-day competition is easier than ever before.


Containing a few different essentials, the Nintendo Switch Starter Kit is a must for keeping that treasured new Nintendo Switch in top condition (and ensuring that the tiny game cartridges don’t get misplaced!) The case stores the Switch and game cartridges for easy transport, while the screen protector, Joy-Con Armour Guards and thumb caps keep the Switch in mint condition. Finally, a set of included earbuds make it easy to play on the go, whenever and wherever the urge strikes.


With its extensive library of games for all ages, the Xbox One is often a favourite with families. That means it’s also a favourite for playing games together! Family game night doesn’t have to be done while sitting around the table anymore…and that’s why any family of gamers with an Xbox One will appreciate having extra controllers for their system. The controllers come in various colours and, as an added bonus, feature Bluetooth technology that allows you to also connect the controllers to tablets, phones and Windows 10 PCs.


If you’ve got a PS4 gamer that loves having friends over to play, another controller for their system is always a great gift choice. The DualShock Wireless Controller comes in various colours and is one of those gifts that’s always appreciated, especially since it allows for more at-home multiplayer fun! Quick charging, durable and ergonomic, this controller has been a favourite since its release. And, as every PS4 owner knows, there’s really no way to ever have too many of them.


It can be hard to shop for a dedicated gamer that seems like they already have every game and accessory they might want. But, for the gamer that’s got it all, there’s still one major concern that might mean Game Over…running out of space for new games. Thankfully, a Seagate External Hard Drive can save the day. Available for Xbox, PS4 and PC, the hard drives come in 2TB or 4TB sizes with plug-and-play compatibility. And, the USB 3.0 connection means a fast connection, so playing a game off the Seagate is as flawless as playing one installed on the console.


Have a gamer in your life that also loves to travel? Whether you’re shopping for an on-the-go adult that loves to pull out their gaming laptop when away from home, or a social butterfly that likes playing with friends on different consoles, the Enhance Mobile Gaming Earbuds offer rich sound and a Tactile Vibration System for a uniquely immersive experience in an incredibly portable package. An added bonus is the multiple connectors that let players use the earbuds for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo and PC.


A mouse pad may seem like an outdated gift in the era of optical mice, but make no mistake, it’s a gift any computer gamer will appreciate. Not only do good gaming mouse pads help an optical mouse to perform better, it increases comfort for those long battles and marathon sessions too. The Speed II Gaming Mouse Pad was especially designed to help maximize mouse speed and movement, making it an inexpensive addition to a gaming setup that’s sure to be appreciated.


Part gaming accessory and part collectible, the exclusive-to-Nintendo amiibos add instant extra fun to a game. And, for the battling gamers that can’t get enough of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, adding a few amiibos to the experience help make a top game even better. Choose from a variety of characters including Incineroar, Squirtle and Ryu, then tap them to NFC touchpoint on a compatible system to add exclusive characters and content to Super Smash Bros. All amiibos are compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo 3DS XL and Wii U…and look great on display when the game is done.


When it comes to VR gaming, the PS VR is the uncontested top choice for gaming. Not only is it the most affordable console VR headset available, but it’s easy to use and has one of the best game libraries out there. Bundle it with a couple of top-rated games, and you’ve got the perfect gift for a VR gamer! Trover Saves the Universe and Five Nights at Freddy’s are both naturally suited to the VR experience, and adult gamers will love living “inside” the adventure with these two titles.

The makers of what is arguably the best Fallout game of all time, Fallout: New Vegas, comes a brand new masterpiece. Obsidian makes good video games, there’s no two ways about it. That’s helped to make The Outer Worlds one of the most anticipated releases of 2019. Available on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, it’s likely already on your favourite teen or adult gamer’s must-have list. And if it isn’t, they’ll be thrilled you thought of it for them.


If you’ve got a gamer that always seems to be up and moving, they’ll love getting their groove on to the newest release from the hit Just Dance franchise. This 11th release of Just Dance features an intuitive interface that learns as you play to offer challenges that suit each player specifically. Kids can join in the fun, too, thanks to the Kids Mode that features eight kid-friendly songs along with a less complicated dancing experience. Want even more fun? Add a Just Dance Unlimited subscription to access more than 500 hit songs.


Cross-platform gaming revolutionized the world of MMOs and now, the newest Call of Duty release is upgrading its online experience with cross-platform play across PS4, Xbox One and PC. The original Modern Warfare was one of the most popular COD games of all time and its revival is even more anticipated with the promise of a cross-platform multiplayer. Gamers will be able to face off, form alliances and enjoy all the excitement that Modern Warfare has to offer, with more connectivity than ever before.


Staying comfortable during a long campaign with friends is no problem at all with this stylish chair. X Rocker is a top brand when it comes to gaming chairs, and the Pedestal Gaming Chair is a perfect example of why. With built-in Bluetooth 2.1 audio for a surround-sound experience, an ergonomic design that includes full back support and compatibility with all major gaming systems, it’s a feature-packed chair that will help ensure comfortable gaming during even the most intensive RPG or MMO experience.


No retro gaming fan has to leave the fun at home with this adorable handheld version of the hit classic game Frogger! Small enough to pop into a pocket or purse, the mini system challenges players to help an ambitious frog cross busy highways and raging rivers to make it to his home safely. Featuring authentic ’80s graphics, sounds and gameplay, it’s all the Frogger fun you remember…just a little smaller.


If your favourite gamer has fond memories of taking a pocket full of quarters to the local arcade, they’ll be blown away by having their very own Arcade 1Up Arcade Game. Each is just under four feet tall, boasts original artwork and is available in a variety of top retro games like Pac-Man and Street Fighter II. Perfect for the family rec room or your favourite gamer’s “man cave”, this is one of those unique gifts for gamers that is sure to be a conversation starter…and a constant source of fun for both its owner and their friends.

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The great thing about gift for gamers is there are so many choices available, from consoles and games to accessories and so much more! No matter your budget, use these ideas to find the perfect gift for that special gaming someone in your life. Head to Walmart Canada to grab your gifts and get ready for cheers on Christmas morning…and a happy gamer for years to come!

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