50 Best Toys for Kids Ages 8 to 11

Meilleurs jouets pour enfants de 8 à 11 ans

As kids age and their personalities shine through, there’s no greater feeling than finding that perfect gift that meets them where they are. But creating warm and lasting holiday memories without breaking the bank can be tricky these days.

That’s why we’ve hand-selected the best toys for kids ages eight to 11 for every budget. Whether you’re looking for hot new electronics, fun and educational toys, or trendy must-haves, these picks cover the gamut for holiday memories that will stay with them throughout the year.

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1. Best toys under $20
$ 15.97

National Geographic Starter Kids Crystal Garden

This affordable learning set is among the coolest toys for eight-year-olds (and older) because it allows you to grow real crystals in your home. The science-based kit begins working within 20 minutes of setting it up, helping kids unlock facts about crystals in a fun and hands-on manner.

$ 14.97

Be Inspired Metallic Nail Art

If your kid loves doing their nails, this affordable kit helps them get innovative with their designs thanks to the variety of metallic polish colours, stickers and adornments. It’s a fun way to boost creativity while allowing children to express themselves and feel glammed up for the holiday season.

$ 19.98

Table Top Billiards

Not everyone can have a full pool table in their house, but sporty kids can start practicing their skills with this mini set. It’s perfect for kitchen tournaments or solo play following homework, and teaches the game’s basics for when they’re old enough to do the real thing.

$ 14.97

Just My Style Unicorn Friendship Bracelets

Kids can create the ultimate friendship bracelets with this colourful set. It comes with all the threads, beads and charms you need to craft unique jewellery. Plus, parents will enjoy the accompanying unicorn-shaped storage case the keeps it all neat and organized.

$ 15.97

National Geographic Starter Kids Dino

Budding paleontologists or hands-on kids will get a kick out of this dino-digging set. Each box comes with all the tools your child needs to excavate a life-sized T-Rex tooth replica. It’s a hands-on learning tool that even includes dino poop for extra gross (but engaging!) fun.

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2. Best stocking stuffers
$ 6.47

Fart Card Game

Another card game that slips easily into a stocking, this is a cool toy for nine-year-olds (and older) because what kid that age doesn’t think farts are funny? It’s also an easy game to learn and accommodates three or more players, making it the ultimate kids party game over the holidays.

$ 7.97

Uno Flip Side

The classic game comes with a fun flip twist to help teach competitive play and strategy, plus the compact design slips easily into a stocking. The game is also designed for two to 10 players, so it’s something kids can bust out after Christmas dinner to create more memories if extended family is over.

$ 7.86

Lego Dots Bracelet Kit

Lego are always hot toys, but these bracelets are small and inexpensive, which makes them perfect stocking stuffers. Kids can easily customize their bracelets with the included pieces, allowing them to express themselves and practice their fine motor skills all at once.

$ 12.97

Bananagrams Bananagrams

It’s a banana full of letter tiles, which can lead to hours of educational fun for letter-obsessed kids. Help them to create their own unique grids, or play against each other to see who can use all of their letter tiles up first.

$ 13.57

Hasbro Gaming Simon Micro Series

The addictive game you played as a kid is also a fun stocking stuffer that will help kids with their memory and reflexes. Throw it in a stocking then have a family competition over the holidays to see who can get the most patterns in a row.

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3. Best STEM and educational toys
$ 27.97

Snap Circuits Core Starter Kit

Kids can learn more about how the world around them works with this circuit starting kit, which comes with 20 projects. There are lights and sounds to experiment with, making this one of the most fun and educational toys for eight-year-olds around.

$ 29.97

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker

Looking for creative and interactive toys for 10-year-olds? This gift checks both those boxes. It allows kids to draw their own playable video game with markers and regular old paper, inspiring fine motor skills and problem solving.

$ 29.97

National Geographic Spy Science

Budding spies will get a kick out of this kit, which includes invisible ink, decoder wheels and even spy glasses to help solve at least 10 missions. Along the way they’ll learn about spy science and technology, making this a double win.

$ 51.08

Hexbug Vex Robotics Robotic Arm

What robot-loving kid wouldn’t love their own robot arm? The hand-powered gizmo rotates up to 360 degrees and performs all kinds of tasks, teaching kids about scientific principles and power as they play.

