Here are some of my favourite toys for the young ones in your family!

Anyone who’s taken a stroll down the toy aisle knows: there is a ton of toys to choose from for kids! Every time I visit my local Walmart or check online, I’m amazed at how vast the toys selection is. Checking out new toys is a fun activity for children, so familiarizing yourself with the toys they’ll be interacting with is essential.

You want to know what the kids in your life are playing with, pining after, and fun toys they might never have seen before—if you’re planning on surprising them. That’s why I’ve put together a list of some of my personal favourite toys for young children. They’re my go-to picks when considering new toys for my girlfriend’s niece and nephew, as well as favourites I grew with up. I’ve chosen ten toys in all but, as mentioned, the selection at Walmart is pretty vast. These picks should help get you started!

Best Toys for Kids

  1. Transformers Cyberverse Ultra Class Bumblebee
  2. Adventure Force Ultimate Dino City Garage
  3. Barbie Doll And Pink Convertible
  4. LEGO Architecture – Statue of Liberty
  5. Pokémon TCG: XY Evolutions Three-Pack
  6. Marvel Spider-Man Titan HERO Series Spider-Man Figure
  7. L.O.L. Surprise Eye Spy Lil Sisters
  8. New Bright RC Dune Tracker
  9. Fuggler – Funny Ugly Monster
  10. Lite-Brite Magic Screen Retro Style

When you think of Transformers, it’s hard to top Optimus Prime—but Bumblebee has been gaining steam following his solo movie. There are many great Bumblebee toys, but in particular, I really like the Cyberverse Ultra Class Bumblebee. It’s based on his cartoon form, which gives him softer features and a more colourful appearance. It’s also an easier toy for kids to transform between vehicle and robot forms, requiring only seven steps!

Available exclusively at Walmart Canada, the Adventure Force Ultimate Dino City Garage is a personal favourite of mine. Combining dinosaurs and cars, this is the perfect pairing for the little one in your life that has a fondness for these popular themes. The garage is over 3-feet tall and stores up to 50 die-cast vehicles, making it an ideal companion for your child’s existing collection of cars.

With 60 years under her belt, Barbie is perhaps the world’s most recognizable toy brand. Mattel’s doll was always destined to secure a spot on this list, but it’s Barbie’s signature hot pink convertible that’s a standout for me. The car has rolling wheels, an open roof, silvery side view mirrors and seats for two.

LEGO has many lines that tie into big-name properties like Star Wars or Jurassic World, but I’m a big STEM proponent and prefer LEGO’s Architecture series. The Statue of Liberty, in particular, is such a famous North American landmark and it’s cool to see it in building block form. This set consists of over 1,685 LEGO pieces, making it an ideal toy for older children. More than that, it’s fun to build—and your child will be learning as they play!

There are many card sets for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, but my personal favourite is the XY Evolutions. That’s because they feature reprints of the original artwork from the Base Series, which released in 1999. Recapturing the magic of opening up that coveted holographic Charizard card with your child is something special, and here you get triple the odds—thanks to the three included card packs, of course.

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As a kid, one of my fondest memories was playing with action figures of my favourite characters. Today—just like when I was young—it’s hard to top Spider-Man. The Hero series figure is a standout in my eyes, being 12-inches tall and featuring ball joint articulation.

If the web-slinger doesn’t scratch that superhero itch, Mattel also has Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man, Falcon and plenty more.

As one of the most popular toys around today, L.O.L. dolls are a perfect idea for the little girl in your life. As a personal favourite of my niece, L.O.L. dolls are fun to collect and display, a source of pride! Since the container orbs contain random L.O.L. figures, there’s a surprise awaiting your young one every time they open one.

The L.O.L. Surprise Pets series is also a fun way of getting into the excitement for kids that prefer glamorous animals.

Remote-controlled vehicles were a must-have toy during my elementary school years, even though they weren’t as sophisticated as today’s models. Zooming around the house or backyard with something like the New Bright RC Dune Tracker would have been a blast for me back then. That stands especially true with this car’s tight controls and two-hour battery life.

Juggling ugly and adorable isn’t an easy task, but Spin Master has managed to pull it off with Fugglers. There are many different plush Fuggler monsters and it’s easy to find one your child will love. These monsters are right up my alley too—there’s no shame getting a Fuggler friend alongside your child!

Sometimes the oldies are the goodies, and that’s very much the case for Lite-Brite. Much like I remember playing with as a kid, the old-school version of this classic toy allows you and your little one to design and build stunning images together. Reliving these moments can be fun for your kids—and blissfully nostalgic for you!

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