Get ready for the 50 Best Tech and Electronic Gift Ideas that will be sure to please every kid, teen, mom, dad and relative on your list. From headphones to scooters (and so much in between), this is your comprehensive list of the newest and best tech and electronic gift ideas. This year give them an awesome, memorable gift they’ll cherish for years to come.


If you have a teenager or commuter in the house, they’ll surely have the AirPods with Charging Case on their holiday list. These sleek wireless earbuds provide more than 24 hours of listening time and up to 18 hours of talk using the Charging Case. Your loved ones will thank you for turning their travel time into the best of times with this amazing gift!


The Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones are your go to choice for the music obsessed on your list. These comfortable on-ear headphones are great for gaming and taking phone calls, too. In fact, with up to 40 hours of battery life they could listen to music, play games and chat to friends all on a single charge. Talk about charging less and listening more!


Take the Disney magic home with this 7” Android Kids Tablet Bundle perfect for any child. It comes pre-loaded with 25 timeless Disney e-books, has a sturdy child-proof bumper and includes volume-limiting headphones optimized for a child’s ears. Your little one will think your home was sprinkled with fairy dust when they unwrap their new best electronic toy!


Mom can create, communicate, work and play on the versatile iPad 7th gen. This gift can make mom’s life easier—and what mom wouldn’t want that? She can read the news, research her next vacation and connect with friends all with quick Wi-Fi internet access. She can even relax with a movie or listen to her favourite music, any time!


Is it tech gear or the future? Let dad decide when he sets up his new Google Home Speaker. Powered by Google Assistant, dad can say, “OK Google, play my dadlist music”, “OK Google, tell me the hockey score” or “OK Google, what’s the weather forecast for today” and Google will answer fast. Dad always has questions, and Google’s got him covered!


Memories are sure to be made with the Frozen 2 Disco Karaoke. One can already imagine the solos and duets to the super-popular Disney Frozen soundtrack played on this karaoke machine. The holidays will be filled with singing practices, sound checks and family-invitation-only performances.


The RCA 2-in-1 Tablet absolutely excels at combining affordable tech loaded with features. The detachable keyboard gives this device the versatility of a laptop and Windows tablet, all in one. The student in your life will be so surprised and happy when you gift them this 2-in-1 tablet that will help them make the grade.


Your adventurer will LOVE the Vivitar 4K Dual Screen Action Cam that’ll capture all the action on their next outdoor excursion. Using the device’s Wi-Fi capabilities will allow your adventurer to share their best moments on social networks, too. This gift is great for those who love capturing their experiences on camera and sharing them with friends!


Your fitness buff will appreciate your support of their wellness journey with the gift of a Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker. Track heartbeat, sleep, movement and more with this fashionable tech accessory. They can wear it everywhere: at work, at school, at the gym and in a park. This discreet Fitbit packs a lot of style into a small package.


From holiday photos to school concerts, the Canon Powershot Digital Camera will make the paparazzo in your family so happy. With its built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (near-field communication), your family photographer can instantly share their best photos and videos. This camera is compact enough to pop in a pocket or bag.


The iHome Dual Alarm Clock makes waking up in the morning a little more colourful. With its five programmable colours—amber, blue, green, red and white—whoever you give this gift to can customize it and make it their own. Why go to sleep in the dark when you can enjoy the gentle glow of this unique colour changing alarm clock? Drifting off to sleep will never be the same again!


The Razor Motorized Ride On Kids Scooter is the next level in scooters. Your kid will be running to grab their helmet to head out and explore the outdoors. Whether for transportation or for tricks, this is a gift that’s going places.


Get immersed in a huge open world or buddy up and play with friends on the Nintendo Switch video game system. This cool gift idea packs a Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, along with colourful, neon Left and Right Joy-Con Controllers. It doesn’t matter the skill level, everyone can play the best modern and retro games with this gift. Nintendo Switch might just make someone’s entire holiday.


The X Rocker combines the best in ergonomic seating with the best tech gift…a sound chair! It just screams “for gamers” doesn’t it? But, of course, your movie watcher or music listener will have a blast on this chair, too. This is one cool tech gift that would bring your recipient’s entertainment experiences to the next level.


Wow, printers sure have come down in size! The HP Sprocket Printer is, amazingly enough, about the size of a cell phone. Your sister can instantly connect the HP Sprocket to her cell phone and print photos via Bluetooth. Think how much more fun family dinners, vacations, and weekend getaways would be with this nifty gadget in-hand. It’s a gift that shares the special moments in life.


Collaboration, group work and presentations are all made so easy with the ASUS Chromebook Flip. It’s a cutting-edge Chromebook with a 360-degree hinge, meaning you can share work, entertainment or research with the person beside or across from you. This laptop would make every day—not just the holidays—super productive.


