It’s time to raise a glass—of green juice! Whether you want to boost your immune system with essential vitamins and minerals or fend off free-radical damage with rich antioxidants, fresh vegetable and fruit juices can go a long way for your overall health. Plus, at-home juicing lets you ditch the high-sugar content of store-bought mixes.

To get going on the healthy habit, you’ll need to invest in a juicer. You can opt for a centrifugal juicer, which uses a fast-spinning blade to dice up produce and release the juice. These models offer the quickest solution because of their wide chutes (that means less prep time chopping) and high speeds.

The other option is a cold press juicer, which is also known as a masticating or slow juicer. These take more time to chew up produce but release more nutrients because of how thoroughly they break down the fibre. This gentle approach also helps your juices stay fresh longer with less oxidation.

To help you find the best juicer for your needs, we scoured tons of models and reviews to pick out our top five that will help you squeeze the most out of DIY juicing.

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Best Juicer Overall

Black and stainless steel Brentwood JC-500 800W juicer - best juicer overall

If you’re looking for an all-around solid juicer, this model from Brentwood—one of the highest-rated centrifugal juicers—is a sure bet. We love centrifugal machines for busy families because they get the job done more quickly than masticating ones. For even more timesaving, the JC-500 has a wide chute so you don’t need to chop up food before you drop them in, and the one-litre pitcher can be popped off the machine and straight onto the breakfast table. It can be a bit messy and noisy (sound familiar, moms?) but for the price tag, we don’t mind.

  • Sturdy? Of course, thanks to a stainless-steel frame, which also makes it particularly stain- and odour-resistant.
  • A wide opening lets you toss in larger pieces of fruit and vegetables and chops down prep time, putting you on the fast track to getting healthy nutrients ASAP.
  • The pitcher holds a litre of liquid, making it easy to serve plenty of goodness to your whole family.

The Draw

I went through a huge batch of carrots in a matter of minutes. I was blown away by the speed and the amount of solid (and very dry) material it spits out.

–4jbird, Walmart customer

The Downside

The juicer is good but the blade part with sieve should come with a brush to clean.

–Husm1909, Walmart customer

Best Juicer for Celery

Black and brushed stainless steel Hamilton Beach slow juicer - best juicer for celery

As celebrities chug celery juice and tout its antioxidant- and vitamin-packed virtues, its growing popularity has many of us going green, too. To get the most liquid out of those hardy, fibrous stalks, you’ll need a high-quality masticating juicer like this one from Hamilton Beach. Its low-speed motor works quietly as its sturdy auger crushes greens to squeeze out the max amount of liquid. The brand tested it against competitors with spinach and found it produced two times more juice (though all that muscle makes it better suited for hard produce than soft fruits). Dishwasher-safe parts plus the included brush make tidy-up a breeze.

  • Celery’s leafy stalks are packed with water but are also very fibrous. This masticating juicer has a low-speed setting to squeeze out the maximum nutritional benefits.
  • Featuring a pulp bin that collects waste inside, this compact shape maintains a polished look until you’re ready for clean-up. Bonus: Select parts can be put in the dishwasher.
  • This juicer operates surprisingly quietly, which is great for early birds who don’t want to wake the whole house up.

The Draw

This juicer is super quiet and very easy to use. I have juiced spinach, kale, ginger, beets, carrots, celery and many more. The juice looks and taste great!

–yemarti, originally posted on

The Downside

It worked a little slower than I thought it would but understandable because it’s masticating.

–Barb, originally posted on

Best Centrifugal Juicer

Black and stainless steel Oster 1000 Watt JūsSimple 5-Speed Easy Juice Extractor - best centrifugal juicer

This juicer is a powerhouse with a whopping 1,000 watts, but whereas some centrifugal models can be too rough on soft fruits, the Oster JūsSimple has five settings so you can gear it down for more delicate produce. Along with all that force comes bulk: it’s one of the biggest on the market (its 16-inch height is especially tall) so it might not be ideal for small kitchens. That said, its pulp bin is supersized too, so you won’t need to empty it out midway through a big batch, and its spacious design means no tough-to-clean nooks and crannies.

