Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are coming, gift giving has started and you’re already making holiday cookies because you have a toddler excited for the holidays. This makes it the perfect time to get your shopping done early with our gigantic list of gift ideas for toddlers below.


Bonding time is a beautiful time for both mom and baby. Helping your baby make their first attempts to ride this Little Tikes Trike is the perfect way to enjoy your time together. No need to bend, only push the handlebars from the back. Developing a healthy and fun exercise routine while baby is young will have a positive impact on their future.


On your mark, get set, bug! (err, I mean bowl!). This brightly coloured set of six caterpillar pins, a transparent storage bag, and an easy to grip bowling ball makes for easy setup and cleanup at home and parties. Melissa & Doug’s Happy Giddy bowling set will keep your little one on their toes until the pins go down. As your youngster improves their hand-eye coordination while staying fit, look out! Take them on if you dare!


Ryan’s quirky science experiments have given learning a whole new name. From his rainbow snake bubbles to his DIY slime, the fun doesn’t end. And now your tot can break, bust, and smash Ryan’s surprise safes to find the hidden treasures stowed away. Crack the treasure safe open to find out what’s inside. Surprises never get old! With over 30 unique Ryan’s World surprises, your child can collect them all.


This furry friend is more than a cute stuffed animal. It’s a fun-sized companion that comes pretty close to a real pup. This tiny walking Maltese barks and wags its tail. You might not be ready for the puppy she has begged you for, but here’s a fuzzy buddy your entire family can welcome home now. Give your child the excitement of having their very own pet puppy who they’ll name, walk and, yes, even bring to the dinner table.


Get your child ready to embark on this fun learning adventure with friends Turtle, Tiger and Monkey. Proper brain stimulation during the first five years of life for your toddler will shape their future in such a powerful way. LeapFrog is a stimulating alternative to television and the perfect way to engage your toddler in learning 100 age-appropriate words—both in English and French—in 12 different word categories. At the sight of your child’s excitement and fast growth to learn new words, meanings and songs, you won’t be able to help but gush every time.


Puppet time, anyone? Even us moms have found ourselves humming and singing along to this popular song. Should I also admit I’ve gone pretty far down the family free line—reaching nephew shark? Ok, I’m kidding! But this song was a huge hit in my family. Having a puppet show would be all too adorable.


This cute puppy may be small, but he’s got a lot in store for your precious baby. This cuddly furry friend introduces parts of the body, songs, alphabet, counting, shapes and over 100 first words. As your baby grows and advances, simply turn the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy up a notch so pup can teach in sync with your child’s unique developmental learning stage.

These adorable, friendly monster pyjamas are the perfect pick for your wild child. You know, the one who always seems to be the centre of attention because of his intelligence, energy and humour? His bright ideas are priceless, and he’s always bouncing off the walls. You can be sure he’s going to make you laugh, even when you’re trying to be serious. He’ll love these comfy pyjamas and may even see himself in them. Literally.

As children, there was something we loved about having our favourite characters on our jewellery, clothing, purses and even on those light-up shoes we loved so much. It was more than just another piece of clothing or an old pair of shoes. It was spectacular. Now your girl will feel special too as she snuggles up in her unicorn pyjama set as you tuck her in for bed every night.

Celebrate sunshine, rainbows and unicorns as you take home these cozy, fashionable and highly adorable slippers your little girl will love. She’ll be thrilled to add these to her carefully preserved collection of unicorn items. She’ll love the way her feet are kept warm and comfortable. And who knows, she may try to wear them right out of the house!

Bury his feet in these comfy, cozy slippers. These ultra-soft Grrr slippers make it so much easier to “bear” the cold. Show your toddler just how comfortable he should be in your home. Warm brings on the feeling of love and security, and that connection will cause him to think of you every time he puts on his slippers. Now he’ll be warm and stylish.


You won’t have to visit the fair or sign your child up for French-speaking classes for them to get a thrill out of this bounce and spin stationary ride-on toy with bilingual educational content. Ready for the balancing act? You’ll both love it as your tot learns through playing, singing and, of course, bouncing. Let this pup show your tot how to have some real fun. Independence has never felt better.


