23 Best Paw Patrol Toys Your Kid Will Love

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If there’s a bigger draw for little ones than Paw Patrol, we don’t know what it is. There’s just something about these pups and the good they do in Adventure Bay and beyond. But not all Paw Patrol toys are created equal: For moms and dads, toys need to be good quality, easy on the wallet and high on the “does this keep my child entertained?” scale. For kids, they need to properly pay homage to their favourite Patrol member and fit easily into the toy rotation. We’ve rounded up 23 toy picks, from play sets to stuffies, that are sure to fit the bill. Guess that means Chase isn’t the only one on the case!

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1. Paw Patrol: The Movie Toys
$ 27.47

Paw Patrol Chase Hero Paws Plush Toy

With this toy, your kiddo won’t just play with Chase, they’ll know what it feels like to be Chase. When they slide these cool paws on, they’ll hear sound effects and phrases from the Paw Patrol movie. Plus, the more they move their hands, the more effects they’ll unlock.

$ 22.97

Vtech Paw Patrol Learning Phone

A direct line to their Paw Patrol heroes? Yes, please! Okay, not quite, but this adorable phone is the ultimate in make-believe. This learning toy features four games and six activities that reinforce number and letter skills, five character buttons that relay messages from Chase, Marshall and Skye and so much more.

$ 21.97

Vtech Paw Patrol Marshall Learning Watch

Let’s be real—this toy should be called “Ryder on My Wrist.” This adorable red watch features Marshall’s face and Ryder’s voice as kids are guided through games that teach basic math, matching, memory, hand-eye coordination and more. It’s also a stopwatch and an alarm clock, in addition to telling time.

$ 24.98

PAW Patrol, Marshall’s Deluxe Movie Transforming Fire Truck Toy Car

If Marshall is the dog du jour in your household, you need this play set. This customizable fire truck features authentic movie details and graphics, as well as a pop-up water cannon launcher. Bonus: A Marshall figure is included.

2. Paw Patrol Figures
$ 19.77

Paw Patrol Pups Gift Pack

The gang’s all here! This gift pack features all six of the original pups (sorry, Everest and Tracker fans) for hours of imaginative play. Each figurine is highly detailed, from their uniforms to the intricate patterns of their fur—perfect for acting out scenes from the TV show and the movie.

$ 34.87

Paw Patrol True Metal Movie Gift Pack

Paw Patrol fans, start your engines! With these die-cast toy cars, your kids will be staging races all over the house. These tiny replicas look exactly like the sleek vehicles our canine heroes drove in their namesake movie, with tons of detail and real working wheels for fast and furious fun.

$ 15

Paw Patrol Interactive Skye 6-Inch Pup Action Figure

This toy is like having Skye as a pet. She responds to touch, plays sounds and phrases. She also blinks and moves her head and mouth. Team up with this realistic figurine to save Ryder and embark on other interactive rescue missions.

$ 53.82

Paw Patrol Rocky Recycle Truck

For Rocky fans, this recycling truck is the dream. It features real working wheels, a forklift that moves up and down (yes, seriously!) and a back hatch that actually opens. Kids can flex their environmentalist muscles while playing out rescue missions.

3. Paw Patrol Toy Sets
$ 29.97

Paw Patrol Micro Movers City Tower Play Set and Display Case

If you have a little Paw Patrol fan who can’t get enough of the movie, they’ll love this replica of City Tower from the big screen. It comes with figurines of Chase, Marshall and Delores, all featuring rollerballs that make it super easy to take the trio on adventures—like trying out the built-in rescue ramp!

$ 19.98

Paw Patrol Wooden Croquet Set

We challenge you to find a more adorable croquet game—look at those wickets featuring the OG pups! This set also includes six wicket bases, two mallets and two balls for tonnes of Paw Patrol-themed fun. Pick up this cute game now and bust it out as soon as the weather warms up in the spring.

$ 29.97

Paw Patrol Bowling Set

A strike will be that much sweeter when the bowling pins feature the Paw Patrol crew. This set includes six durable plastic pins and a plastic bowling ball, for use both indoors and outdoors. That means your little bowler can move their at-home alley wherever they want.

