Where would we be without microwaves? From heating and defrosting to air frying to memorable movie nights with instant buttery popcorn, they’re a true kitchen staple. These days, microwaves do more than ever. Whether you’re looking for a unit with tons of features or a sleek appliance that will get the job done, here are our best microwave picks to suit any family’s needs and budget.

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Best Microwave Overall

LG 1.5 cu.ft Counter Top Microwave Oven with Neochef Smart Inverter

Size: 1.5 cu. ft.| Wattage:  1200 watts  | Warranty: 1 year parts and labour, 10 years limited on magnetron | Features: Anti-bacterial interior, glass touch keypad, sensor cook and reheat, LED lamp, inverter technology

Life gets busy, and sometimes you just need to feed the family, fast. With its large capacity and hexagonal-shaped, six-wheel turnable and inverter technology, this microwave evenly heats even heavy and tall items, so you can heat dinner for the whole family in no time. And with an interior anti-bacterial coating, cleaning it is a downright dream.

Pros Cons
The sensor cooking feature means you can set it and walk away. The glass touch and keypad control panel can be hard to get used to.
The six-wheel turntable supports tall and heavy items. There’s no option to disable the music that plays when food is done.
Smart inverter technology ensures even cooking throughout each dish—no matter how big.

The Draw

It cooks, defrosts and reheats exactly like the booklet that came with it says it will. It is very, very easy to keep clean I do not think you will be disappointed if you purchase this item, in fact I think you will be very happy.

–Raine19, originally posted on lg.com

The Downside

Getting used to the user interface is the only hurdle one has with this unit. Once you get your bearings, it’s second nature and punching numbers on a keypad is a thing of the past.

–ThePhatMan, originally posted on lg.com

Best Value Microwave

Panasonic NNSU65LB 1.3 cu.ft. Genius® Microwave Oven

Size: 1.3 cu. ft. | Wattage:  1100 watts  | Warranty: 1 year parts and labour| Features: Sensor cooking, auto cook and defrost, LED control panel

If you’re looking for a mid-sized countertop microwave with tons of standard features that won’t break the bank, this unit offers bang for your buck. The Genius Sensor adjusts heating levels for different foods, the slim design is easy to clean and busy families will love the one-touch defrost.

Pros Cons
The big interior fits larger cookware like casserole dishes and small serving platters. Doesn’t feature inverter technology.
An easy-clean interior and removable glass tray are simple to wipe down after use. Some reviewers say it can be a bit noisy.
One-touch meal options take the guesswork out of heating food.

The Draw

Great product.

–Stephanie R, Walmart customer

The Downside

It warms things up and makes popcorn…it is a bit noisy, but the price was right and it was in stock.

–Connie V, Walmart customer

Best Budget Microwave

RCA 0.7 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven

Size: 0.7 cu. ft. | Wattage:  700 watts  | Warranty: none | Features: Auto-defrost, 10 power levels, 6 one-touch cooking menus, kitchen timer

This sleek unit is great for heating up snacks and making coffee or tea, but it can also handle basic plates and smaller mains. It’s the perfect size and price for dorm rooms, cottages and the office, and it covers all the basics in the main kitchen, too.

Pros Cons
Comes in a sleek white or black finish to suit different décors. The unit’s smaller size means this isn’t ideal for larger plates.
Features an easy-to-use keypad, digital clock, and timer. At 700 watts, some items may take longer to heat up.
Express cook buttons make reheating food a breeze.

The Draw

I recently purchased this little gem and couldn’t be happier. For my needs (popcorn, reheating, melting, defrosting), it’s just perfect. Nice size, attractive looking and the price was excellent.

–Zambi, Walmart customer

The Downside

The only problem I’ve encountered is the feet slide very easily on smooth [surfaces] (like formica or polished stone.) No other problems.

–Tim, originally posted on Walmart.com

Best Microwave with Convection Oven

Galanz 0.9 cu ft Air Fry Microwave

Size: 0.9 cu. ft.| Wattage:  900 watts  | Warranty: 1 year | Features: Air fryer and convection oven, auto cook and reheat, touch button control panel, LED display

Sure you want hot food, but what about crispy French fries, perfectly browned chicken, or airy pie crusts? This unit is designed for families who want more from their microwaves. The built-in air fryer offers a healthier alternative to regular fried fare; the same convection technology circulates air evenly without creating hot spots in your food.