  • Churning out 1,000 watts and featuring five speed settings, this hardworking juicer uses centrifugal force to liquify wholesome ingredients.
  • From the feed chute to the pulp collector and 32-ounce pitcher, everything about this design is spacious—easy in, easy out.
  • A thoughtful spout closure on the outside reduces countertop drips, while the inside’s open design reduces trapped food particles and makes for speedy cleaning.

The Draw

This is a very powerful juicing machine, which takes seconds to extract the juice. My previous juicing machine had only 600 w power which was nothing to compare with this 1000 w machine.

–ZaraVancouver, Walmart customer

The Downside

For some reason the rubber pads on the bottom are not non-marking and every time I moved it, I would get black streaks on my white countertops that I would have to scrub off.

–Sammor, originally posted on

Best Cold Press Juicer

Black and stainless steel Omega compact cold press masticating juicer and nutrition system with sliced berries and glass of juice at its base - best cold press juicer

For more serious juicing, you’ll want a cold press (aka masticating) machine. Because of the way these models slowly crush up produce, the resulting liquid is more nutrient-packed and slower to oxidize, which means all that goodness stays fresh longer. The downer is that it’ll take more time to prep, plus cold-press juicers tend to cost more. For an investment that goes further, we love Omega’s CNC80S because it comes with two cones and five nozzles, so it can also be used to make nut milk, baby food, pasta noodles and more. With so much versatility, you’ll want to use it all the time, and thankfully the compact, low-profile design is easy to leave out on crowded countertops.

  • The adjustable end cap can be set to whatever pressure is needed for your juice recipe du jour. Wheatgrass, leafy greens and carrots do best under increased tension, while fruit-only mixes call for less.
  • The wide range of included attachments means this model can make soy/nut milk, mash baby food, mince herbs, grind coffee beans and more.
  • Weighing in on the pricier end of the juicer spectrum, the 15-year warranty deserves a shout out for providing notable peace of mind.

The Draw

Makes great juice with very dry pulp, runs quiet and easy to clean and assemble. I prefer this to blade juicers I’ve tried in the past.

–Wannabe vegetarian, Walmart customer

The Downside

Little heavy but the parts are easy to wash and assemble.

–Baby Juicer, Walmart customer

Best Inexpensive Juicer

Black and clear plastic Jack LaLanne juice extractor juicer with purple-red juice in container and lettuce and red grapes at the base of the machine - best inexpensive juicer

If you’re just starting out with juicing, you can save some money by opting for a model that’s made of plastic instead of steel. You’ll lose some durability with that choice, but the Jack LaLanne will do the trick if you’re not planning to whip up fresh batches day in, day out. (Tip: Use a lighter touch when you push produce through to take it easy on your device.) The Jack LaLanne brand has been around for decades and has fine-tuned certain thoughtful features over the years. For example, the juicer’s spout can be flipped downwards into the pitcher to minimize splashing, then back up after so it doesn’t drip on your countertop. Another detail that makes a difference? The extra-fine metal mesh basket captures even the tiniest bits—perfect for picky eaters who balk at pulp.

  • The stainless-steel blade is housed in a plastic frame, which contributes to the affordable price tag. (However, if durability is a deciding factor, you may want to invest in a metal design.)
  • The ultra-fine strainer yields perfectly pulp-free juices. (Though that also means you may have to dump it out midway through juicing super fibrous foods.)
  • Don’t know where to start? It comes with a free juicing guide to help you get going.

The Draw

Powerful, does a good job, much cheaper than other comparable products. Easy to use and clean up.

–ay61, Walmart customer

The Downside

Pretty noisy, doesn’t make a lot of juice, too much foam in the juice.

–Mawie15, Walmart customer

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