The mom into tech will love the Apple Watch. Much like mom, this watch connects people, monitors wellness and always keeps track of time. It’s a stylish accessory and a functional piece of technology, and it’s a gift mom would use each day to keep her—and her family’s—busy life on track.


The VTech KidiBuzz is a handheld smart device made especially for younger kids. Resembling a smartphone, this playful device comes preloaded with over 40 educational games to keep the little ones busy. Plus, they can take pictures, add frames, record their voice and do so much more. Not only will this be a great holiday gift, but it’s also handy for road trips and travel as a portable boredom buster.


Let’s face it: you can’t go wrong giving a teenager a portable Bluetooth speaker. The BL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker has a rechargeable battery, which provides up to 12 hours of continuous, high-quality music. They can use it at home, on the way to school, with friends and even at dinner as the family DJ. One speaker, infinite possibilities!


Your spa goer will adore what the SoundSpa Slumber Scents provides: sound spa, diffuser and clock. It comes pre-loaded with six different relaxation and nature sounds. Or, connect it to Bluetooth and play your curated spa playlist. Let them kick back and relax, SoundSpa is like having a personal spa experience in the comfort of their own home.


Vinyl. Is. Back. Audiophiles know it: there’s a certain quality that turntables have that digital systems just don’t. Dust off dad’s record collection and surprise him with the Victrola Turntable record player. With modern features and a solid vintage feel, this is one of the best electronic gifts for dad.


This Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with Synchronized LEDs is a great gift to give a couple this holiday season. With two microphones, couples can sing solos or duets, or even have a sing-off to any of the 300 songs included on the MP3G disc. It’s a great activity for dinner parties, family nights and more.


Portable yet powerful, the RCA Android Tablet has the latest Android touchscreen, making it a great tablet gift idea. Browse the web, watch movies, check email and more. And the 7” size makes it easy to pack in a carry-on for travel. No matter where your aunt goes, this tablet can help her stay connected with all the people in her life.


PlayStation 4 is the best tech gift for gamers into the latest and greatest video games. Not only will they be able to play all the best games, but they can also listen to music and watch movies. God of War, Spider-Man, and Death Stranding are just some of the amazing PS4 games that await them!


The gamers in your family will enjoy the Nintendo Switch Lite because it’s small, light and portable with all the fun of a Nintendo Switch system. This console is compatible with popular games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and more. It comes in different colours so you can buy for all the cousins, and everyone can remember which colour is theirs!

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The Kobo Clara HD eReader is a great gift idea for the book lover in your life. It can carry up to 6,000 eBooks, so your book lover can carry around their very own personal library wherever they go. For a book reader, a good read is the best present of all.


The runner in your life will enjoy the Garmin GPS Running Smart Watch. This fashionable yet functional smart watch will track their distance, pace and heart rate (and it also tells time, too). Running is an individual sport, but wearing the smart watch means they know you are there with them all the way.


Elevate your workouts with Powerbeats Pro earphones. With these wireless earphones, your workout warrior will have up to nine hours of listening time. It’s also useful anytime you want to listen wire-free, like while cooking, hiking or dancing in the living room! Workout warriors and anyone who likes to move will like this gift.


For the music listener who enjoys extra bass in their tunes, the Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphone is a special holiday gift. One charge can provide up to 30 hours of use, making it perfect for the commute to school, lunch break and all the afterschool entertainment time.


Yes, everyone streams movies online these days, but it’s not as easy in a vehicle. Families who go on road trips will appreciate the backseat entertainment of the Sylvania 9-inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Player. Going on a road trip en famille is fun, but sometimes its better when the kids are entertained.


What’s more exciting than jumping out of the Battle Bus? How about doing so with this groovy Fortnite PS4 branded bundle! Whether your child or young teen is diving onto the island to build their next virtual fortress or capture a Victory Royale, you can’t go wrong with this must-have gift. Make sure to practice those epic dabs!


This Google Chromecast Ultra Streaming Stick is the answer to being tired of cable bills. Plug it into your TV and connect to your Wi-Fi network, and dad can stream TV shows, movies, YouTube, music and more. Cord cutting is all the rage, and this device can make the transition easier.


A Pilot Dash Camera can be a fun way to record your on- and off-road adventures. In addition, it can be valuable security for the driver in your family. Record when they drive highways or streets, night and day. Whether for your new driving teen or your experienced driver parent, this dash cam provides peace of mind.


When you feel like splurging, the Canon EOS REBEL T7 camera is a premium gift idea to really pamper the seasoned photographer in the family. Your shutterbug can capture high-quality images (both photo and video) on this compact, powerful camera. Close-up food shots, family portraits, action shots, or travel photos: there’s no limit to how your photographer can use this quality camera.


