Two kids play with Lego. Fully built Lego sets float in the background.
Two kids play with Lego. Fully built Lego sets float in the background.
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Best Lego Sets

Today’s Lego kits provide so much more than a few entertaining playtime moments. The best Lego sets also have a range of benefits, from sparking creativity to improving problem-solving skills. Plus, they’re a fun and easy way to draw kids away from the enticing glow of laptop and tablet screens.

Whether your child favours elaborate builds or pick-up-and-play kits with familiar characters, we’ve rounded up the best Lego sets in 2020 organized by age. You’ll find top picks for Frozen II lovers and The Mandalorian fanatics alike—to name just a few!

For jungle adventurers

Lego Duplo Tropical Island

With six colourful animal toys and three Lego figurines, this jungle-themed set will let your little one stretch their imagination as they create exotic tropical scenes. Plus, a variety of block sizes and shapes make it one of the best Lego sets to help little fingers develop fine motor skills.

Number of pieces: 73
Suitable for ages: 2 and up

For miniature conductors

Lego Duplo Disney Pixar Toy Story Train

Woody and Buzz take on the evil Dr. Porkchop in this Lego set that encourages teamwork and roleplay. Like all Lego Duplo kits, this one is simple to build and specially designed for small hands. Your young Toy Story fan will have a blast assembling the steam train and helping Woody and Buzz protect the bank vault.

Number of pieces: 21
Suitable for ages: 2 and up

For intrepid explorers

Lego Disney Frozen II Anna’s Canoe Expedition

If your little prince or princess loves watching Anna and Olaf’s adventures in Frozen II, they’ll definitely enjoy this frosty-fun Lego building kit. Designed to be simple enough for younger kids to construct on their own, this set is great for helping to build confidence and independence—just like our iron-willed heroine, Anna.

Number of pieces: 108
Suitable for ages: 4 and up

For budding astronauts

Lego City Mars Research Shuttle

With its space research shuttle, helidrone and NASA-inspired rover, the Lego City Mars Research Shuttle should be on every would-be astronaut’s wish list. It’s the perfect gift for young space enthusiasts and a great way for them to hone their building skills. (We’ve also rounded up the very best Lego City sets on the market!)

Number of pieces: 273
Suitable for ages: 5 and up

For deep-sea wanderers

Lego City Ocean Exploration Submarine

Kids will want to dive right in once they see this exciting undersea Lego kit. It includes deep-ocean essentials like a toy submarine, underwater drone and a seabed-cave setting with colourful coral. It also has four Lego City models geared up for undersea adventuring.

Number of pieces: 286
Suitable for ages: 5 and up

For shadow puppeteers

Lego Classic Bricks and Lights

Double down on the fun with this Lego Classic Bricks and Lights set. Kids can start by building the 12 mini-models—like the castle, shark, dinosaur and bat. Then, your kiddo can turn on the Light Bricks to cast shadows and watch the models come to life as shadow puppets. Batteries are included.

Number of pieces: 441
Suitable for ages: 5 and up

For creative campers

Lego Friends Nature Glamping

Popular among kids over six, each set from the Lego Friends line featuring a vibrant lifestyle scene and tiny companions. This nature-themed kit made Walmart’s top toys list for 2020 and stands out with its decorative tent, campfire and hot tub. It promotes hours of pretend play where kids can bring to life their favourite characters from the Lego Friends cartoon.

Number of pieces: 241
Suitable for ages: 6 and up

For up-and-coming archeologists

Lego Jurassic World Dr. Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout

Your child’s imagination can roam free with Lego Jurassic World—especially with this new kit. It features Owen Grady and Dr. Wu, plus baby Ankylosaurus and Triceratops figures, and kids can care for unhatched eggs while preventing dinosaur escapes. Who knows what new dino breeds your kiddo will dream up with the brick-built egg incubator, microscope, adjustable robot arm and laptop.

Number of pieces: 164
Suitable for ages: 6 and up

For super kiddos

Lego Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course

If your child likes Super Mario, they’re sure to enjoy this interactive Lego kit from Walmart’s 2020 Top Toys list that brings the video games to life. The Mario figure even has LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly that can display his reactions, plus a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the Super Mario series. Download the free Lego Super Mario app for building instructions!

Number of pieces: 231
Suitable for ages: 6 and up

For transport buffs

Lego Creator 3-in-1 Shuttle Transporter

Got a kid who builds so fast that they run out of Lego kits? Lego Creator three-in-ones are the perfect solution and easier on your wallet than buying multiple building sets. This kit packs three distinct build-and-play experiences. Your kiddo can start with the shuttle transporter and then rebuild the Lego bricks to create a helicopter transporter or a car with caravan.