Fulfill your daughter’s dream of riding a unicorn with a magical bounce and spin toy. This ride-on toy is the perfect way to help your inquisitive girl feel comfortable exploring the world around her while you’re nearby (doing your happy mommy dance). You’ll gush as your daughter gains a sense of independence and delight in her love of curiosity as she rides along learning new sounds, songs and the alphabet.


Time for tea! Make-believe parties, food, friends, fancy gowns and elegant balls are an exciting part of being a child. Your toddler may not be able to control your kitchen, but having free range to operate her own little tea shop will be a dream come true—especially if you give her the honour of serving you there.


Is your little handyman fascinated by how things are built and put together? Does your kiddo love to take things apart and put them back together again? Wonderful! Nurture their creativity and critical thinking skills with pretend building. Hammering, drilling, sawing and working with small tools is a great way to improve your child’s fine motor skills and create problem solving activities.


Children love puppet shows. It’s like creating your own little TV show with voices and more. Open your shark’s mouth and hear the Baby Shark song and watch your little one roll around with glee. Get Mama and Daddy shark to make the complete set and for some interactive and cute puppet shows. Remember to make sure the camera and video are rolling!


Dino is an excellent potty buddy in your toddler’s big stage in life. Your toddler is more likely to master the potty alone when they have a potty pal helping them along. Dino is designed to make it easy and accessible for tiny tots to use their seats without the need to be lifted—thus mastering independence. Easy to clean and easy to transport makes for a happy mom and baby.


When you gotta go, you gotta go! This unicorn training potty is perfect for helping your little girl develop the habit of listening to her body tell her it’s “time.” The truth is, us moms have our hands full and may work at home as I do. This potty creates a win-win for everyone right from the beginning. Having easy access to “try” whenever she needs to gives her control and builds confidence as you root her on.


This crafty gift is fun to set up but also very unique. Have tons of fun beautifying your pets and giving them their best makeover in your high-end salon. Pamper your pets by grooming them any which way you fancy. Then, when you’re ready, bath them to rinse off the washable Crayola marker and start all over! This time try a new stylish look on your Scrubbie pet.


While understanding how animated movie images are created is beyond me, it sure is fascinating, even for toddlers. This Crayola Magic Scene Creator is a great, fun way for your toddler to learn about animation at their own pace. It has more than 70 cards to choose from, and that means boredom won’t be setting in.


One of the best gifts for kids is good ol’ Play-Doh. Your child has fun while developing their fine motor skills and testing their imagination. Give your tot the chance to serve up a hot n’ ready breakfast. One new breakfast dish for every day of the week, even. Who knows? Maybe you have an undercover chef on your hands.


Here’s a brilliant solution to all the wall colourings, paint on your floor, and pencilled-in hearts and roses on the back of the bathroom door. No need to restrain her from doing what she loves anymore. The Easel Desk is a blank canvas for her artistic creations! One of the best toddler gift ideas you can give your child is one that supports their interests and passions. It’s a gift and memory they will cherish forever.


Putting things together and taking things apart is a great way to learn because you always learn something new. It’s also (secretly) a test of patience and follow-through. It’s pretty neat to see this robot in action. But, what’s better is your child gets to put the bot together. They’ll have so much fun that your child will have no clue they’re learning critical STEM skills.


Gather ’round your flower pot to see who’s inside. Each pot has 1 of 22 unique Blume dolls, a mini friend and other fun surprises. Have fun kicking off your own fashion show and accessorizing your Blume doll. Each one has a different look and personality. To find out which Blume doll you have, sprinkle your flower pot with water to reveal your surprise!


This dino set is an excellent complement to his dino-themed room. The bed layout is the centrepiece that sets the tone of the whole room. Since dinosaurs are his favourite, this bedding set will make your toddler feel special and even more excited to spend time in his room. Watch him create imaginative and creative dino scenes with volcano eruptions and climatic dino fights.


As our children get older, they pay special attention to the things that interest them the most. For my daughter, it’s all about ballerina things. Verbally encouraging your daughter to explore this interest will help her be more independent. However, a daily visible reminder like this ballerina bedding set expresses that you believe in her and that she has what it takes to become a sparkling ballerina.


If you have mama shark, you must get Daddy shark and Baby shark too. This is a fun way to create memories and involve everyone in the family. Mommy can sing along to her part of the song, Daddy will sing his part, and so will your “baby shark.” And afterwards, create an interactive puppet show with never-ending chomp action.

