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Best Gifts for Home Cooks

Friends and family are the most important part of the holidays, but it’s food that brings them together. Celebrate the home cooks, bakers and snackers in your life with these inspired foodie gifts. From sourdough starter kits to unique appliances, this guide has something for every foodie on your list—including yourself.

For healthy foodies

Gotham Steel Smokeless Stovetop Indoor Grill

This compact grill brings their favourite Korean BBQ restaurant home, where it can be popped on a stove burner for grilling, then (carefully) carried to the table for serving.

For healthy foodies

Indonesian Rattan Bread Fermentation Basket

For the bread baker who doesn’t have time to shop around for the best sourdough tools, this fermentation kit includes the top-quality basics. All they’ll need next is flour, water, salt and time.

For healthy foodies

Complete Kombucha Homebrew Starter Kit

Know someone who’s always got a bottle of (expensive) kombucha in hand? After a few rounds, this home-brew starter kit basically pays for itself—especially if the lucky person who gets it decides to share their creations with you.

T-fal fryer

For healthy foodies

T-fal Easy Fry Prestige Digital Air Fryer

Call it an air fryer or a miracle maker, but this handy gadget produces deep-fried favourites like fries and chicken wings with only a spoonful of fat. Guilt-free guilty pleasures? Now that’s a gift! (Get the lowdown on air fryers in our handy guide.)

For all-day snackers

West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Machine

Perfect for the snack-loving cinephile who craves theatre-style popcorn, this home popper features a continuous internal stirring rod and a butter-melting cap. Once the corn is popped, flip the cover into a bowl!

For all-day snackers

Nostalgia Coca Cola Hot Dog Toaster

This unique toaster roasts two hot dogs and two buns at the same time, and looks cute while doing it! It’s the perfect present for classic diner food fans.

For all-day snackers

Paisley Bowl Set

With beautiful patterning inside and out, these pretty bowls take the sting off getting to the bottom of a favourite snack. Fill them with chips and pretzels for an evening nibble, or rice and salad toppings for a healthy dinner—hello taco Tuesday!

For new cooks

Henckels Poultry Shears

A good pair of poultry shears is one of those kitchen workhorses people don’t buy for themselves. This slick pair of serrated steel blades comes with large handles for quickly cutting through chicken and turkey, bones and all—and it works on steak and fish too.

for new cooks

Fox Run Acacia Wood Utensil Set

Stir up some appreciation with this pretty pack of utensils. Beautiful enough to display, yet durable enough to withstand frequent use, it’s a great choice for design-conscious cooks.

For new cooks

Hamilton Beach Cast Iron Frying Pan

This elegant cast-iron skillet moves effortlessly from stovetop to table (heat pad or trivet recommended). Bonus: Cast-iron cooking naturally adds iron to food.

For new cooks

Zwilling Four Star 3-pc Essentials Starter Knife Set

Kickstart a lifetime of slicing and dicing with this well-respected and durable knife set. The eight-inch chef’s knife, serrated knife and paring knife are ergonomically designed for comfort and precision.

For new cooks

Jamie Oliver Kitchen Bakeware Set

The only thing better than this durable set from Jamie Oliver is having him come over and cook! Featuring a balloon whisk, fine sieve and spatula, it’s sure to brighten up any kitchen.

Crock Pot slow cooker red

For busy home cooks

Crock-Pot 6 Qt Slow Cooker

This classic slow cooker is great for busy cooks who dream of easy, home-cooked hot meals. With two simple settings, it’s a cinch to set-and-forget—until its wholesome aromas start filling the house, that is.

For busy home cooks

Instant Pot Multi-Use Electric Pressure Cooker

Anyone who appreciates a slow cooker, pressure cooker or rice cooker will go gaga for the Instant Pot, which is all three of these gadgets and more! Watch it become your favourite foodie’s go-to for braising, stewing, steaming—and bragging.

For busy home cooks

Kitchenaid Mini Food Chopper

For the time-starved kitchen wizard who lacks counter space for large appliances comes this compact, multi-purpose food chopper. It purées, chops, mixes—and most importantly, makes meal prep easier.

For caffeine lovers

Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder with Removable Chamber

For the coffee lover who likes their morning brew just so, this dishwasher-safe grinder can adjust to different cup and grind sizes. Bonus: Cord storage keeps it neat on the countertop when not in use.

red Bialetti espresso maker

For caffeine lovers

Bialetti Moka Express

This special edition Bialetti espresso maker is a dream for anyone who loves strong coffee and great design. It looks sharp on any countertop or stove, and is small enough to pack on road trips and camping excursions.

