The best LEGO Batman sets are available today at Walmart Canada. Holy LEGO, Batman!

Like so many others, I grew up building LEGO sets that pushed my imagination to the limits. Each box of bricks opens up a world of new possibilities, and the LEGO Batman sets available today are no exception. This monumental LEGO and DC Comics crossover brings a ton of new toys and a huge range of characters into the LEGO universe. That gives even more possibilities to LEGO fans young and old!

With The LEGO Movie 2 (featuring LEGO Batman!) coming February 2019, and director Chris McKay revealing he’s working on a LEGO Batman Movie sequel, it’s the perfect time to stock up on brick-based Batman goodies. There are plenty of building block sets to pick from, and below are my personal favourites from the LEGO Batman series available at Walmart Canada:

Best Lego Batman Sets

  1. Two-Face Double Demolition
  2. Egghead Mech Food Fight
  3. The Batwing
  4. Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack
  5. Batcave Break-in
  6. The Ultimate Batmobile
  7. The Joker Manor


This LEGO set pits Batman vs. Two-Face. Can our Caped Crusader keep Gotham City safe? The included Two-Face Excavator stays true to its namesake: it looks like a normal digger on one side, but on the ‘bad side’ it features spiked wheels and a six-stud rapid shooter. To give Batman a fighting chance, he’s got a Batcycle with a rotating double stud shooter and a rotating flick missile shooter.

Both characters are included, too, and come with their signature accessories. Batman gets his cape, utility belt, and two Batarangs, while Two-Face gets his tommy gun. Two Gotham City Police Department minifigs are also in the box and come with protective vests, police hat, and walkie-talkie. You could use the excavator to clean up leftover bricks after you’ve finished playing, but just make sure you’re on its ‘good side’.

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LEGO-Batman-Movie-–-Egghead-Mech-Food-Fight - Out of Box

Batman has a lot of foes who keep egging him on, but Egghead takes a literal approach! In the Egghead Mech Food Fight LEGO set, the dastardly, cone-headed baddie pilots a mech with an egg-shaped, minifig cockpit, and posable arms and legs. The mech includes a fried egg disc shooter with three discs, ensuring that this fight won’t be over-easy for Batman!

If that weren’t enough, the included Condiment King minifig could just be the ‘secret sauce’ Egghead needs to defeat Batman. Condiment King, as his name implies, comes equipped with ketchup and mustard stud shooters (minus the mess!) Finally, the set comes with one chicken and three eggs the breakfast-themed battler can use to take a crack at Gotham’s greatest hero.

This is one of the more out-there LEGO Batman sets, and that’s exactly why it’s great!


Batman has a lot of ground to cover while protecting Gotham City, and sometimes the Batmobile just doesn’t cut it. Enter the Batwing: with rotating boosters, adjustable wings, and two spring-loaded shooters, this LEGO airship takes your LEGO playtime to new heights.

Both Batman and Robin come with this LEGO set, and either of them can be placed in the openable cockpit of the Batwing. The good guys better watch out, though—Harley Quinn has arrived with her spinning hammer and mobile six-shooter cannon! This 1,000-plus LEGO set brings you plenty of fun, ground-versus-air combat as the minifigs duke it out.


Harley Quinn is always a blast, so her truck-mounted cannon in this Cannonball Attack set makes a lot of sense. The infamous psychiatrist-turned-criminal is out to get Batgirl, who comes armed with her trusty Batarang. It’s far from a 1:1 battle though, as Batgirl must also contend with minifigs of both Gentleman Ghost and Crazy Quilt.

Of course, a good cannonball toy needs targets to hit, so this LEGO set comes with two mini builds—a 2-level building section, and an ATM/door combo. The six-shooter cannon from the Batwing set (mentioned above) can be connected to Harley’s truck, giving her some serious firepower to work with!


The Batcave is Batman’s base of operations, and Penguin has just barged in! Riding in on his Duckmobile, Penguin takes the battle to Batman’s home turf with two dual stud shooters, two flick missiles, and two Hench-Penguin figures. Batman is always prepared though and has an aquatic vessel of his own: the Batboat.

The Batcave features a rotating transformation chamber with three different Batsuits (i.e. swappable minifig bodies) for Batman. You also get Batman’s Bruce Wayne form and his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Now it’s up to you to decide who’s kicking who out!


The Batmobile is a versatile vehicle capable of many transformations, and its LEGO equivalent is no different! This LEGO model can convert into four separate vehicles: the Batmobile, the Batwing, the Bat-Tank, and the Batcycle.

The set also features Polka-Dot Man’s flying disc, a rotating Bat-Signal, and eight minifigs with assorted weapons and accessories. The role-playing options are bountiful with so many minifigs that can ride in all four forms of the Batmobile!

LEGO-Batman-Movie-–-The-Joker-Manor Out of Box

Clocking in at over 3,000 LEGO pieces, the Joker Manor set is the biggest LEGO Batman collection on the block. This massive ensemble includes three towers, a rollercoaster track, plenty of interactive elements, and ten different LEGO minifigs. Suffice it to say, this manor is crawling with guests—though not all of them are welcome!

You’ll find the manor itself is chock-full of amazing details, like a microwave with a lobster inside it, and a buildable grand piano. The rollercoaster track outside of the manor supports three different cars, each of which can seat one minifig. With so many goodies inside and out, the Joker Manor is the place to be!



LEGO DC Super-Villains [ESRB Rating: E10+]

Extend your LEGO Batman fun with the new LEGO DC Super-Villains video game, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In the game, the Justice League has gone missing, and a villainous group of Justice League from a parallel Earth takes their place. During the zany adventure, you’ll visit iconic DC universe locations like Superman’s Metropolis and Batman’s Gotham City.

For LEGO Batman fans, you get Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill who reprise their roles as the Batman and the Joker, respectively. You also create your own supervillain, including their costume, powers, and personality!

As you can see, there are so many different LEGO Batman sets to choose from! I suggest taking a look at the Toy Academy to find one that fits your budget and age range. There’s certainly no shortage of LEGO sets to pick from, but luckily there’s no wrong option here: LEGO Batman is fun in sets of all sizes.

Good luck picking out the LEGO Batman set that’s perfect for you!

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