Pros Cons
Doesn’t take up a ton of counter space. It’s on the small side, so larger families may have to cook in batches.
With air-fryer, convection and microwave covered, this unit eliminates the need for multiple kitchen appliances. There are so many functions, it can take a while to learn them all.
A great unit for trailers, cottages or vacation homes.

The Draw

This microwave air fryer is great! It’s easy to use, big enough to fit my plates, and it’s easy to clean! I love that I can also bake with this and not have to heat up my whole apartment warming up the oven!

–Lowrider, originally posted at Walmart.com

The Downside

There is definitely a little trial and error with finding the perfect cooking times until you get used to using it (only when using the air fryer).

–littlepinkheart09, originally posted at Walmart.com

Best Microwave for Small Spaces

Danby 0.9 cu.ft Microwave with Stainless Steel front

Size: 0.9 cu. ft. | Wattage:  900 watts  | Warranty: 1 year parts and labour coverage with carry-in service| Features: Auto cook buttons, express cook buttons, auto defrost, child lock

If you’re looking for a machine to pop popcorn, reheat coffee, and defrost the odd packet of chicken when you’re not sure what else to pull out for dinner, this is it. The compact unit does the trick without taking up too much space, because sometimes basic is best. (Plus you need room for that toaster oven!)

Pros Cons
Comes with an easy-to-clean glass turntable. Can only heat one dinner plate at a time.
Six auto-cook options take the guesswork out of things like pizza, potatoes and popcorn. Doesn’t have as many extras and features as some other models.
Great for dorm rooms, offices and cottages.

The Draw

It heats so thoroughly and looks nice.

–Mumsy K, Walmart customer

The Downside

Good for its price but a little bit noisy when on.

–Shalini29, Walmart customer

Best Microwave for Large Families

 Panasonic NNSC73LS 1.6 cu.ft. Genius Microwave Oven

When you’ve got a large family to feed, a giant to-do list, and a million things to remember, this microwave saves the day. Stuck with frozen chuck or chicken? Enter the one-touch defrost. Need to heat leftovers, casseroles, baked potatoes or hamburgers quickly and evenly?  Sensor cooking is here to help. Once dinner is done, this unit’s wipeable stainless steel and smoked-glass finish means cleanup is easy, too.

Pros Cons
LED lighting reduces overall power consumption. This mega microwave will take up a lot of counter space.
Comes with sensor cooking features. This is a great microwave, but it’s not the least expensive countertop model on the market.
12 auto-cook menus take the guesswork out of microwaving.

The Draw

This microwave has excellent features, similar to what we had before which lasted us 14 years.

–m2sy, Walmart customer

The Downside

It works perfectly I just wish there was a way to shut off all of the beeping.

–Rob877, Walmart customer

Best Over-the-Range Microwave

Panasonic NNST27HB Genius Prestige plus Over-The-Range Microwave

Size: 2.0 cu. ft. | Wattage:  1100 watts  | Warranty: 2 years in-home service| Features: Inverter technology, LED lighting, glass touch-control panel, sensor cooking, exhaust fan

This sleek but powerful Panasonic microwave takes the guesswork out of cooking with the Genius Sensor Cooking function and 14 pre-programmed push buttons. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel accents and Turbo defrost also make it a great option for busy families, while the blue LED lighting system uses less energy than other models.

Pros Cons
Comes with mounting bracket system and standard charcoal filter. You may need professional help in order to install properly.
Inverter technology cooks food evenly with no cold or hot spots. Specific capacity required (minimum kitchen cabinet depth of 30.5 cm and no more than 31.75 cm) in order to correctly install.
A three-speed exhaust fan wafts away unwanted odours.

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Features to consider when buying a microwave:

  • Type: There are three types of units to choose from—custom, countertop, and over-the-range microwaves. Countertop microwaves are the most popular and easiest to find—depending on your kitchen setup, some can be mounted.
  • Size: Microwaves range from 0.5 cubic feet (compact size) to 2.2 cu.ft. (full size). Measure your space (height, width, length) before purchasing to ensure your unit will fit.
  • Wattage: Units typically range from 600 to 1400 watts, a.k.a. units of power. Note that lower wattages tend to take longer to heat large plates.
  • Finish: Microwaves come with a stainless steel or ceramic enamel finish, both of which are easy to clean and fit well with a wide range of kitchen designs.
  • Features: Child locks, turntables, voice commands, steam sensor cooks, shortcut keys, convection air and inverter technology (which enables a more even cook) are just some of the many available features on microwaves these days.
  • Cleaning: If keeping a clean microwave is important to you, consider a model with antibacterial coating that allows you to easily wipe away messes with little or no soap.

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