For over 30 years, Nintendo consoles have been the go-to choice for fun, family gaming. Their latest platform, the Nintendo Switch, follows the company’s tradition of accessible gameplay mixed with beloved characters and game worlds suitable for all ages.

Whether you choose the Nintendo Switch base model or the new Nintendo Switch Lite, one thing is assured: there’s a huge library of thrilling games awaiting you and your family. The lineup is so big, however, it can be hard to figure out what to get, especially when Mario games sit next to mature titles like Mortal Kombat 11 or The Witcher 3.

To help out, we’ve put together our picks of the best games for Switch for kids and families. From everyone’s favourite Italian plumber to creative games, exercise games and new entries in the legendary Zelda franchise, our list has something for families everywhere.

What type of Nintendo Switch game are you looking for?

The Best New Nintendo Switch Game

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia - Best Nintendo Switch game for playing out your favourite TV characters

Warner Bros | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 52 | Trailer

Like Pokémon before it, Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia is a new role-playing game with an original story that expands upon an original TV series, centering on champions that befriend powerful creatures known as Bakugan.

  • Each creature has their own special abilities. Equip your Bakugan with Baku-Gear to customize their look.
  • After you’ve build your team of Bakugan, battle solo or online to become the ultimate Bakugan champion!
  • Combat in Bakugan is simple and low-stress, providing hours of family-friendly entertainment.

The Draw

The environments look good on the switch, they are colorful and the sound design is appropriate and lowkey.

–Dagon15, originally posted on

The Downside

You get access to plenty of Bakugan but that’s not really groundbreaking.

–studentGamer, originally posted on

The Best-Rated Nintendo Switch Game

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Best Switch Game For Young Adventurers

Nintendo | Rated E10+ | Metacritic Score: 97 | Trailer

Widely regarded as the best Switch game ever made, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wowed fans both young and old with its gigantic world and incredible attention to detail. This game is best suited for family gaming, as some of the challenges can be tricky, but kids are sure to have a blast exploring the vast world and using their creativity. Once your child gets the hang of it, there’s no telling where their adventure will take them next.

  • Together, your family can figure out the best way to solve puzzles or use the environment to get past that next group of enemies.
  • Combat is strikingly simple, suited to veterans and young gamers alike.
  • Visit multiple villages on the interactive, searchable map, each with a unique look.

The Draw

I have been a Zelda franchise fan since 1987. This game is by far the BEST game I have ever played. I have spent 200 hours of bliss and I still want to play it more.

–Nickole1, customer

The Downside

Having played and beat and still own every Zelda made the only thing I did not like about this game was only four dungeons plus final one for five total.

–joecool9878, customer

The Best-Selling Nintendo Switch Game

Minecraft - Best-Selling Game For Kids

Mojang | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 86 | Trailer

You can’t go wrong with the number one best-selling video game of all time. With over 200 million units sold worldwide, Minecraft is also the most popular kids game on the planet, but don’t let that stop you from joining in. Imaginations of all ages can run wild in this game, as you unleash your creativity to build anything from simple houses to elaborate castles and even entire worlds.

  • Crossplay functionality allows kids to play online together even if their friends don’t have a Switch—they just need access to an Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC or mobile device.
  • Offering great long-term value, Minecraft features constant updates with new tools, new enemies and new worlds to explore.
  • Minecraft’s vibrant and well-moderated community connects players to millions of millions of gamers to participate in community challenges, find fresh building inspiration and share your best creations.

The Draw

All kids should have this game!! Minecraft is an amazing way to keep those brains thinking and creating and learning.

–Marv, customer

The Downside

You need two joy-cons per player. The case was really misleading and said it was a four-player game, but it didn’t mention you needed in total eight joy-cons for that to be possible.

–brit, customer

The Best Nintendo Switch Workout Game

Ring Fit Adventure - Best Switch Game For Kids Who Love To Swing Into Action

Nintendo | Rated E10+ | Metacritic Score: 83 | Trailer

No need to choose between gaming and fitness—Ring Fit Adventure combines both into a fun and active role-playing game the whole family will enjoy. The game’s innovative new Ring-Con and Leg Strap fitness accessories track your movements and activity levels, so you can defeat a bodybuilding dragon and his minions by jogging on the spot, swinging your arm and striking yoga poses.