For caffeine lovers

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker

Fresh hot coffee is ready in minutes with this portable single serve Keurig coffee maker. Its slim design is well-suited to dorm rooms, offices or any setting where space is tight and coffee is necessary!

For caffeine lovers

Bodum Assam Tea Press

This pretty glass pot is a treat for the tea lover who wants to spot the precise moment their beverage reaches its ideal colour. It brews up to four perfect cups at a time.

For caffeine lovers

Luciano Housewares Enamel-Look Vintage Coffee Mugs

Outdoorsy types who love all things vintage and rustic will flip their canoes for these cool ceramic and microwave safe mugs. With them, busy workday coffees can inspire memories of camping trips and outdoor adventures.

For entertainers

12-Inch Higher Iron Round Cake Stand Pedestal

For the baker and host who loves showing off their work before sharing it! This beautiful tray lets them put their muffins, tarts, cakes and cupcakes on a literal pedestal.

rattan tea tray bread basket

For entertainers

Rattan Bread Basket Tea Tray

A rattan basket has enough natural charm to display all on its own, but it’s also a perfectly functional tray for entertaining, great for serving bread or tea.

For entertainers

Cuisinart Enamel Cast Iron Fondue Set

The friend who loves to dip, dip, dip will adore this enamel cast iron fondue set. Since melty cheese and velvety chocolate never go out of style, it’s built to last.

For entertainers

Ironwood Large Rectangular Paddle Board

This acacia board sets a stunning backdrop for a medley of cheese, charcuterie, dips and fruit. Bonus: A board loaded with nibbly snacks serves many hungry guests with just one dish, making clean-up a cinch.

red bowl with spout, white polka dots and teal trim

For bakers

The Pioneer Woman Flea Market Batter Bowl

This fun and functional bowl makes easy work of mixing and folding batters with its wide pour spout, large handle and generous bowl. Plus, it’s pretty enough to display, so it can be kept nearby for whenever a cake or pancake mood strikes.

For bakers

Wilton Copper Cooling Grid

This elegant cooling rack in fashionable copper does double duty as a platter and is an affordable vessel for taking fresh treats from oven to tabletop.

For bakers

Wilton Retro Copper Fluted Tube Pan

Hello gorgeous! If they’re a fan of pretty tools, they’ll love this classic Bundt pan that is almost too lovely to use…almost.

cookie tray cake pan cooling rack muffin tin in copper

For bakers

Nordicware Bakeware Set

If they’re a newbie in the kitchen and beginning to build their tool chest, these nonstick quality pans will serve them well for years to come.

For bakers

T-fal Airbake Nonstick Cookie Sheet

Say hello to perfectly browned, chewy cookies! These innovative cookie sheets promise to minimize burning, a welcome feature for both new and established bakers.

For eco-foodies

Pyrex Storage Sets with Lids

This vibrant 10-piece food storage set is an affordable choice from a trusted brand. Non-porous glass easily takes leftovers from the fridge to the microwave or oven.

For eco-foodies

Thermos Insulated Food Jar with Folding Spoon in teal

If they like leftovers and hot lunches (who doesn’t?), they’ll love this gorgeous insulated Thermos. It promises to keep food hot for seven hours or cold for nine, and comes with a built-in spoon.

reusable grocery bag

For eco-foodies

Reusable Cotton Mesh Net Shopping Bag

Available in a rainbow of colours, these cotton mesh bags are light and easy to carry, so your favourite eco-conscious grocery shopper will never forget to bring their own.

For pastry chefs

Bonjour Crème Brûlée Set

This little kit is ideal for the advanced home chef who wants the luxury of crème brûlée at home. With its shallow ramekins and mini torch, nailing that crackling caramelized topping is a snap.

For pastry chefs

Kitchen Scale Digital LCD

In bakers’ speech, consistency equals success. This digital scale is a budget-friendly option for helping your favourite baker achieve perfection. It’s a practical culinary tool and great foodie gift.

For pastry chefs

Wilton Deluxe Decorating Set

Whether they’re newbie bakers or competitive cake decorators, this set will meet their needs with its 18 easy-to-change classic tips.

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