$ 59.97

Paw Patrol True Metal City Rescue Track Set

This race track is perfect for staging rescue missions. Marshall can charge around the course, burst through the obedience school wall, put out fireworks at City Hall and capture Mayor Humdinger (who even makes an appearance in his undies!). The best part is the vehicle launcher for extra dramatic potential!

4. Paw Patroller Toys
$ 9.97

Paw Patrol Action Pack Chase Collectible Figure

At just two inches tall, this is the perfect toy to throw in a knapsack or purse for long car rides, unexpected wait times and more. This cute little Chase features sounds and phrases from the show, as well as a working tool on his backpack.

$ 24.92

Vtech Paw Patrol Megaphone Mission Voice Changer

Your little one can feel like they’re in the thick of the action with this megaphone. It amplifies speaking and singing, features five voice-changing effects and has a built-in catalogue of familiar songs. In Missions mode, kids can work with Marshall to plan rescue missions; in Occupations mode, kids can learn about Skye, Marshall and Rubble.

$ 39.97

Vtech Paw Patrol Learning Tablet

Who better to teach letters, spelling, math, patterns and more than the Paw Patrollers? This little folding tablet features six learning activities, plays animations of the characters, guides play time with the voices of Chase and Skye and can be used as an alarm clock.

$ 29.14

Vtech Paw Patrol Save the Day Driver

Kids get to be in the driver’s seat with this toy that simulates Ryder’s ATV; it also turns into a snowmobile, a hovercraft and can complete missions like saving Mr. Porter’s van. Press the character buttons to hear Ryder introduce the pups, use the lifelike turn signals, check the rearview, honk the horn and more.

5. Paw Patrol Transforming Toys
$ 22.97

Paw Patrol Rescue Knights Rubble Transforming Toy Car

Rubble needs a deluxe, transforming vehicle just like his fellow patrol mates. Wearing his Rescue Knights armour this time, Rubble can easily save the day in Barkingburg. This vehicle features an articulated rescue tool for digging out of tough scenarios in medieval times.

$ 34.97

Paw Patrol Marshall Rise and Rescue Transforming Car

It might look like a regular fire truck, but when there’s an emergency, this vehicle literally springs into action. Kids can push down on the truck to reveal projectile launchers and a rescue drone, while also giving Marshall the perfect vantage point to handle any situation.

$ 79.97

Paw Patrol Transforming Paw Patroller

If you’re looking for an epic toy to make your kiddo’s whole year, this is the one. This rescue vehicle comes with Ryder and his ATV, but it’s the features of the patroller that really deliver: transforming doors, vehicle launchers, realistic sounds, room for additional Paw Patrol rescue vehicles and more.

$ 47.98

Paw Patrol 2-in-1 Transforming City Cruiser

Is it a cruiser or a motorcycle? It’s both! This two-in-one toy features details from the movie, a projectile launcher, flashing lights and realistic sounds. With the included Chase action figure behind the wheel, no job is too big (and we already know no pup is too small).

6. Paw Patrol Plush Toys
$ 54.97

Vtech Paw Patrol Marshall’s Read to Me Adventure

Let Marshall take care of story time. This adorable stuffy introduces the Paw Patrol, talks about Marshall’s firefighting and paramedic skills and tools, plus reads four included books to your child. Press the music button and he can even lull your little one to sleep.

$ 59.97

Paw Patrol Chase Jumbo Stuffed Plush Toy

Just try to resist snapping pictures of your resident Paw Patrol fan snuggled up with this 29-inch Chase stuffy. This pup is made of premium material, is wearing his shiny new uniform from the Paw Patrol movie and has the sweetest face. Cuddled with your kid’s adorable face? Cuteness overload.

$ 59.97

Paw Patrol Delores Jumbo Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Made from luxe material, this 29-inch Delores stuffy is perfect for playtime, naptime and bedtime. She is highly detailed in her look from the Paw Patrol movie and is super soft and cuddly, which is sure to make her a household favourite in no time.

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