15 Cool Pool Toys and Games for Kids

15 Cool Pool Toys and Games for Kids

There’s nothing more quintessentially summer than a day at the pool, with sunshine and snacks. But the reality is, your kids will only play so much Marco Polo or splash tag before declaring, “I’m bored.” Do yourself a favour and stock up on some of these best pool toys for kids before you get to the pool deck. With the children entertained, you’ll buy yourself a few extra minutes of peace (though you might just want to join in on the fun yourself!).

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1. Floating pool chairs and boats
$ 77.65

Blue Wave Cloud Rider Rainbow Unicorn Inflatable Ride-On Pool Float

This epic floatie is nearly six feet by three feet—big enough for two kids (60 pounds total) to drift around the pool. The wide, cloud design prevents tipping, there are handles for extra stability and the fade-resistant welded PVC material is thick and durable to withstand any horsing around.

$ 87.42

Blue Wave Rescue Squad Inflatable Boat with Squirter

If you have a kid who aspires to fight fires (probably thanks to Paw Patrol’s Marshall), this rescue boat will knock their socks off. It’s fire engine red, spans close to six feet long and three feet across, features a sunshade and comes with a squirt gun to tame any make-believe flames.

$ 119.98

The Raft Bobber Floating Water Mat

If blowing up inflatables is your nightmare, this ready-out-of-the-box high-density foam mat is for you. At four feet by six feet, it easily fits two kids or one adult, and it will support up to 400 pounds. This little wonder is perfect for pool time fun (or even giving kids a quick breather from the water!).

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2. Diving toys
$ 10.99

Underwater Fish Rings

This multi-coloured set of four soft, fishy rings is perfect for teaching kids how to dive under the water. Weighing nine ounces each, they quickly sink to the bottom of the pool and stand upright so they’re easy to grab.

$ 29.39

JA-RU Diving Gems

Every activity lasts longer when you turn it into a game, so make your trip to the pool into a treasure hunt with these fun gem-shaped sinkers. The set of four comes with a rectangle, a heart, an octagon and a diamond in fun colours.

$ 6.98

Prime Time Toys Sharkpedo Diving Masters Underwater Gliders

These toothy toys throw like a dart, but swim like a shark for a fun underwater chase. Unleash them and watch them glide across the pool for up to 20 feet. These are best for kids six years old and up because they do require some coordination.

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3. Water guns
$ 14.98

Adventure Force Saturator Water Blaster

Water fights never get old. This large-capacity squirter holds up to 70 ounces of water and features two modes of spraying. Plus, the pump-action system will soak a target up to 38 feet away, which makes this the perfect pick for backyard fun.

$ 12.93

Pull-Out Water Gun Squirt Toys

These squirt toys might appear harmless—they just look like foam tubes—but they pack a (wet) punch. Kids submerge one side in water and pull the other side back to load up, and then push to release a powerful stream that will soak their opponent.

$ 22.12

2-Pc Kids' Squirt Toys

Two for the price of one! This set of two water blasters in different colours means instant fun for your brood. They’re small enough to toss into a beach bag so you’ll be ready when the kids get tired of splashing in the pool or surf.

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4. Pool games
$ 54.92

Intex Pool Volleyball Game

Pool volleyball is so fun but it can be annoying to set up a semi-permanent net. That’s why we love this inflatable option! This set comes with a floating net and ball, anchor bags to keep the net in place and a repair kit for quick fixes.

$ 6.98

Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game

Shooting hoops in the pool gives new meaning to the term “dunk.” This inflatable net and ball is made from strong, durable vinyl and the base of the net fills with water to provide stability. It’s the perfect addition to a pool party.

$ 24.98

Banzai Party Cornhole Splash Challenge

A cornhole game that can be used in or out of the pool, this set comes with an inflatable, floating board and eight floating beanbags. The name of the game is the highest score, no matter where you play. It also comes with a handy repair kit.

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5. Pool floats
$ 29.98

SwimSchool Grow with Me Baby Boat with Canopy

Recommended for babies aged six to 24 months, this sweet inflatable seat is adjustable and protected by a canopy shade to protect your little one from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s extra wide, features dual air chambers with valves for safety and comes with three scoop toys.

$ 38.59

Intex Pack of 3 30” Transparent Tubes

You don’t have to go to an actual lazy river to get lazy river vibes! These bright inflatable tubes in pink, green and blue are perfect for a relaxing float around the pool (unless you’re at a public pool—then all bets are off).

$ 24.98

Splash Buddies Unicorn Pool Float

All pools need floaties (it’s pretty much a given) and this purple-and-white unicorn fits the bill. Made from smooth material that’s easy on skin, it easily inflates and deflates for storage, features leakproof valves and has a strong PVC coating.

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