These Rose Fur Bootie Slippers are just darling, aren’t they? Even if all you do is dress her up and take a bunch of pictures together…it’ll be those memories that’ll make you smile years from now. These fuzzy slippers will also keep her feet warm and snug while the family watches Elf and sips on hot chocolate. And, you know the saying: families that snuggle together stay together.

Extra cuddle time may be your toddler’s way of thanking you for his new comfy slippers. He’ll love what you’ve done for him while roaming the living room, pretending to be an adorable monster. Boys won’t want to wait to try on their new slippers. In his warmth, he’ll always be reminded of how you love him.

Doesn’t looking at these monster inspired slippers scream don’t eat me? Don’t eat me! I promise to be good? These adorable and furry slippers are all too cute even for the wildest toddler. If your little guy is always pretending to be a monster, put the shoe on his foot to complete the look. He’ll have a great time and so will you.

Your daughter will love these unicorn fur slippers when she opens them up on Christmas morning. Her feet will shout for joy because her running shoes just don’t feel as comfy as her new unicorn slippers do. Watch her dance and prance around pretending to be a unicorn! These slippers may end up being the first thing she grabs in the morning when she gets out of bed.

He sings along to every one of the songs, knows every character’s name, has seen the movie a gazillion times, and still isn’t tired of The Lion King. It’s a good guess that your toddler would love a robe with Simba on it, too. He’ll also appreciate the hood for extra warmth on those chilly nights. Get your phone ready to take some fashion photos when he opens up this Christmas gift!


Choose a fuzzy, fun-coloured kids’ Flokati Rug for your child to make them feel like royalty. Depending on your child’s age, both of you can find just the right spot for the rug—like right where your toddler gets out of bed for the morning. She can plant her feet in a furry paradise. It also goes great in play areas, reading and quiet time areas.


Sleep will always be sweet when your toddler lays her head on this pillow every night. Your daughter might tell you this pillow feels just like laying your head on a giant marshmallow. Her rainbow decor pillow will quickly become her favourite comfort item. The matching throw is the perfect way to create warmth and comfort in her room.


If your child has caught onto the slime trend, they’re going to love this! Inside of your sparkly, glitter soda can you’ll find a slime critter with a unicorn horn. She’s cute, sparkly and she’s got a surprise. Water her to find out if she poops or spits slime! You’ll also find many other surprises inside your Poopsie soda can. Collect all 15+ critters!


Myla is a beautiful singing, walking, and talking unicorn who wants to share a positive message with your child every day. The best gift ideas for toddlers often include batteries, and Myla is no exception. Myla is here to encourage your little one by singing along to the music. Your daughter will also enjoy braiding Myla’s hair for hours of fun over the holidays.


Think your little one doesn’t notice they’re not sitting at the big table like everyone else? They’ve been trying to tell you they’re ready to make the change to a booster seat. This is a terrific gift idea for a toddler. It may be messy, but you’ll get a lot more of those priceless giggles and baby talk in exchange.


I love gifts that I can use over and over and receive lots of value. Gifts like these are both rare and unique. This convertible car seat is a perfect example. You can use this car seat starting when your baby is a newborn, all the way well into childhood. That lets you skip buying a new car seat every time your child reaches a certain age (or weight). Now that’s value!


Did you hear? Batman is ready for a superhero friend to ride along with him in his Batmobile. Although, you have to be prepared to take on the villains. Will all courageous superheroes please stand up? Batman is brave, strong, and always ready to help those in need! What better buddy for your little man to have and look up to as he rides along in this booster seat.

A princess deserves to sit in a seat of royalty. Climbing into the same seat as Cinderella herself will remind girls that if Cinderella sits there, it must be a seat fit for a princess. And that’s exactly what she is! This Cinderella booster car seat will delight your toddler with every ride, and she might end up begging for a car trip every day.

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Whether your toddler is a unicorn fan or a hands-on artist, seeing them open their Christmas gifts with pure joy on their faces creates everlasting memories for the entire family. Ignite your toddler’s creativity as they explore any one of these gift ideas for toddlers. Be sure shop all our toddler apparel for girls and boys, as well as toddler toys and preschool toys.

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