Don’t have space for an outdoor barbecue?  Do want to enjoy delicious grilled meals regardless of the weather? Then today is a good day to check out the seven best indoor grills and panini presses available at Walmart Canada. A quick word of caution, though—once you’ve made your kids a grilled cheese on one of these, there really is no going back.

What type of indoor grill or panini press are you looking for?

Best Overall Indoor Grill

Ninja AG300C Foodi 4-in-1 Indoor Grill.

Surface area: 4 burgers | Height:  13.3 in. | Length: 17 in. | Width: 14 in. | Warranty: 1-year limited | Features: Non-stick cooking surface, air fry functions, adjustable temperature, removable plates, dishwasher-safe parts

The Ninja Foodi can grill burgers, sear steaks and air fry potato wedges to perfection. It features a wide temperature range (250°F to 500°F), variable fan speed and high-density grill grates. That means you get the versatility of grilling, roasting, baking or air crisping meals, all with one handy appliance.

Pros Cons
Temperature-controlled grill and splatter shield keeps the smoke down. This grill is hefty enough to handle four 4-oz burgers at a time, but it can only do two strip steaks, which might not be enough to feed the whole family.
You can get authentic grill marks and BBQ flavour, right in your kitchen. Some reviewers point out that the air fryer basket doesn’t fit when the grill plate is in, which would save on storage space.
The crisper basket, grill grate and cooking pot are all dishwasher safe.

The Draw

This is the best appliance I have bought in a very long time. Six dinners later and all 100% approved by my husband. Fast, easy and clean-up is a breeze. I have cooked spare ribs, steak, chicken, pork chops and a variety of vegetables. They all came out amazing.

–Tweety50, originally posted on

The Downside

I love that it cooks so much quicker than a pan or oven. The only downfall would be having to experiment with temperatures and times because the ones listed didn’t work for me.

–ashleyn256, originally posted on

Best Budget Indoor Grill

George Foreman 2-Serving Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press.

Surface area: 2 burgers | Height: 10.1 in. | Length: 8.5 in. | Width: 9.5 in. | Warranty: 3-year limited | Features: Non-stick cooking surface, integrated cord wrap, temperature indicator light

This little grill can handle a few burgers, chops or veggie skewers—and a tight budget. It’s just big enough for two servings of your favourites, making it perfect for couples and cozy kitchens. And it still has the signature sloped surface that we’ve all come to love from George Foreman grills.

Pros Cons
It comes with a dishwasher-safe drip tray. Some reviewers have noted that the non-stick coating chips easily.
The cord is integrated and the grill can be put away vertically, making this grill easy to store. You can’t easily feed a family with this small grill—it’s best for singles and couples.
Embedded heating elements give off even heat for perfectly cooked meals.

The Draw

This is a cool little grill. It does a great grilled cheese sandwich. Cleaning is a breeze. Love this product!

–CraCra, Walmart customer

The Downside

Great value for the price. No temperature controls, but I managed just fine without them.

–Cynthia, Walmart customer

Best Indoor Grill for BBQ Lovers

Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill with Non-Stick Surface.

Surface area: 4 burgers | Height:  3.94 in. | Length: 17.3 in. | Width: 14.96 in. | Warranty: 1 year | Features: Non-stick cooking surface, adjustable thermostat, removable grease catcher, dishwasher-safe parts, smokeless

Grill masters, rejoice! This open grill mimics the style of a real BBQ, for an authentic fresh-off-the-barbie vibe every time. That means you can still get grill marks on your steaks, burgers and ears of corn—and all from the comfort of your kitchen.

Pros Cons
All grill parts are dishwasher-safe (with the exception of the electric temperature dial) for easy clean-ups. Some reviewers note that although this grill is classified as smokeless, there are still some fumes.
The cool copper-coloured surface is actually super slick ceramic-covered titanium, so there are no issues with sticking or scraping. For the home cook who’s used to bringing meat to temperature with the help of a lid, this style of indoor grill may be a challenge to use.
The temperature dial offers four heat settings.

The Draw

I love how the food tastes like it was grilled outside. And I also love the way it’s so easy to clean. Wish I would have purchased it sooner.

–Marilyn, Walmart customer

The Downside

So far I have cooked turkey burgers, New York strip and some corn on the cob. The flavour has all been great. The one drawback is I really do not have any extra storage space so this has to sit on my counter and it is large. And it would be so much better if it had a lid.

–Jayne, Walmart customer

Best Flat Indoor Grill

Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Grill.

