Without a reliable, good-quality toaster, the entire day can be, well, toast (especially for parents of toddlers!)Whether your family needs a compact unit for quick breakfasts, a toaster oven that can take on casseroles, or a do-it-all number that can handle frozen bagels in a single roundthere’s a model out there for you (and it doesn’t have to break the bank!). Here are our top picks for the best toasters of 2021.

What type of toaster are you looking for?

Best Toaster Overall

Black + Decker 4-Slice Extra Wide Toaster TR4900SSD

This family-friendly toaster earns top marks for all the clever ways it toasts breadIndependent heating units mean you can make lightly-toasted and super-crunchy toast at the same time. Extra-wide slots accommodate bagels, croissant halves and Texas toast, while inner self-centering guides hug the thinnest slice of toast for even cooking.

  • No more double-rounds for freezer waffles—frozen mode applies the right amount of heat, while the extra lift feature makes for easy removal.    
  • With seven timed shade settings, everyone gets the crispiness level they want. 
  • You’ll need extra counter space for this toaster and brushed stainless steel will show fingerprints if it’s not regularly wiped down.  

The Draw

The cancel button is perfect when I decide I toasted my pastry long enough! Adore the extra lift so I can remove my toast without feeling the heat or burning my fingers.

–Allison, originally posted on blackanddeckerappliances.com

The Downside

The size. It’s not ideal for a small apartment counter space.

–Blairsgirl, originally posted on blackanddeckerappliances.com

Best Toaster on a Budget

Sunbeam 2-Slice Toaster TSSBTR2SLW-033

As cute as it is affordable, thSunbeam 2-Slice Toaster punches well above its weight in terms of features. Bigger kids can safely make their own brekkie thanks to cool-touch housing and a high lift feature for smaller foods, which helps them (and you) remove hot items safely. This hardworking toaster also features auto-adjusting inner bread guides that ensure even slim slices get an even cook.  

  • Boasts seven toast shade settings like its pricier counterparts. 
  • Aanti-jam feature automatically shuts the toaster off if anything gets stuck (hello, hot dog buns!) while a removable crumb tray makes for easy cleaning.
  • There’s no frozen function, so you’ll have to double-toast frosty foods.   

The Draw

Easy to use, easy to clean. Looks great, works great! Bargain of a deal!

–CJH3, Walmart customer

The Downside

It does a very good job toasting bread but the bagel feature, which is important to us, does nothing.

–patthebiker, Walmart customer

Best Toaster Oven

Black + Decker Extra Wide Toaster Oven TO3260XSBD

Before you balk at the size, hear us out: this toaster oven is a true workhorse. This small kitchen appliance boasts four cooking functions so it can take on lasagna, brownies and fries, and it makes eight slices of toast at the same timePlus, it takes far less time to preheat than a conventional oven and uses convection technology to circulate warm air, cooking more efficiently. Bonus: convection also gives you crispier edges on dishes like roasted veggies, fish sticks and cubes of tofu.  

  • Fits a standard 9x13-in casserole dish, while the keep warm feature means food will stay hot until you’re ready to serve. 
  • Comes with a bake panbroil rack and an easy-to-clean external crumb tray. 
  • More of a small oven than a toaster, this unit takes up more space than a traditional toaster (but less space than a traditional oven).

The Draw

I haven’t turned on my big oven since I bought this. The convection feature cooks things evenly and more quickly.

–Dksrottie, originally posted on blackanddecker.com

The Downside

I only wish the cord was a bit longer. It is very short.

–cheraarad, originally posted on blackanddeckerappliances.com

Best Toaster for Small Spaces

Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Retro Toaster TR9150RDRC

This is one stylish, smart toaster—it offers a bevy of functions and takes up less counter space than a small laptopIt toasts anything right from the freezer with a specialized frozen setting and you can even check on your food while it cooks without interrupting the process with the lift and look feature. Best of all, the removable warming rack maximizes this little toaster’s functionality for its ability to heat up pastries, pizza slices and hamburger buns.  

  • With a prominent toasting timer, you’ll know exactly how long you have until toast perfection.  
  • Six toast shade settings will suit every family member’s preferences.
  • This upscale twoslice toaster costs a little more than average and you may not use the warming rack all that much.  

The Draw

With its sleek and retro design who wouldn’t love it? I love the rack it comes with to put the toast on to cool too!

–Megs, originally posted on russellhobbs.com

The Downside

It was a little pricey for a toaster.