Number of pieces: 341
Suitable for ages: 7 and up

For treasure seekers

Lego Creator 3-in-1 Treehouse Treasures

A pirate’s life is never dull and neither is this three-in-one Treehouse Treasures Lego kit. The three-level pirate ship treehouse can also be rebuilt into a ship or a skull cave for endless nautical adventures. This set costs slightly more than the Lego Creator 3-in-1 Shuttle Transporter kit on the previous slide, but makes up for it with two mini figure pirates, plus spider and teddy bear figures.

Number of pieces: 260
Suitable for ages: 7 and up

For dino-loving preteens

Lego Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

With its posable joints and head, large claws and pointed teeth, this Lego T. rex replica will surely dominate playtime. A tiny buildable ribcage—the prey of the ferocious dino—is also included. For even more fun, kids can rebuild this three-in-one model into a Triceratops or Pterodactyl.

Number of pieces: 174
Suitable for ages: 7 and up

For virtual gamers

Lego Minecraft The Taiga Adventure

Based on (and made in collaboration with) the popular computer game Minecraft, this Lego set brings characters like Steve, Skeleton, Wolf and Fox into the real world. With simple step-by-step instructions, it’s a quick build but the roleplay opportunities are endless.

Number of pieces: 74
Suitable for ages: 7 and up

For animal lovers

Lego Friends Panda Jungle Tree House

This adorable set features Lego Friends Mia and Olivia and three baby Pandas that need nursing back to health. Youngsters can care for the pandas and their delicate habitat, while also having a wild time on the treehouse playground. Another pick from Walmart’s 2020 Top Toys list, it’s sure to be an out-of-the park hit! (We’re partial to these other Lego Friends sets, too.)

Number of pieces: 265
Suitable for ages: 7 and up

For Marvel mavens

Lego Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hulkbuster versus A.I.M. Agent

Encourage a rambunctious kid to channel their energy into a friendly battle in this Lego Marvel Super Heroes kit. This set from Walmart’s 2020 Top Toys list includes a buildable Iron Man Hulkbuster, plus four mini figures: Iron Man, Rescue and two A.I.M. Agent soldiers. Consider it a thrilling—and safe—way for young superheroes to take part in their favourite battle scenes from the Marvel movies.

Number of pieces: 456
Suitable for ages: 8 and up

For heroic web-slingers

Lego Marvel Avengers Venom Crawler

Few superhero adversaries are as terrifying as Venom and his monstrous Venom Crawler—and this kit makes both come to life. So long as everyone can handle spiders, the building set is fun for role-playing with friends. Together, young superheroes can help Spider-Man (and his Spider Buggy) defeat Carnage and archenemy Venom.

Number of pieces: 413
Suitable for ages: 8 and up

For spell masters

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Brave Muggles can test their building skills with this four-level miniature version of Hogwarts. Containing a whopping 878 pieces (the most on our list) and 10 Lego Harry Potter minifigures, this set is sure to score an Outstanding among young wizards. Wingardium Leviosa! (Find more magical Harry Potter Lego sets in our roundup of faves.)

Number of pieces: 878
Suitable for ages: 9 and up

For Jedi padawans

Lego Star Wars Death Star Final Duel

You really can’t go wrong with a classic kit from Lego Star Wars. This one allows kids to re-enact the epic Lightsaber battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. It’s one of the larger building sets on our list, but the easy-to-follow instructions mean it’s still accessible fun for those with Lego construction experience under their belt.

Number of pieces: 775
Suitable for ages: 9 and up

For intergalactic heroes

Lego BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian & The Child

Got a young Star Wars fanatic in the house and looking for a budget-friendly toy? Check out Lego Brickheadz The Mandalorian & The Child. Your kid can construct 3-D versions of the iconic characters and will appreciate authentic details such as The Mandalorian’s signature blaster weapons and Baby Yoda’s adjustable ears. (Here are a few more of the best Lego Star Wars sets!)

Number of pieces: 295
Suitable for ages: 10 and up

Lego Architecture New York City building set with New York City skyline

For experienced creators

Lego Architecture New York City

We’re not sure who will enjoy this Lego Architecture set more: adults or kids. Either way, the NYC skyline build is sure to impress and perhaps even spark a desire to visit the real city one day. It’s perfect for anyone 12 and older with an interest in design, architecture and history.

Number of pieces: 598
Suitable for ages: 12 and up

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