  • Adventure Mode features over 100 levels and 20 vibrant worlds to explore.
  • Custom Workouts lets you combine exercises and minigames to target specific muscle groups.
  • For parents who worry about game time eating into exercise time, Ring Fit Adventure is the perfect companion for creating a healthy lifestyle while having a blast gaming together.

The Draw

I don’t exercise but this game is entertaining without getting boring. I worked out for two hours without realizing one night.

–Vic, customer

The Downside

Don’t overdo it the first time you play!

–Staceypreb55, customer

The Best Nintendo Switch 2-Player Game

Luigi’s Mansion 3 - Best Switch Game That’s Like A Really Good Haunted House Ride

Nintendo | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 86 | Trailer

If your children like spooky adventures, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the perfect game for them. They’ll get to explore 17 floors of an abandoned hotel, each with their own unique theme and filled with all kinds of cute ghosts. To help your little explorer, a second player can join in as Luigi’s goo-clone Gooigi—letting you tag team the whole adventure. This is a fun, easy-breezy game your child is sure to enjoy—and if you join in as Gooigi, we won’t tell.

  • Catch ghosts by solving puzzles, then vacuum them up with the Poltergust G-00.
  • Luigi’s faithful puppy companion, Polterpup, provides generous tutorials and assists Luigi along the way.
  • Enjoy the game with up to eight players locally or online.

The Draw

Game is even more fun with two players. Highly recommend playing with your friends.

–Solbye, originally posted on

The Downside

Great family game but wouldn’t enjoy it as much on a single player mode.

–jforcegames, originally posted on

The Best Nintendo Switch 4-Player Game

Super Mario Party - Best Nintendo Switch Game For Kids Who Love Board Games

Nintendo | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 76 | Trailer

Nintendo’s original four-player virtual board game is back with Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch. You and your family will have a blast exploring the over 80 minigames, including ones where you’ll be climbing, racing, balancing, solving puzzles and much more.

  • In addition to free-for-all minigames, there are also a ton of two-vs-two, three-vs-one and four-player co-op minigames to mix up the fun and get the whole family involved.
  • All games focus on simple actions like button presses or easy movements, so everyone has a fair chance.
  • Play as fan-favourite characters such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Diddy Kong and more.

The Draw

The best Mario Party to date! Such a fun and fantastic time to play this with family and friends in the living room!

–Yorkishimitsu, originally posted on

The Downside

This game is likely lots of fun for younger players, but as an adult I found it just okay. The mini games are fun, and some take bit of learning curve to figure out how to execute well.

–Bux8n, customer

The Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Game

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Best Switch Game For Family Tournament Night

Nintendo | Rated E10+ | Metacritic Score: 93 | Trailer

When it comes to fighting games, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might just be the most kid-friendly one yet. The game brings together a huge cast of famous characters children adore, like Mario, Peach, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pikachu and Yoshi. The battles themselves are cartoony and focus on fun, so there’s no worry about brawls becoming too violent or dark.

  • Super Smash Bros. has many different modes that will appeal to the whole family, like the tournament mode that will keep the family’s competitive spirit high long into the night.
  • Don’t forget to toggle on power-up items for younger players to have a better chance!
  • Play locally with up to eight players, or online with up to four players.

The Draw

My favorite game to play on the Switch. Fun for all ages and playing multiplayer is great.

–Rita, customer

The Downside

Very good game but the lack of good story brings it down for me.

–Youngmetro, originally posted on

The Best Nintendo Switch Co-operative Game

Super Mario Odyssey - Best Switch Game For Future World Travellers

Nintendo | Rated E10+ | Metacritic Score: 97 | Trailer

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most family-friendly titles in a franchise that is full of them. Fans will, of course, recognize the moustachioed plumber—but this time around, he’s accompanied by Cappy, a sentient hat that opens up a ton of accessible gameplay options. The game’s pick-up-and-play nature makes it an excellent choice for your family, as younger fans will enjoy Super Mario Odyssey’s simple gameplay, while veterans can challenge themselves to find hidden items and achieve 100% completion.

