Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Find the best pair of noise-cancelling headphones for you: balancing style, value, and functionality.
It’s a big world out there, and most things in it are constantly making noise. This unwanted sound is very distracting when all you want to do is listen to your best Spotify playlist or play your favourite video game. Grab yourself a good set of noise cancelling headphones and enjoy the sweet relief from pesky background buzz.

Best noise-cancelling headphones:

  1. Budget noise-cancelling headphones
  2. Mid-range noise-cancelling headphones
  3. Premium noise-cancelling headphones
1Budget noise-cancelling headphones

Bangde-Noise-Cancelling-Wireless-Bluetooth-HeadphoneBangde Noise-cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

This wireless Bluetooth headphone from Bangde features a minimalist, around-the-neck band design, ideal if you prefer avoiding the bulk of larger headsets. The compact and ergonomic ear heads fit tightly in your ears, allowing you to work out, commute to work, or do yoga without worrying about them falling out.

Conveniently, the headphone can pair with smartphones via Bluetooth to receive incoming calls. Using CVC Noise-cancelling Technology, the microphone minimizes background noise, like wind, so your voice travels more clearly. As well, the sweat-proof design resists moisture for better durability. Another big plus is the headphone’s long battery life: it lasts 4-6 hours on a single charge. Its low price also makes this a great option if cost factors heavily into your decision.


Kensington-Noise-Cancelling-HeadphonesKensington Noise-cancelling Headphones

If you prefer wired headphones, then look to the Kensington Noise-cancelling Headphones for an affordable over-the-ear option. With 5 feet of cable length and foam cushions, this headset is comfortable to wear for long stretches, such as gym sessions or morning commutes.

What makes the Kensington Noise-cancelling Headphones really stand out though is their active noise-cancellation feature. Using a built-in microprocessor, the headphones analyze background noises and digitally filters them out. You can also fold up the headphones and stow them in the included carrying case, protecting your investment and making travel time easier.

2Mid-range noise-cancelling headphones

Sony-Noise-Cancelling-Over-Ear-HeadphonesSony Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

Sony has been in the audio game a long time, and their expertise comes through loud and clear with their latest noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones intelligently block up to 95% of the ambient noise around you, giving you a rich, clear audio experience.

The headphones only use a single AAA battery, which provides up to 80 hours of continuous, noise-free audio playback. For maximum comfort, the ear cushions are designed to relieve pressure, making them a great option for those who wear glasses. Additionally, the 1.2-metre cord means you’ll have ample length to connect to your devices.


Plantronics-RIG-400HS-Wired-Stereo-Gaming-Headset-for-Sony-PlayStation-4Plantronics RIG 400HS Wired Stereo Gaming Headset for Sony PlayStation 4

Gamers take note: the Plantronics RIG 400HS features a noise-cancelling microphone, allowing you to communicate with your squad without pesky background noises interfering. For online multiplayer games, this can mean the difference between winning or losing.

This headset works double duty, as the foam ear cups block background noise from interfering with the in-game audio. The ear cups are comfortable, too, striking a nice balance between noise-cancellation and comfort. For gamers who play online, the RIG 400HS is a hard option to pass by.


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3Premium noise-cancelling headphones

Plantronic-Backbeat-105-Noise-Cancelling-BT-EarphonesPlantronics Backbeat 105 Noise-cancelling BT Earphones

The Plantronics Backbeat 105 Noise-cancelling Earphones offer up to eight hours of battery life per charge and a sleek, minimal design. This makes the earphones perfect for long commutes or settling in to watch a movie.

These Bluetooth earphones go into power saving mode when out of range of the connected device, saving battery power in the process. The earbuds themselves are magnetic, which helps prevent wire tangles.

On top of all that, the neckband emits subtle vibrations to alert you of incoming calls. With one-touch controls, you can easily switch between music and phone calls at a moment’s notice.


Pioneer-Rayz-Lightning-Powered-Smart-Noise-Cancelling-EarphonesPioneer Rayz Lightning Powered Smart Noise-cancelling Earphones

The Pioneer Rayz Lightning Powered Smart Noise-cancelling Earphones are a great option for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users since they use the Apple Lightning port as a power source. If your device has power, so do these earphones!

This premium package comes with nine different ear tip options, ensuring that the earphones fit securely no matter the size of your ears. These active noise-cancelling earphones also come in both black and white to match different looks.

The Pioneer Rayz truly stands out from the crowd with its HearThru Mode, which tones down its automatic noise-cancelling to let in some outside noise. This is great for situations where you need to be aware of your surroundings. All considered, the Rayz are one of Pioneer’s most versatile noise cancelling offerings.

How do noise-cancelling headphones work?

These headphones use a soundproof material to eliminate most exterior noises, letting you enjoy clear audio without raising the volume. Advanced noise-cancelling headphones can even detect background noise—like an air conditioner or fan—and digitally block out those sound waves.

Noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds?

Your first step to finding the right noise-cancelling headphones is to decide whether you prefer headphones or earbuds. By definition, headphones rest on your ears, or over your ears with a big frame that creates a noise-cancelling seal. Earbuds are much smaller and easier to carry, comfortably resting in your ear without creating a seal over your entire ear. There’s a wide selection available for both styles, so I’ve compiled a list of recommendations ranging from budget buys to premium noise-cancelling experiences.

Interested in learning more? Let’s run down the best noise-cancelling headphones of 2018 available now at Walmart Canada.

How to find the perfect noise-cancelling headphones for you?

Walmart Canada has a wide range of both noise-cancelling headphones and noise-cancelling earbuds. The best option for you depends on budget, and what features you want: Do you want eartip size options? Would you like to let in some outside noise on occasion? Do you need a microphone for answering calls? Whichever way you answered, this list has some great options to choose from.

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