A great smartwatch is so much more than a way to tell time and get phone notifications. With built-in features from GPS and sleep tracking to heart-rate sensors and fitness readings, the best smartwatch for you may actually improve your life. But there’s a lot to consider, including your budget and specific wellness needs. We have all the essentials covered with our guide to the seven best smartwatches of 2021.

What type of smartwatch are you looking for?

Best Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 6 MG133VC/A

Operating System Compatibility: Apple | Wireless Connectivity: AirPlay, Bluetooth, Network Carrier, Wi-Fi | Screen Size: 1.57 inches (the 40mm model), 1.7 inches (the 44mm model) | Body Metrics Measured: Sleep Time, Sleep Quality, Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Steps Taken, Distance Travelled, Activity/Inactivity

Most iPhone users are familiar with Apple’s coveted watches by now, and the Series 6 is the latest model. It features upgraded health technology including a sleep tracker, a new SpO2 sensor to track your blood oxygen level and the ability to monitor your heart rhythm by taking an ECG (electrocardiogram) from your wrist. Plus, the always-on display is almost three times brighter outdoors, even when you’re not checking it.

Pros Cons
The built-in compass and real-time elevation readings are ideal for hikes. It’s one of the more expensive smartwatches on the market.
Want to leave your wallet at home? No problem. You can pay instantly from your wrist with Apple Pay. Many users point out that the battery doesn’t last all day long.
The fall detection feature contacts emergency services if you take a nasty spill during a run.

The Draw

I’m an engineer with heart issues. This technology is amazing, quality is very high, and its capabilities are beyond belief. I’m so impressed that this watch can track my severe issues and help me keep on top of them.

–Rich, Walmart customer

The Downside

The watch is great. However, Apple should make the watch compatible with all iPhones. I bought the watch only to find out that it does not sync with my phone.

–Luann, Walmart customer

Best Android Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy 44mm Watch Active2 SM-R820NZKAXAC

Operating System Compatibility: Android | Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Screen Size: 1.4 inches | Body Metrics Measured: Sleep Time, Sleep Quality, Heart Rate, Calories Burned, Steps Taken, Distance Travelled, Activity/Inactivity

The Galaxy Active2’s sleek design, plus a variety of watch faces available in the Galaxy Wearable app, means you don’t have to sacrifice style for technology. It’s a great option for fitness lovers and anyone who’s into wellness: The built-in running coach provides feedback in realtime, the ECG (electrocardiogram) app monitors your heart’s rhythm and the included Calm app monitors stress levels during interactive meditation sessions. Bonus: It includes a sleep tracker! The battery also lasts for days on a single charge.

Pros Cons
The Active2 allows you to make phone calls and send texts from your wrist—even when you leave your phone and/or earbuds at home. The ECG app only works when tied to a Samsung Galaxy phone.
It also has voice activation for making calls, turning on music or initiating fitness coaching. The battery takes longer to fully charge compared to other smartwatch models.
It automatically recognizes more than 16 languages through voice or text.

The Draw

This watch is what Android users have been waiting for. Great screen quality, nice feel on the wrist and nearly all the features you could want. It is waterproof and has amazing battery life.

–NathanG, originally posted on samsung.com

The Downside

Vibrate is weak or is just located in the wrong part of the watch. I almost always miss vibrate notifications.

–Mehyuen, originally posted on samsung.com

Best Smartwatch for Sleep Tracking

Fitbit Versa 2 FB507RGPKFRCJK

Operating System Compatibility: Universal | Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Screen Size: 1.34 inches | Body Metrics Measured: Sleep Time, Sleep Quality, Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Stairs Climbed, Steps Taken, Pace, Distance Travelled, Activity/Inactivity

Bring on those sweet zzzs with the Fitbit Versa 2, a smartwatch that gives you a Sleep Score so you can take steps to improve sleep time and quality. It also features Smart Wake—a setting that vibrates at the ideal time to wakeup based on your sleep cycle (within a 30-minute window). Shell out a few extra bucks for the Fitbit Versa 3 if you want built-in GPS and faster charging. We also love these other Fitbits for swimming, running and more.

Pros Cons
You can use your voice to set alarms and bedtime reminders with built-in Amazon Alexa. It doesn’t have a built-in GPS, which means you need to have your phone with you to get stats such as distance and pace.
The always-on option shows the time, date and battery life 24/7. The Fitbit Versa 2 doesn’t integrate with Apple Health or Google Fit.
You can download up to 300 songs and listen to your favourite playlists offline.

The Draw

I like that it tracks my daily activity but also tracks sleep patterns. I get better overall health tracking to know if I am getting enough sleep or not.

–jstkris10, Walmart customer

The Downside

The Fitbit Versa 2 works well but falls short as a smartwatch. You cannot take phone calls on it, only answer your phone.

–Megan, Walmart customer

Best Value Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 3 MTEY2CL/A

Operating System Compatibility: Apple | Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Screen Size: 1.5 inches | Body Metrics Measured: Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Stairs Climbed, Steps Taken, Pace, Distance Travelled, Activity/Inactivity

If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, the Apple Watch Series 3 is a great way to go. In addition to its heart-rate sensor and fitness tracking, this model allows you to get calls and texts from your wrist. You can also sync your favourite podcasts, audiobooks and playlists so that you can listen to just about anything during your daily walks.

Pros Cons
You can track your swim workouts thanks to its waterproof design. The battery life isn’t great when you’re using GPS.
Heart-health notifications will let you know if your heart rate is too high or too low, or if its rhythm is irregular. There’s no headphone jack, so you’ll have to invest in a pair of wireless headphones.
Emergency SOS allows you to call for help from your watch when you can’t reach your phone.