  • Cappy can take control of enemies, like Koopa Troopas and even a T-Rex, to help Mario complete stages more easily.
  • You can also play two-player co-op with one person controlling Mario while the other Cappy, to assist each other along the entire journey.
  • For extra help, Super Mario Odyssey has an Assist Mode that gives Mario extra health and handy objective markers so you always know where to go next.

The Draw

The spirit of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine lives on in this game. It was as if I stepped into a portal to my childhood.K-LAWN

–K-LAWN, originally posted on

The Downside

Great game, just short and easy to beat even for a 7 and 6 year old. Should’ve had more levels and been longer.

–TurtlePower, customer

The Best Nintendo Switch Exploring Game

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Best Switch Game That Feels Like A Family Vacation

Nintendo | Rated E10+ | Metacritic Score: 90 | Trailer

If you’re looking for the best kid-friendly game on Nintendo Switch today, it’s hard to top what Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings to the table. Not only is it one of the safest games for you and your family to pick up and play, but it’s a unique offering that will help calm children stuck indoors—or a parent who had a long day! Animal Crossing: New Horizons puts you in charge of a villager starting their own town on a deserted island.

  • You and your child can have a blast doing simple activities like fishing for the biggest catch, creating your dream garden, or participating in seasonal events with fellow villagers.
  • The game pace is leisurely slow, and with generous tutorials, it’s easy for young kids to learn the ins and outs.
  • There’s no way to “beat” the game—kids can play at their own pace, making it the perfect title for families who want to build together.

The Draw

Originally bought for my daughter, this has become a family favourite. Teaches creativity, planning, money, nature, art, etc. Thoroughly enjoying it!

–Webbygrrl, customer

The Downside

It’s a fun game, very reminiscent of the old Animal Crossing games. However, the inability for users of the same Switch to have different islands isn’t cool.

–KC1994, customer

The Best Nintendo Switch Adventure Game

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening - Best Nintendo Switch Game For Kids Who Want To Save The World

Nintendo | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 87 | Trailer

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was originally on the Game Boy, but you wouldn’t know it from the remake, which is a total redesign of one of the most classic entries in the franchise. It’s got super cute, cartoony visuals and it’s a lot simpler than Breath of the Wild to play. Link’s Awakening is well-suited to a casual gaming session or if your family is not looking for anything too complex.

  • Shorter than other games in the franchise, it’s still a compelling experience with fun gameplay and a simple, easy to follow story.
  • Enjoy new arrangements of the classic soundtrack and navigate the map in new ways.
  • Arrange your own dungeon and effects in the all-new Chamber Dungeon.

The Draw

Beautiful imagery, fun storyline, great adventures and lots of discoveries to be made. A super fun game. I cannot get over the beautiful graphics, the scenery is spot on.

–Angela, customer

The Downside

Big Zelda Fan. Love a lot of things about this, but the game was way too short for so much money!

–Slrh, customer

The Best Nintendo Switch Sports Game

Mario Tennis Aces - Best Switch Sports Game That Gets Right To The Fun

Nintendo | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 75 | Trailer

Mario Tennis Aces is a fantastic entry-level sports game for kids. Its Swing Mode lets aspiring young tennis stars use natural motions to lob, slice or slam shots across the net. The motion controls can lead to some entertaining moments, like an awkward swing and a miss, or when someone nails a shot just right and it’s family celebration time.

  • This title is filled with characters kids love, including Mario, Toad, Bowser, Boo and Wario, all with different skillsets and abilities.
  • Includes multiple local co-op options as well as online tournaments to separate amateurs from the aces.
  • Single-player content includes a full story mode containing role-playing game elements.

The Draw

Mario Tennis Aces might be the best Mario-sports game released to date.

–ReyalsfoSwodahs, originally posted on

The Downside

A fun and enjoyable multiplayer game, but only an OK single player experience.

