Depending on your counter space and cooking preferences, a multi-functional toaster oven may be the only small appliance you need. In addition to making perfect toast, some models can sear, grill and roast meat, and serve double or triple duty as convection ovens and/or rotisserie grills. We’ve rounded up seven of the best toaster ovens available at Walmart Canada, from basic models to do-it-all workhorses, so you can find one that suits your family’s needs and budget.

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What type of toaster oven are you looking for?

Best Overall Toaster Oven

Kalorik MAXX Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven 6000201802817

Width: 15.75 in. | Height: 14 in. | Warranty: 1-year limited | Features: Adjustable thermostat, cool-touch handles, digital control, dishwasher safe, drip tray, external basket handle, non-stick cooking surface, temperature-ready indicator light, timer, variable heat setting, viewing window

A great choice for a large family that wants to explore every option, the Kalorik MAXX Digital Air Fryer Oven is nine—yes, nine!—appliances in one, including an air fryer, oven, grill, toaster, roaster, rotisserie, pizza oven, broiler and slow cooker. Dishwasher-safe parts make for easy cleaning.

Pros Cons
The extra-large 26-quart capacity allows you to cook a 12-inch pizza, roast a 12-pound turkey or toast up to nine slices of bread at once. You may not need all the functions.
The temperature reaches 500 F, ideal for searing food to seal in juices. While easy to open with one hand, some reviewers say the double doors don’t always stay open.
There are 21 pre-set cooking functions, so figuring out the correct setting is a breeze.

The Draw

I am constantly amazed how good this machine is. Have had for around 10 weeks now and I use it more than any other appliance. I love the fact that it heats up instantly and preheating is a non-issue.

–Johnny1967, Walmart customer

The Downside

The booklet was not explicit enough for me. I’m a visual learner more so than just reading written instructions. But other than that, I figured it out after a few tries and I’m sold on this air fryer/oven.

–Connie48, originally posted on Bazaarvoice Sampling Community

Best Toaster Oven Plus Air Fryer

Hamilton Beach SureCrisp Digital Air Fry Oven 6000200077107

Width: 20.75 in. | Height: 14.25 in. | Warranty: 5-year limited | Features: Air fryer, convection, oven rack, baking pan, air fryer basket, 2 hour timer with auto shut-off

If fried foods are your weakness (we can relate), this Hamilton Beach toaster oven/air fryer combo is just what you need. Air frying uses extra-hot air to produce a crispy exterior, and only requires a fraction of the oil used in standard deep-fried foods. Bonus: this oven also toasts, warms, bakes, broils and roasts using convection heat.

Pros Cons
Offers enough space to cook a 12-inch pizza or toast six slices of bread. The baking tray is not stainless steel, and may stain.
The no-stick interior is easy to clean. At over 20 inches, this unit is on the wider side, and can easily overwhelm a crowded countertop.
1800 watts make it one of the more powerful toaster oven/air fryers on the market.

The Draw

My wife loves the way it cooks. Foods come out crispy yet juicy. But her favorite thing is that it replaced the toaster, the toaster oven and the air fryer. It took three appliances off the counter and gave her more space to work with. I love it because it is easy to use and hard to mess anything up.

–Big D, originally posted on

The Downside

It would be nice if it had a light inside. I also would have appreciated some recipes so I could understand how to use the features. Overall, I have enjoyed adding this appliance to my home.

–NancyLT, originally posted on

Best Budget Toaster Oven Plus Air Fryer

Black + Decker Crisp 'N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven in Stainless Steel 6000200072813

Width: 20.59 in. | Height: 11.2 in. | Warranty: 2-year limited | Features: Air fryer, convection heat, broil, air fryer basket, bake/broil pan and rack, removable crumb tray

You don’t have to spend big money to get an air fryer thanks to this affordable countertop convection oven from Black and Decker. It’s wider than the average toaster but not as tall, making it ideal for kitchens with low cabinets.

Pros Cons
Stainless steel makes for easy cleanup. Although it works for small and medium-sized families, you’ll likely want something larger to feed a crowd.
Can toast up to six slices of bread or bake a 12-inch pizza. It has a wider footprint than comparable units, so not ideal for cramped countertops.
The convection setting is great for baking.

The Draw

As seniors, our appetites have changed and we now use smaller and mostly frozen meals. The air fry mode is the ideal way to prepare these items and an unexpected bonus was the toaster mode. We were able to put away our regular toaster and free up the counter space.

–John Euper, Walmart customer

The Downside

The only thing I’d say is that when cooking a pizza, it would be nice if we had a pizza pan to go with it. Also, you have to rotate your pizza to prevent one side from getting darker too fast…The back of the oven gets hotter than the front fast.

–Kam17, Walmart customer

Best Convection Toaster Oven with Rotisserie

Black + Decker Best Convection Toaster Oven with Rotisserie 6000192660272

Width: 15.94-in. | Height: 13.9-in. | Warranty: 2-year limited | Features: Convection oven, removable rotisserie spit, dedicated toast timer, keep warm button, two toasting trays

Perfect for bakers and meat-lovers alike, this Black and Decker toaster oven comes with a removable rotisserie spit for even roasting and a convection feature for easy baking. Bake, broil, toast and keep warm functions allow you to easily customize the settings to your recipe’s needs.