–msmelvin33, originally posted on russellhobbs.com

Best Two-Slice Toaster

Cuisinart Metal Classic 2-Slice Toaster CPT-160C

With this two-slice toaster, there’s no need to overthink toast on groggy mornings (which is most mornings, no?). It features a six-shade dial for custom control and easy-to-read buttons that light up when in use: bageldefrost and reheatIt’ll earn its keep toasting up everything from bagels to thin-sliced artisanal breads. Plus, it’s sleek and short, so you won’t have any trouble finding a home for this unit on your countertop.

  • Its compact size and flat sides make it an easy fit in most kitchens and not many toasters boast BPA-free materials 
  • Wide slots accommodate thick slices of toast.  
  • The metal sides can heat up quickly and some customers found the toast shade dial wiggles out of their preferred setting.  

The Draw

It is perfect in size, easy to keep clean and best of all toasts everything just right.

–judyw, originally posted on cuisinart.com

The Downside

My one little problem is that the dial for browning levels turns so easily, my toaster cover moves it unintentionally and I have to keep checking it.

–Light Brown, originally posted on cuisinart.com

Best Four-Slice Toaster

Black & Decker 4-Slice Toaster TR1478BD

We love the space-conscious size of this fourslice toaster (it measures about the length and width of a standard ruler). It’s small but mighty and ideal for familiesdual controls and seven shade settings allow for super light to dark toast, so everyone’s preferences are metPlus, extra-wide slots can toast up bagels and thick breads, and two easy-open bottom trays make it easy to clean out crumbs. 

  • With self-adjusting guides that centre bread and an extra lift feature, no English muffin will slip into the abyss.  
  • Frozen mode is ideal for those who buy waffles and breads in bulk (and for busy mornings when you forget to thaw!)
  • It’s hard to know if the bagel and defrost settings are activated because they don’t have indicator lights. 

The Draw

I like that it is designed as two toasters in one. I can toast bagels on one side that may need a longer setting and have waffles or toast in the other side on a different setting.

–ajann1983, originally posted on blackanddeckerappliances.com

The Downside

The first few uses I had the smell of new plastic burning. Didn’t transfer to the toast but I think was due to it being new. It did eventually go away.

–amdans5, originally posted on blackanddeckerappliances.com

Best Bagel Toaster

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Toaster with Warm Mode 22810C

While some bagel settingsimply add a longer toast timeHamilton Beach engineered a system for this two-slice toaster that toasts the cut side of the bagel while warming the round side. Translation: café-level crunch with just the right amount of softness. And if you pre-slice your bagels before freezing just pop them in, press the defrost and bagel buttons to enjoy crispy-soft bagel texture in just one round of toasting 

  • Like other Hamilton Beaches, this unit has a keep warm mode that applies gentle heat, so you can take your time to gather bagel toppings without over-toasting.   
  • The toast boost function lifts breads up and out for easy grabbing, while the insulated stay-cool sides protect fingers large and small. A retractable cord means easier storage, too. 
  • The crumb tray is at the back of the toaster, so it’s not as accessible for cleaning

The Draw

Slots are wide enough to accommodate bagels and homemade bread. Love the ‘warm’ feature! It is a space saver when there isn’t much room on your kitchen counter.

–foothillkate, originally posted on hamiltonbeach.com

The Downside

The crumb cleaning tray is on the reverse side, bottom area of the toaster which requires the toaster be pulled out, away from the wall to remove and clean the tray.

–Stringpicker, Walmart customer

Best Long-Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster with Keep Warm 24810C

Never suffer through cold toast again with this long slot toaster. A clever, optional keep warm setting retains just the right level of heat for an extra three minutes, so you can flip your eggs, pour the coffee and still have toast warm enough to melt butter. It also has defrost and cancel features, so you can enjoy a frozen artisanal slice of bread in a snap or put breakfast on pause with the press of a button. 

  • Sensitive and young fingers will love the coolwall stainless-steel sides along with toast boost to lift breads for easy grabbing.  
  • Unlike a fourslice toaster with limited slot space, this toaster can fit longer breads such as baguettes, naans and rustic sourdoughs. Plus, the slots are wide enough to fit bagels and Texas toast.
  • While other four-slice toasters have two independent heating elements, this model has only one shade setting. In other words, all bread gets the same treatment.  

The Draw

It has a true bagel function which toasts the bagel only on the cut side while warming the outside, and a clever “keep warm” setting.

–Harold, Walmart customer

The Downside

I did not realize it does not have separate controls for each slot. If you want to use only one slot, both of them are turned on.

–schnauzer, Walmart customer

Tasty Toast Essentials

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