–AGoodGame, originally posted on

The Best Nintendo Switch Racing Game

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Best Nintendo Switch Game For Kids Obsessed With Cars

Nintendo | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 92 | Trailer

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is easily the best version of the classic series, and it’s the most accessible, too. For younger players, the game features Tilt Controls that allow you to steer your racing vehicle by tilting the Joy Con left or right instead of using the control stick. Best of all? The game is very balanced for multiplayer by giving players in last place the best items to help them catch up to the pack. You don’t have to be a pro racer to get that competitive rush with every Mario Kart 8 Deluxe race.

  • So many popular new and returning characters are in this edition, including Baby Mario, Luigi, Shy Guys, Toadette, Rosalina, Splatoon Inklings, Link, Isabelle and over 30 more fan favourites.
  • Race through 32 Mario-themed tracks, the much-anticipated return of four-player Battle Mode gives you and your family near endless fun.
  • It’s fun for the family and friends. My children play against other friends online.From popping balloons to stealing coins to an explosive Bob-omb battles, there’s a game type to suit every taste.

The Draw

It’s fun for the family and friends. My children play against other friends online.

–Dietzenm, customer

The Downside

What can I say, it’s a masterpiece. But seriously it feels slightly worse than the Wii version, but this is probably just because of my hatred for the joy cons.

–OscarAdcock, originally posted on

The Best Nintendo Switch Pokémon Game

Pokémon Sword - Best Nintendo Switch Game For Kids Who Love Animals or Monsters

Nintendo | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 80 | Trailer

Pokémon is one of the most popular game series of all time for children and for good reason—catching, training and battling is so much fun. Pokémon Sword for Nintendo Switch puts you in a fully 3D world called Galar that’s inspired by the United Kingdom.

    • There are hundreds of cute Pokémon to catch, including classics like Pikachu, Eevee and Gengar, along with new species like the monkey Grookey, the fiery Scorbunny and the water lizard Sobble.
    • Like previous games, Pokémon Sword is super easy to learn so new players can dive right in without feel overwhelmed.
    • Along with catching and training Pokémon, players can also choose their own clothes and hairstyles.

The Draw

This is the best switch game that you’ll ever play. 10/10. As close to perfection as humanly possible. A wonderful game for the whole family.

–Mudkip128, customer

The Downside

Your average Pokémon game that’ll probably be fun for the casual fan. The story is below par compared to past Pokémon games, suffering from clear pacing issues towards the end.

–Lucky Absol, originally posted on

The Best Nintendo Switch Role-Playing Game

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Best Nintendo Switch Game for heroes in training

Nintendo | Rated T | Metacritic Score: 79 | Trailer

Set 100 years before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild—one of the most popular Nintendo Switch games of all time—Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is a prequel game allows fans to experience the dramatic moments before the impending “Calamity.” Play as fan-favourite characters like Link, Zelda, the Four Champions and the King of Hyrule.

  • Take advantage of four difficulty settings— Easy through to Very Hard—that let kids (or adults!) of any skill level enjoy the game.
  • Battle through missions containing hundreds of menacing monsters like Bokoblins and Lizalfos, and face off against iconic bosses including Calamity Ganon and Master Kohga.
  • Features local two-player co-operative action, so you can save the Kingdom of Hyrule together as a family.

The Draw

Amazing game. Loved the story, the gameplay, voice acting, soundtrack. Everything was great.

–giannis2001, originally posted on Metacritic

The Downside

I would definitely recommend this game to any LOZ fan but I would caution others who just like the series as this title will be a ‘hit or miss’ for them.

–ArmFlailingTube, originally posted on Metacritic

The Best Nintendo Switch Strategy Game

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Best Nintendo Switch Game for Students Wanting To Meet Some New Friends

Nintendo | Rated T | Metacritic Score: 89 | Trailer

Fire Emblem: Three Houses puts you in the role of a mercenary-turned-professor at an academy for children from important royal families. The game mixes tense battlefield expeditions with charming, day-to-day life at the school monastery. While Fire Emblem: Three Houses can be a bit more challenging than other games on this list, it’s not without some safety valves. Combined, these accessibility features make the game much more suitable for younger family members.