Surface area: 4 burgers | Height:  12.5 in. | Length: 14.3 in | Width: 19.8 in | Warranty: 1-year limited | Features: Non-stick cooking surface, adjustable thermostat, removable drip tray

This classic grill is basic in the very best ways. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to barbecue anything from salmon to steaks in the kitchen, you’re covered with this simple electric grill. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Pros Cons
Comes with a durable, extra-thick cast aluminum grill plate. This grill does only that—you’ll need to bust out another appliance if your side dish requires baking or frying.
All excess oil and grease fall directly into the drip tray. Some reviewers note that the grill does give off some smoke.
The patented non-stick surface makes clean-up a snap.

The Draw

I bought this today and cooked steaks for my whole family. Turned out perfect. The heat distribution across the plate was flawless and dinner turned out amazing. Highly recommend for those who love BBQ flavour but don’t want to break your wallet.

–Dustin Jack, Walmart customer

The Downside

I’ve been using it under the stove vent because I find the smokeless feature does not work super well. It does work, just not enough. Overall, for the price, I recommend it.

–FrancaDP, Walmart customer

Best Large Indoor Grill

Power Smokeless Grill Indoor Electric Grill.

Surface area: 6 burgers | Height: 15 in. | Length: 9.88 in. | Width: 21 in. | Warranty: 60-days limited | Features: Non-stick cooking surface, variable heat settings, interchangeable grill and griddle plates, dishwasher-safe parts

If you’re feeding a crowd, this is the grill for you. The extra-large cooking area means you can barbeque eight pieces of chicken, six burgers or four steaks at one time, just like on a full-size outdoor BBQ. Better yet, it comes with a griddle that can do a complete family breakfast—or a monster stack of grilled cheeses.

Pros Cons
With the interchangeable plates, you can switch from grill to griddle in just seconds and cook pancakes, eggs, bacon and more. The large format means it takes up more storage space in your cupboard.
The airflow technology removes smoke and cooking fumes. Although this electric grill comes with a lot of bells and whistles, it also has a heftier price tag than some of its competitors.
The grill and griddle provide even heat, up to 450°F.
This machine comes with a transparent glass lid, too.

The Draw

I’ve only used it four times, but every time was a pleasure. It’s exactly as described. The cleaning is a cinch and it really is non-stick. I can’t wait to make pancakes on the griddle.

–Popee, originally posted on

The Downside

I’ve had this grill for about two months. I use it almost every day. It’s easy to clean and easy to use. Even omelets with cheese slide right off. The only thing I’m not thrilled with is the grease tray that is awkward to remove when it’s full.

–Jeanne67, originally posted on

Best Small Indoor Grill

Hamilton Beach 25441C Panini Press & Compact Grill.

Surface area: 4 burgers | Height:  11.75 in. | Length: 5 in. | Width: 12.75 in. | Warranty: 5-year limited | Features: Non-stick cooking surface, floating hinge, cool-touch handles, dishwasher-safe drip tray

With this little guy, you get the best of a grill and a panini press all in one handy package. You can expertly barbecue foods of any thickness, from heafty steaks to bulky burritos and slim sandwiches, thanks to the floating café-style lid that presses down for even cooking.

Pros Cons
You get two gadgets in one for maximum versatility. Some reviewers note that the plates are not removable.
This grill-press stores upright, making it easy to stash in a drawer or cupboard. This unit lights up to let you know when it’s hot, but you can’t control the temperature.
The power and pre-heat lights let you know when the machine is on and ready for grilling.

The Draw

Great compact grill and super quick.

–Anonymous, Walmart customer

Best Panini Press or Sandwich Maker

Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe—GR-150C.

Surface area: 2 sandwiches | Height: 16.75 in. | Length: 10 in. | Width: 18.25 in. | Warranty: 3-year limited | Features: Non-stick cooking surface, adjustable thermostat, drip tray, dual-zone temperature control, dishwasher-safe accessories

Whether your family is all about the grilled cheese, big burrito or open-face tuna melt, this panini press can make it happen. It’s the ultimate sandwich maker, plus, you can flip the non-stick plates over to use as a griddle for eggs or pancakes, too.

Pros Cons
There are six cooking options to choose from, including full griddle and top melt, so you can make everything from kebabs to latkes. Its large size and handle make it convenient to use, but it might be more awkward to store than similar streamlined models.
The grill/griddle plates are removable, reversible and non-stick. This press comes with a trusted brand name, but has a larger price tag than some comparable units and may not suit a tight budget.
The sear function gives off seriously high heat (up to a whopping BBQ-like 500°F) for up to two minutes at a time.

The Draw

It’s a very good grill. Lots of options and nothing sticks on it. Easy to clean.

–Orange2, Walmart customer

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