Pros Cons
The removable crumb tray and dishwasher safe components mean easy cleanup. Some reviewers say the rotisserie works best with smaller cuts of meat—better for couples than families.
It has a small footprint for a multifunctional appliance. It can take practice to learn the many functions on this unit.
Fits up to six slices of toast or a 12-inch pizza.

The Draw

This little oven is so awesome! The toast is excellent. It crisps your pizza! And the chicken we rotisseried was so good! It is a small toaster oven but you really get a lot of features for your money.

–Starlett, Walmart customer

The Downside

This is a great oven!! We love it!! The only reason I didn’t rate this product with 5 stars is because of all the detail with the knobs—difficult to see and quite a few things to “learn” before operating. Once you know it, it’s perfect!

–DMW, Walmart customer

Best Large Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach 6 Slice Toaster Oven 6000198320293

Width: 19.63 in. | Height: 16.25 in. | Warranty: 5-year limited | Features: Included broiler pan, adjustable rack positions, 30-minute timer, automatic safety shut-off, removable crumb tray

This is a great price for a Hamilton Beach appliance, especially one backed by a five-year warranty. This classic toaster oven toasts, bakes, broils and keeps food warm—plus it has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Pros Cons
This unit is large enough to cook a 12-inch pizza or six slices of toast. Some reviewers say this oven runs hotter than its temperature settings indicate.
Three rack positions help you get the perfect cook every time. You’ll need around 23 inches between the countertop and cabinets to give this unit enough overhead clearance.
Simple knob controls make it easy to use.

The Draw

I own a much older model, I think I bought it back in 2014 or so. Either way, I have used this thing A LOT and it is still working just as well as when I first bought it. The rounded back is a very clever design feature which allows for baking large pizzas.

–Geodacius, Walmart customer

The Downside

Keeps me from using the oven for small things, but sometimes crisps the edges before things are done. Wish I’d bought one that is also convection. Good for the price.

–patg, Walmart customer

Best Budget Toaster Oven

Black + Decker Natural Convection 4-slice Toaster Oven 6000198086784

Width: 15.5 in. | Height: 8.38 in. | Warranty: 2-year limited | Features: Convection oven, 30-minute timer, included rack and pan

If you’re looking for a countertop convection oven, this small but mighty unit is a great pick. Perfect for couples, small families or anyone whose kitchens has limited counterspace and/or lower cabinets, it features four cooking functions: bake, broil, toast and keep warm.

Pros Cons
It holds four slices of toast and is great for baking small batches of desserts. Some reviewers say it heats up too fast and toast can burn.
Includes a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. Ideal for toast, mozzarella sticks and other small items, this unit is too small to cook for a crowd.
Heats up fast for quick cooking.

The Draw

Heats up quickly. Perfect size. Not just for toast. Use to cook and reheat. Excellent price.

–Anonymous, Walmart customer

The Downside

Only reason I didn’t give it a 5-star rating is, when you turn the timer knob counter-clockwise to lower the value, it is very difficult due to the slippery surface.

–AllanLeb, Walmart customer

Best Small Toaster Oven

Brentwood Stainless Steel Toaster Oven PRD11N7BP3ZNXI5

Width: 9.5 in. | Height: 8.5 in. | Warranty: 1 year | Features: 15-minute timer with auto shut-off, drop-down crumb tray, includes baking tray, adjustable temperature

A handy countertop oven at a great price, this Brentwood unit can fit up to four slices of toast. It’s ideal for couples and small families who like to heat up frozen snacks on the regular. Although it doesn’t have many added bells and whistles, that helps keep its price low.

Pros Cons
Its small footprint is perfect for kitchens with little counter space and low cabinets. No air fryer or convection oven settings.
The adjustable temperature setting makes it easy to maintain a steady low heat for slow cooking and dehydrating. Some reviewers say it can toast unevenly.
Adjustable racks offer two toasting positions, so you can customize for different-sized items.

The Draw

I love it! Not only do I bake what I need, but I also use it as my food dehydrator. I especially like it, because I can set the desired temperature for my food without the added burden of having fifty million knobs.

–Chris, Walmart customer

The Downside

The item was smaller than we expected when arrived but works fine and we got used to it (after using a bigger toaster oven before).

–Marina, Walmart customer

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Your Questions, Answered

What features should you consider when buying a toaster oven?

  • Capacity: Most toaster ovens range from eight inches all the way up to 23 inches wide. If frozen pizza or other larger foods are on the menu, look for an inside rack and overall depth that’s 13 inches or more.
  • Height: The height between a kitchen countertop and cabinet is around 18 inches, though newer kitchens may be 20 inches or more. You’ll want to leave around six inches of airflow between your toaster oven and cabinets.
  • Auto shut-off: This safety feature can provide peace of mind, especially if you often wonder if you’ve turned off an appliance.
  • Air fryer: An air fryer basket is a convenient addition for those who don’t want to purchase a separate appliance for perfectly fried foods.
  • Convection oven: A convection oven cooks food faster and more evenly by surrounding it with hot air. It’s ideal for baking pies and pastries, roasting meats and veggies and dehydrating fruit.
  • Rotisserie: A rotisserie spit turns food to roast it evenly—it’s great for roasting deli-style chicken at home.
  • Broiler: If you’ll be cooking meat often, you’ll want to ensure the broiler goes up to 500 F for a perfect sear every time.
  • Removable crumb tray: This feature makes cleanup easier—instead of reaching into the oven to clear it out, simply remove the tray, shake off the crumbs and wipe.

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