Accessorize your sister’s iPad Pro with an Apple Smart Keyboard. It’s a full-size computer keyboard that connects to an iPad Pro via a Smart Connector. BONUS: the cover folds over the iPad, creating a slim and lightweight cover. It’s fantastic for the person who loves to type emails, letters, or that manuscript she’s been working on.


This Enhance Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is the gift you didn’t know existed but will definitely be appreciated by the family member who PC games. You know how computers heat up when you play video games for a long time? This cooling pad fixes that!


The Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard delivers a 10-meter (33 feet) wireless range, ideal for connecting your PC to the TV. With such a large wireless range, dad can lay back on the couch instead of slouching forward to reach his wireless computer keyboard. From watching his favourite YouTube videos to shopping online, this gift will let dad relax and enjoy his computer time.


A phone upgrade is one of the best tech and electronic gift ideas because it’s useful yet unexpected. Look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S9: it has 64 GB of storage, front and rear cameras, and allows you to have two apps open simultaneously via split-screen to multi-task. A phone upgrade can be that “WOW” gift that really makes the holidays.


The iRobot Roomba cleans both hardwood and carpet areas instantly. Or, you can program its cleaning schedule for continuous peace of mind. This is a great present for someone who has high-traffic rooms, love gadgets or who’s not into vacuuming (raise your hand, don’t be shy!)


Super handy in emergencies (and fun for non-emergencies), the Cobra Two Way Radio is a handy walkie-talkie set. With a 16 mile (26km) range for clear reception, these walkie-talkies are ideal for boaters, campers, hikers or while at the cottage. At the dock fishing and need a drink? Radio in for a glass of water!

This is a very smart gift idea: the DAYTECH Solar Charger 5000. Using solar energy, charge small electronic devices like phones, tablets, e-readers and GPS devices. With two USB ports, the Solar Charger can charge two devices at once. This is a cool gift idea for people who need portable power while camping, hiking, travelling and more.


Help the grandparents enjoy their CD collection by gifting them a Sylvania Portable CD Player with AM/FM Radio. This portable radio comes with AM/FM radio as well as the CD player. It’s a simple yet so classic gift for grandparents.


Old school is new cool with the Innovative Technology 7-in-1 Aviator Turntable. Anyone who loves retro will love this music player that has 7 features: 3-speed turntable, CD player and recorder, cassette player, AM/FM radio and Bluetooth connection. Plus, it’s a very cool piece of furniture.


Glowing LED lights make music more fun with the JBL PULSE 3 Splashproof portable Bluetooth speaker with interactive light show. This gift is also a very cool addition to sleepovers, family music nights and anytime you want music played. Think of this gift as a new, high-tech and musical version of a lava lamp.


Giving the LG SPK8 surround sound system turns your home movie watching into a cinema quality experience. And let’s face it, watching movies is better at home because you can pause and go to the washroom! These speakers fill a room with sound, making family movie nights loads better. It also works for everyday TV and music listening. Easy setup, too.


The Spiderman Youth Headphones is a great gift idea for kids who travel. High quality, adjustable and kid-friendly, these headphones connect to any audio device. They’re great for listening to music in the car, using with a tablet at home or while en route as travel entertainment.


Who is the web surfer in your family? Granddad? Mom? Sister? Whoever it is, this ACER Aspire 5 Laptop is a great gift idea! Whether they are browsing for work or fun, this laptop provides stunning visual colour display and very clear audio. Plus, laptops are so portable, they can surf anywhere – at home, at a coffee shop or at work/school!

This is a holiday gift that your parents will appreciate! Help your mom or dad text better with the Blackberry Key2 LE phone, featuring the iconic Blackberry keypad. The full keypad can help your parents’ fingers hit the correct alphabetical key, making their texts and emails faster and so much clearer. No more typos or one-finger-typing on phones because this phone keypad is parent-friendly.


This easy-to-fly Parrot Mambo Fly drone is a fun tech gift idea for teens and adults. It has a reputation for stable flying, which is controlled via smartphone. The drone lover can even take snapshots from it! It would be a fun fly in rural areas, beaches, cottages, lakes and campsites.


This RCA 50” 4K UHD TV is a gift that brings the people you love best together to one room to enjoy family entertainment. Sports, TV, movies and games can all be watched on the amazing clarity of this TV. This is a great “whole family” gift that will be enjoyed for years.

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Whether you are giving a special gift for men or women, mom or dad, consider some of these 50 best tech and electronic gift ideas. From little mementos to the big present, there is an electronic gift for every budget and every family member. Your loved ones do so much throughout the years – it’s nice to give something in return.

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