$ 89.98

Scientific Discovery Set

Budding scientists will be busy for hours with this comprehensive science kit. It comes with more than 40 experiments and projects, from volcano eruptions to clocks powered by lemons. Each experiment comes with colourful instructions and explainers, fostering group and individual play.

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4. Best drones and remote control toys
$ 49.97

Off-Road Racer 1:18 Scale

This high-tech racer has four-wheel drive that makes it ideal for off-roading fun. Kids can take it outside and race it up hills and over rocks, getting it up to 20 MPH for tons of fast-paced racing action.

$ 39.97

Power Craze Safari Racer

This fast and powerful remote control buggy can be used indoors or outdoors thanks to the all-terrain grip tires. It’s also got cool details like working taillights and on-board proportional steering, plus parents won’t have to worry about grabbing batteries since it comes with a handy USB charging cable.

$ 39.97

Hyper High Speed Drift Race Remote Control Truck

Budding gearheads will love the challenge of maneuvering this unique race truck, which features a high-output motor and suspension. It’s also made with hyper drift technology to perform cool side-to-side and 360-degree tricks, keeping kids thoroughly entertained.

$ 19.97

X22 Drone

If your kid loves the idea of drones but doesn’t quite have the fine motor skills to fly one, this motion-controlled drone is a cool toy alternative. The UFO flies with the wave of a hand, making it the perfect learning tool for kids.

$ 27.97

Sky Rover KnightForce

Kids can take flight on all kinds of fun with this remote-control helicopter, which features working lights and a three-channel control. It works indoors or outdoors, and even has a turbo feature for an extra speedy ride.

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5. Best creative toys
$ 14.97

Just My Style Ultimate Scrapbook

Kids can capture all the memories of the holidays in this customizable scrap book, which may inspire you to finally print off a few of those family photos as well. It comes with 40 pages and everything kids need to put together a unique and colourful memory book.

$ 14.97

Be Inspired Tie Dye Hair Designs

Allow kids to express themselves through their art in a safe and washable way with this affordable hair kid. Kids can create unique designs in their locks in a matter of minutes, then wash it all away and start fresh the next day.

$ 59.97

Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Creative Baking Toy

Share the same toy you loved as a kid with a budding baker this holiday. The oven is one of the best kids toys to inspire independent kitchen skills in a safe (and supervised) way. Plus, you can share the delicious results together as a family.

$ 99.98

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7+ Instant Camera Super Bundle, Fujifilm Instax Mini 7+ Instant Camera Super Bundle

If you’re tired of kids grabbing your phone to snap photos but aren’t ready to get them their own device, an instant camera is a fun and crafty solution. Kids can practice their photography skills with instant results, leaving you more time to scroll.

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6. Best Lego and building sets
$ 39.86

Lego Star Wars Dark Trooper Playsets

Star Wars fans can recreate all the Clone Wars action with this replica of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Starfighter. The kit comes with nearly 300 pieces for a challenging (but not impossible) solo build, plus two mini figures for creative play.

$ 39.86

Lego Marvel Gargantos

If you’ve got a Doctor Strange fan in your house, this Gargantos kit is a collector’s item that’s just as much fun to receive as it is to build. It comes with popular characters and more than 250 pieces for a detailed but fun building session.

$ 64.86

Lego Minecraft The Ice Castle

Looking to minimize screen time while encouraging problem solving and creativity? That’s where Lego kits inspired by popular video games come in handy. This Minecraft set features nearly 500 pieces and all the characters your kids love for a fun, screen-free play session.

$ 44.86

Lego Super Heroes King Namor’s Throne Room Toy Building Kit

With Wakanda Forever hitting theatres in November, Black Panther is a hot toy this holiday. Superhero-loving builders will have lots of fun with this 355-piece set, which features a memorable scene from the film.

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7. Best tablets and electronic toys
$ 64.96

Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo Switch)

loving kids’ wish lists this holiday season. The intuitive controls allow players to easily partake in a variety of sports, getting your family moving together on your next game night.

$ 79.96

Mario Strikers: Battle League (Nintendo Switch)

If it’s too cold to play soccer outside, you may as well plan some fun family time playing Mario’s version of the sport indoors. Battle League dropped over the summer and features a fun, five-on-five take on the sport—only in this version, there are no rules.

$ 79.96

Pokémon Scarlet

The latest Pokémon game hits shelves in mid-November alongside its companion game, Pokémon Violet, earning it a spot on wish lists everywhere this year. Like other games in the series it lets players collect and fight the popular creatures in a whole new world.

