Best LEGO Friends Sets

The best LEGO Friends sets are waiting to be built! Come explore this popular LEGO series featuring confident girls from Heartlake City that love having fun.

The world of LEGO is always exciting, and expanding! In 2012, the famous brick building company introduced LEGO Friends, a new, themed series featuring colourful minifigures that live in the fictional town of Heartlake City. This female-focused line is all about five best friends—Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie—who love getting together for nice conversations and fun times!

There are quite a few LEGO Friends building sets to explore, and to help give you the tour I’ve prepared a list of my eight favourites! All of these LEGO sets and many more can be found inside Walmart Canada’s Toy Academy. Let’s take a look!

Best LEGO Friends Sets:

  1. LEGO Friends – Heartlake Surf Shop
  2. LEGO Friends – Mia’s Tree House
  3. LEGO Friends – Snow Resort Ski Lift
  4. LEGO Friends – Mia’s Camper Van
  5. LEGO Friends – Sunshine Catamaran
  6. LEGO Friends – Heartlake City Airplane Tour
  7. LEGO Friends – Drifting Diner
  8. LEGO Friends – Emma’s Art Café

LEGO Friends - Heartlake Surf Shop

What better place to begin our tour than at the beautiful vista known as Heartlake? There you’ll find this bustling surf shop where Mia loves to grab her favourite water gear, like the included kayak, surfboards, waterproof camera, sunglasses, water bottles, and more. In all, the surf shop contains 186 LEGO bricks—a modest number that can be great for young kids.

Just make sure you don’t forget to put on Mia’s life jacket before she hits the water!

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LEGO Friends - Mia's Tree House

Mia sure is the adventurous type! She’s back again in this LEGO Friends Tree House set comprised of 351 pieces. If you don’t have space in your backyard for a lavish treehouse—no need to worry—this set has you covered. Mia’s treehouse features a colourful home perched atop a tree truck and accessible via the ladder or scramble net. To add livelihood to the treehouse, Mia can invite over her friend Daniel, plus cute animal friends like Mimi the bunny and Cinnamon the bird.

Make sure you try out the zip line once Mia and friends reach the top!

LEGO Friends - Snow Resort Ski Lift

The LEGO Friends Snow Resort Ski Lift will let your child create their own LEGO winter wonderland. Mia and Olivia mini-doll figures are included, and both are decked out in their favourite skiing outfits. Using the ski lift’s winch function you can zip Mia and Olivia up to the top of the slope—just like a real chairlift!

Totalling 585 pieces, this is one of the “coolest” builds in the entire LEGO Friends series.

LEGO Friends - Mia's Camper Van

After coming back from the ski resort your child may want a change of scenery, so how about this elaborate camping van? This van is loaded with features such as a kitchen with a refrigerator, a dining area, a bathroom with toilet and basin, and an upstairs sleeping area with an opening roof. Outside in the campground, you get lots of accessories too, like a folding canopy, a picnic bench, a tent with two beds, a tree, and a horse with a feeding station.

Phew! That’s quite a lot to explore, both inside the camper van and outside!

LEGO Friends - Sunshine Catamaran

How about a nice luxury cruise after all that hard building! Relaxing days are ahead once your child gets their hands on the LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran.

The elaborate 603-piece set features a three-level catamaran, a personal water scooter, and a banana boat. With all that space you’ll need minifigs to fill it with, which is why this set comes with Olivia, Stephanie, and Liam. You also get Sheen and Sapphire, two playful dolphins that are along for the ride. Playtime can continue long after your little one has assembled this majestic sea vessel!

LEGO Friends - Heartlake City Airplane Tour

Now that you’ve built your catamaran, treehouse, and surf shop, it’s time to view them all from high above while on the Heartlake City Airplane Tour.

This LEGO Friends set features a vintage airplane with turning the propeller, a small airport building with an air traffic control tower, a refuelling station, and a snack table with stools. Soar the skies as Olivia, Zobo the robot, and Rumble the hamster—deciding who will be the tour guide and who will be the guests is up to you!

This Walmart Canada exclusive is so exciting you could be doing barrel rolls before you know it.

LEGO Friends - Drifting Diner

There’s something special about sitting down and ordering food in a retro diner. With a look and feel sure to transport you back in time, this LEGO Friends Drifting Diner set captures the magic of a ‘60s burger joint. If grabbing some friends to have a soda with Andrea and Dottie isn’t enough, then how about hopping into the go-karts for a few laps around town!

Ready, set, go!

LEGO Friends - Emma's Art Café

It’s fitting that our journey with this list wraps up at Emma’s Art Café. Style meets sophistication with this 378-piece set featuring artwork your child can build and admire.

This fully furnished café includes a hinged art area, panini machine, coffee machine, cash register, seating area, and a relaxing bench outside. It’s a good thing you can fill up on refreshments too because there’s still plenty of building to do with your ever-growing LEGO Friends collection. Bon appetit!