Quick, satisfying, filling and comforting, one little piece of perfectly golden toast has a lot going for it. To get the job done, you need a trustworthy toaster that makes your kitchen operation run smoothly. Whether you require a multi-slot design to save time and feed many family members at once, a small toaster that can still put a gourmet touch on bagels and frozen waffles, or a convection oven style that can toast, bake, grill and pitch in on larger meals (because roast chicken is always an easy crowd-pleaser), here are the best toasters for every culinary need.

What kind of toaster are you looking for?

Best Toaster Overall

KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster with High Lift Lever - Best Toaster Overall

The KitchenAid-2 Slice Toaster earns our top ranking because it offers big functionality without taking up tons of countertop space. The sleek machine has extra-wide slots for even the thickest Texas toast and offers seven different shade settings from barely browned to extra dark (though if you want near-burnt crispiness, you’ll need a second round of toasting). It also boasts Defrost and Bagel modes, but our favourite is the Keep Warm option, which keeps gentle heat on your toast for up to three minutes after it’s done—a lifesaver on mornings that are a parade of surprises (so, every day!).

  • Seven shade settings, plus extra-wide one-and-a-half-inch slots make it easy to enjoy everything the bread aisle has to offer, including that oh-so-pillowy sourdough.
  • A high-lift lever makes it easier and safer to grab your toast when it’s ready. We love that extra peace of mind for big kids who can use the device on their own.
  • The Keep Warm function extends the heating period for up to three minutes after you’re done toasting, so you don’t need to worry if your breakfast timing isn’t perfectly fine-tuned.
  • The streamlined design and matte finish look great on a counter—no fingerprint smudges!

The Draw

It’s outside is easy to clean and is made of durable stainless steel with a matte finish. All of the modes, including bagel, are amazing and I’ve never had a burnt piece of toast or bagel because it is well designed with wide openings far enough away from the heating elements.

–Andi K., originally posted on kitchenaid.com

The Downside

I have found that it tends to toast on the light side, so you either have to choose a higher number than you would guess or put it through twice.

–Shopper, originally posted on kitchenaid.com

Best Two-Slice Toaster

Sencor Electric Toaster - Best 2 Slice Toaster

Looking for a great two-slice toaster with a not-so-hefty price tag? Inside and out, this Sencor model is a sure bet. The bright blue shell does an eye-catching job, but it’s the impressive features that make it a winner. Its thoughtful design includes a removable crumb tray for easy clean-up, a high-lift lever for effortless removal and an effective thawing function for frozen goodies. But the real showstopper is that this savvy model can toast different types of bread… simultaneously! Pop a thick everything bagel into one slot and a sliver of multigrain bread into the other and the unit’s automatic centring will make sure all sides get toasted evenly.

  • Automatic centring helps toast bread of various widths evenly and—wait for it—at the same time.
  • Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with this trendy machine—a refreshing alternative to typical stainless steel. Bonus: Its outer casing is heavily insulated so that it won’t get hot while toasting.
  • From the hidden cord storage in the base to the reheat function, this toaster is decked out with practical features.
  • Put the defrost mode into action; it can transform frozen breakfast goods into a warm treat on your plate in minutes.

The Draw

I usually buy artisan bread and/or flavored bread, and they are wider than regular bread. I usually have to put them in the toaster sideways and toast twice, not with the Sencor toaster. The slots are wide enough and cooked it perfectly.

–Great Mom, originally posted on Product Sampling Community

The Downside

I have tried this toaster on numerous items and they toast and heat to perfection. I only wish the slots were a little deeper as some of my items did not go down as deep as I would have liked.

–Stumpsock, originally posted on Product Sampling Community

Best Four-Slice Toaster

Black + Decker 4-Slice Extra Wide Toaster - Best 4 Slice Toaster

If you’re toasting for the whole family, a four-slice option can help you get ready faster. Yes, the Black + Decker 4-Slice Extra Wide Toaster demands more counter space than a two-slot option, but with the additional capacity on standby acting like a personal short-order cook, you’ll soon be saving time by filling a group of bellies all at once. And it’s no problem if one kid prefers lightly toasted while the other one only eats things that are extra crispy. You can customize the final result on each side of the appliance, even with buns, bagels and thicker slices of bread on the go.

  • An ideal choice for serving large families, this toaster produces four toasted slices in minutes.
  • You can individually control each half of the toaster to accommodate your family’s requests simultaneously.
  • A self-centring guide toasts evenly by adjusting to the width of every slice.
  • A whopping seven shade settings allow you to achieve a Goldilocks moment, enjoying toast that’s not too light, not too dark and just right for you.

The Draw

I love that I can make four pieces of toast at once, with multiple different settings. It is great to make toast for the whole family at once. Makes mealtime a breeze.