  • Your young adventurer will get to meet dozens of other students, befriend them and then build up the relationships.
  • Fun activities include having lunch together, singing in the choir, going fishing or tending to your garden.
  • There are two difficulty settings (Normal or Hard) and you can also choose Casual mode to avoid permanently losing any characters defeated during battles.

The Draw

The story development is interesting and the game play is just as good as ever. Yes the normal mode is very easy (good for fist timers ).

–Alaamak, originally posted on

The Downside

The story is good, easily better than Awakening & Fates, but it suffers from some serious pacing issues in the second half of the game.

–Truck, originally posted on

The Best Creative Nintendo Switch Game

 Super Mario Maker 2 -Best Nintendo Switch game to spark your child's creativity and imagination

Nintendo | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 88 | Trailer

With step-by-step tutorials and simple design tools, it’s easy for kids and grownups of all levels to learn how to create, play and share their dream Super Mario side-scrolling courses. With a strong emphasis on the communal experience, play any created course locally with up to four players.

  • Players can jump right into Story Mode, and play through over 100 original courses to win the coins needed to help fund Princess Peach’s castle rebuild.
  • Gamers with a Nintendo Switch Online membership can enjoy multiplayer fun with up to four players from around the world.
  • Play online in Versus mode, where the first player to finish a course wins, or try Multiplayer Co-op, where gamers work to complete courses together.

The Draw

This is an absolute must-buy for the Switch. It takes Mario Maker 1 and adds a huge amount of things to it.

–TheVJ, originally posted on

The Downside

You need to pay extra money to subscribe for online features.

–HabitualFlea225, originally posted on

The Best Casual Nintendo Switch Game

Yoshi’s Crafted World - Best Switch Game For Kids That Simply Adore Cute Things

Nintendo | Rated E | Metacritic Score: 79 | Trailer

Gaming doesn’t get much cuter, or accessible than Yoshi games. Nintendo’s latest outing, Yoshi’s Crafted World, has a charming hand-crafted aesthetic, making it one of the most visually striking games on Nintendo Switch. Beyond its adorable vibe, though, is a wonderful and inviting platformer that has co-op multiplayer to lessen the challenge and increase the fun.

  • This irresistibly charming platforming game spans more than 40 levels, all lovingly hand-crafted using everyday objects like papier mâché, cardboard and felt.
  • Enjoy Mellow Mode for a breezier and more relaxed experience.
  • The game’s hundreds of secrets turn entire states into one big treasure hunt.

The Draw

This game is the logical evolution of this saga. It shows a perfect combination of precious graphics and new interesting game mechanics that provide freshness and multiple varied situations.

–Observable, originally posted on

The Downside

It has got wonderful graphics. But there are only 20 soundtracks. Most of them are modified forms of the main track.

–Jonusmaximus, originally posted on

The Best Nintendo Switch Game for Parents

DOOM Eternal - Best Nintendo Switch game for when the kids have gone to bed

Nintendo | Rated M | Metacritic Score: 80 | Trailer

Tuck the kids in nice and tight, moms and dads—this intense first-person shooter game is for grownups. Nominated for Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2020, this battle game positions you as a “Slayer” who must protect the earth after an invasion by Hell’s armies. Defeat demons across dimensions and prevent the destruction of humanity.

  • Play with a range of powerful weapons, including a shoulder-mounted flamethrower, a plasma gun, a rocket launcher and—in an exciting comeback—the supremely powerful BFG 9000.
  • Enjoy a full single-player campaign with 13 levels spanning multiple dimensions.
  • Play Battlemode where a single DOOM Slayer battles against two player-controlled demons in a best-of-five round match to determine the battle arena champion.

The Draw

DOOM Eternal is simply one of the best first-person shooters on the Nintendo Switch.

–MestFanLol, originally posted on

The Downside

The graphics are slightly worse on Switch in this port, but everything else is flawless.

–Priva, originally posted on

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