The Draw

It does everything I wanted to do, plus some: heart-rate monitor, view, read and respond to text messages, set alarm clock, lets you inhale and exhale periodically throughout the day… It is like your smartphone within a smartphone.

–Kirby123, Walmart customer

The Downside

Battery runs out very fast.

–Nilou87, Walmart customer

Best Fitness Smartwatch

Garmin Forerunner 45S GPS Running Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

Operating System Compatibility: Apple and Android | Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth | Screen Size: 1.04 inches | Body Metrics Measured: Sleep Quality, Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Steps Taken, Pace, Distance Travelled, Activity/Inactivity

Calling all outdoorsy types! The Garmin Forerunner features preloaded activity training profiles for cycling, running, yoga and more. And for those who love a good training session, the Garmin Coach app provides free training plans from expert coaches that adapt to your fitness goals. It even has built-in GPS, so you can track where you run and get accurate stats on distance, pace and intervals.

Pros Cons
The battery lasts up to one week on a single charge when in smartwatch mode and up to 13 hours in GPS mode. Like many other smartwatches, this model doesn’t offer music storage, so you’ll have to connect it to your phone to access your playlists. For a smartwatch with music storage, check out the Garmin Vivoactive 4S GPS Smartwatch.
It’s durable! The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters, plus the screen display is sunlight-visible. Since it has so many features, it can be hard to learn to use.
It tracks all your need-to-know stats like heart rate, activity and stress.

The Draw

I bought this, as I am entering running for the first time. It has so many more features than I imagined! The app you connect to even gives you daily routines to get you to your goal. So happy I made this purchase. Stylish as well!

–Willoukj, Walmart customer

The Downside

The watch is not intuitive. It takes time getting used to the buttons and it’s not Bluetooth compatible with many devices such as a Peloton.

–Jackson29, Walmart customer

Best Hybrid Smartwatch

Garmin Lily Sport Heart Rate Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

Operating System Compatibility: Apple and Android | Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth | Screen Size: 1-inch | Body Metrics Measured: Sleep Time, Sleep Quality, Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Steps Taken, Distance Travelled, Activity/Inactivity

Hybrid smartwatches look like normal wristwatches but have smart functions. In the case of the Garmin Lily Sport Smartwatch, top-of-the-line features are encased in a stylish watch face. It has activity profiles for workouts (whether you’re into cardio, strength or yoga), plus monitoring of your health habits, including breathing, sleep and hydration. You’ll even receive a reminder to relax if your stress levels get too high.

Pros Cons
The battery life is awesome: It lasts up to five days in smartwatch mode. Installing apps is kind of a pain. You have to download the Garmin Connect IQ Store before you can download third-party apps.
Safety and tracking features help you stay safe by sending your real-time location to emergency contacts. There is no built-in GPS. You must connect to your compatible smartphone’s GPS.
You can receive notifications for incoming calls and text messages, plus calendar reminders.

The Draw

I have been using this watch for a week and I love it! I needed something that would show me my stats while exercising outside and this watch does that and more. I love how stylish it looks on my petite hand.

–bmatexas, Walmart customer

The Downside

I do wish there was a gps option so I don’t need my phone at all times.

–Sls10, Walmart customer

Best Smartwatch for Kids

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch for Kids in Pink

Age: 4+ | Operating System Compatibility: None | Wireless Connectivity: AirPlay, Bluetooth, Network Carrier, Wi-Fi | Screen Size: 1.54 inches | Body Metrics Measured: Steps Taken

The durable, splashproof design of the Tobi Robot makes it a great first smartwatch for your little one. In addition to teaching them how to tell time, Tobi comes to life with moving arms and legs, plus over 100 expressions and sound effects. It also features interactive learning games that they can unlock as they play.

Pros Cons
Tobi encourages kids to get active with a fun dance game and built-in pedometer. Some users complain that the main button is difficult to press.
The watch has two cameras so kids can take selfies and videos, plus storage for up to 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video. They can add silly stickers, too! There’s no companion app that allows parents to monitor or set limits for kids’ activities.
Kids can wear Tobi on their wrist or attached to their clothes using the included clip, which converts to a display stand for charging or using the watch as an alarm clock. It doesn’t include a GPS tracker.

The Draw

This great new toy is the best way to let your kid enjoy learning about reading time and the calendar. Its interactive features will sure keep your kids entertained. It nourishes growth on a whole new level!

–m2dlo, originally posted on littletikes.com

The Downside

I wish there was some type of parent app so I can monitor and set limits for activity and whatnot throughout the day. I also wish there was a way for him to be able to message me.

–LoveTobi, originally posted on littletikes.com

Smartwatch Accessories

Your Questions, Answered

What smartwatch features do you need?

When it comes to choosing the best smartwatch for your lifestyle and goals, you might want to consider these features:

  • Operating system compatibility: Check to make sure the smartwatch is compatible with your phone’s OS.
  • GPS: Built-in GPS will help runners, cyclists and hikers find their way without a phone.
  • Waterproofing: Waterproof models can track swimmers’ workouts.
  • Fitness tracking: Many smartwatches feature step trackers, built-in workouts and prompts to get you moving.
  • Sleep tracking: Find out what quality of sleep you’re getting and receive notifications to help you build better habits.
  • Heart-rate monitor: Track your vitals while working out or at rest.
  • Fall detection: Some smartwatches are able to contact emergency services if they detect the user has fallen down.
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