–emolie27, originally posted on blackanddeckerappliances.com

The Downside

The only throw off is its size. It’s not ideal for a small apartment counter space. But I do recommend it for larger counter space.

–Blairsgirl, originally posted on blackanddeckerappliances.com

Best Long-Slot Toaster

Oster 4-Slice Long-Slot Toaster - Best Long-Slot Toaster

If your passion for homemade or artisanal bread runs deep, a traditional toaster just won’t cut it. Instead, look for a style with extended slots, like the Oster 4-Slice Long-Slot Toaster. It’s designed to hold up to four pieces of regular bread and or two longer slices. You’ll also find a handy defrost mode that allows bread, bagels, waffles and more to travel straight from freezer to toaster—perfect for when you buy or bake in bulk. And though the oblong shape takes some getting used to, its bright colour is a plus. Whether your space features cool minimalist accents or warm country charm, this vibrant shade definitely sparks joy.

  • The long-slot design gives you the flexibility to toast large pieces of sourdough or baguette, hot dog buns (great for a quick kid-approved lunch!) or four slices of normal bread without taking over your countertop.
  • The slots are also wide enough to hold a bagel (you can do two bagels at a time with both slots), and the auto shut-off and lift functions help with fuss-free retrieval.
  • The completely removable crumb tray makes it extra easy to dump out then give it a quick wash in your sink.
  • A gorgeous cherry red shade creates a pop of colour that strikes the right note in any type of home décor.

The Draw

The long slots are great when toasting Cuban bread or hot dog buns. Also, it’s has the ability to toast 4 pieces of bread with its slim design. I previously had a 4 slot (side-by-side) toaster but it was too bulky and took a lot of counter space.

–Dianac893, originally posted on oster.com

The Downside

The only negative that I would identify with the product is that the cord is a little too short. Because of the large size of the toaster, it is awkward to have on the counter. Having a longer cord would allow this to be placed in a more convenient area.

–Aaronavouris, originally posted on oster.com

Best Toaster Oven

Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Broiler - Best toaster oven

Whether you’re busy tackling a big meal or rustling up a quick snack, there’s no one working harder in the kitchen than you. But the Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Broiler comes in at a close second place. This toaster oven boasts six cooking modes, ranging from simple toasting to a full-on convection bake, which uses interior fans to circulate hot air for faster cook time. Use it to whip up any recipe, from a quick and easy sheet pan dinner to tasty brownies to, of course, making toast (bonus: it can hold three bagels at once). The only pain point? It doesn’t have a timer, so you’ll have to set your own.

  • A good pick for small families or college students, this sleek convection oven shaves time off cooking duty (and prevents your kitchen from overheating in the summer!).
  • A range of cooking options means you can do it all: cook, bake, reheat and toast. Perfect if you want to pare back on the number of appliances in your kitchen.
  • The roomy design can easily manage larger dishes and comes complete with a baking/drip pan, wire rack and broiling rack.
  • Of course, it toasts, too! Use the multi-shade control button to make the perfect piece of toast.

The Draw

I love that it has many features and could be used to bake small casseroles. I like that it doesn’t take up too much countertop room yet it is large enough to bake larger quantities.

–BethA, originally posted on cuisinart.com

The Downside

If I had to make suggestions for improvement, they would be to add a light, timer and relocate the toast doneness settings so you don’t have to crouch down to look under the knob.

–Michellekay7, originally posted on cuisinart.com

Best Budget Toaster

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Toaster with Warm Mode - Best budget toaster

A simple design with a few added perks makes for a cheap toaster that punches well above its price tag. The Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Toaster offers roomy slots and what the brand calls Breakthrough Bagel Technology. Translation? The inner side of a sliced bagel will be toasted to an ideal golden state, while the outside gets a gentler heat. You’ll also find the Warm Mode function an extra reward; it keeps finished toast warm without overdoing it. Another strong pro is the size of this toaster. If you don’t have the daily countertop real estate to spare, it can simply be stashed in a cupboard.

  • No more cold toast! Something you more often see in top-of-the-line machines, this one’s Warm Mode maintains light heating for three whole minutes after toasting is complete.
  • Seven shade settings plus bagel and defrost modes offer tons of range without costing you tons of cash.
  • The matte black plastic exterior keeps the price affordable but comes with the advantage of staying cool to the touch and standing up to fingerprint smudges.
  • A compact size designed with a retractable cord makes this toaster easy to tuck away.

The Draw

Wow, what a huge improvement over my old toaster! This one toasts evenly (yay), will accommodate bagels, and has a retractable cord (fun at the push of a button).

–louise11, Walmart customer

The Downside

The crumb tray is not removable. It swings open and reveals sharp metal parts where the crumbs fall through.

–fallblossom, Walmart customer

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