$ 129.98

ONN 8” Pro Tablet

If it’s time to upgrade your kid’s tablet, this straightforward eight-inch model is perfect for everyday use. It comes with 10 hours of battery life and runs on an Android operating system, and features a smartphone-like feel that’s perfect for TikToking or catching up with friends

$ 449.98

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

It’s no secret kids this age love the best in gaming and electronics, and last year’s OLED Switch model is still a hot ticket. It’s got a new screen and vivid colours for immersive play, plus an adjustable stand for kids viewing it in tablet mode.

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8. Best board games
$ 19.46


A surprisingly exciting and challenging game, Sequence teaches strategy and math skills with each fast-paced round. It accommodates up to 12 players at a time, making it a fun family affair—one you can play as a team (ideal for younger kids) or individually.

$ 27.97

Monopoly Secret Vault

It’s the quality strategy and counting game you’ve always played, but with an updated twist. Players still move around the board buying properties and paying rent, only in this version there’s a vault full of treasures to unlock.

$ 24.97

Connect 4 Spin

Kids can work out their best strategies with a new twist on this classic game. Unlike the original board, this one flips and spins, adding a whole new layer of problem-solving for older, game-loving kids.

$ 24.93

Blokus Classic

This family friendly game continues to be a popular gifting pick and for good reason: it teaches problem-solving, strategy and spatial awareness. Each game takes about 30 minutes and can involve up to four family members, giving you some quiet time together after a busy holiday season.

$ 29.97

Throw Throw Burrito

This family-friendly party game is great for kids who need to get some extra energy out. The simple premise takes five minutes to learn and involves throwing giant stuffed burritos at your family and friends…what kid wouldn’t love that?

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9. Best action figures, dolls and collectibles
$ 19.97

Wizarding World Harry Potter, 12-inch Spellbinding Hermione Granger Wand

Whether you’ve got a Harry Potter-obsessed kid or one who just loves magic, this collectible wand is a sweet gift to unwrap over the holidays. Plus, if Hermione isn’t their favourite character, you could always grab a Dumbledore or a Harry Potter wand instead.

$ 24.97

L.O.L. Surprise! OMG Winter Fashion Runway Fashion Doll

L.O.L. Dolls continue to be a hot toy for many kids. So if you’ve got a collector, this fashionista model may be on his or her list. Each doll comes with new mix-and-match fashions and unique character traits, not to mention those coveted surprises.

$ 35.97

Transformers Toys Generations Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Deluxe Diaclone Universe Burn Out

Car and robot-loving kids will get a kick out of the Transformers: Legacy! line, which includes characters from across the multiverse. This Diaclone model converts from a robot to a turbo car in 15 steps, helping kids with imaginative play as well as following instructions and building.

$ 24.97

7" DZNR Batman Logos Plush Figure

You’re never too old for a collectible stuffy, especially when it’s one celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight. This Batman doll pays homage to all of the character’s styles over the decades, making it the perfect thing for young collectors.

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10. Best toys for outdoor or active play
$ 34.97

X-Shot Skins Last Stand Dart Blaster

These dart-shooting blasters encourage lots of physical activity, whether kids are building forts outside or running around the basement below. Each one comes with 16 darts for continued play and are also good for improving hand-eye coordination and strategy.

$ 59.97

NSG Sports Junior Boxing Set

Help kids get extra energy out whether they’re inside or out with this boxing starter set. It can be weighted with water or sand and is adjustable for maximum comfort. It’s as good for working on hand-eye coordination as it is for working out frustrating feelings, making it a fun and practical toy.

$ 24.97

Rawlings T-Ball Set

Want to help that little slugger develop an even better swing during the off-season? An adjustable batting tee is a great tool for taking extra swings and working on that form in between live pitches this summer.

$ 29.97

Franklin Sports Youth 10 Player Flag Football Set

Parents can feel safe getting their kids into football with this flag-set, which encourages less tackles and more strategic play. It contains enough flags for 10 kids to play at once, and includes a mini playbook to start young footballers thinking about how to put a play into action.

$ 49.97

Brine Junior Lacrosse Game Set

Introduce kids to Canada’s other national sport with this starter lacrosse set. It comes with two nets and two sticks so siblings or parents can get in on the action. Set it up inside and use a plush ball, or upgrade to a harder ball and bring this set outside during warmer weather.

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