30 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the Whole Family

Best ugly Christmas sweaters from Walmart for the whole family

The holidays are prime memory-making time, with annual traditions ranging from cozy baking sessions and tree decorating nights to ugly Christmas sweater parties. This last activity can get pricey when the whole family is invited, so we’ve rounded up a bunch of creative options for Mom, Dad, the kiddos and even the family pup—most under $30. Whether you’re going for subtle and sophisticated or awesomely over-the-top, we’ve got the best ugly Christmas sweater kitsch you need.

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1. For mom
$ 14

George Women's Meowy Christmas Light-Up Fleece Sweatshirt

A cat with decorated antlers wearing a Christmas sweater on a Christmas sweater… It’s so meta! And so funny. And so comfy.

$ 22.99

Women’s Red Elk Printed Long-Sleeve Christmas Cardigan

We’re not even sure this one counts as an “ugly” Christmas sweater with its understated retro reindeer pattern. Throw it over jeans and a T-shirt for tasteful festive flair.

$ 17

Dr. Seuss Women's Long-Sleeve Popover Sherpa with Hood

For fans of The Grinch, it doesn’t get much better than a cozy sherpa hoodie adorned with the face of Dr. Seuss’s furry green grump.

$ 19.99

Women’s Holiday Vacation Pullover

Pair these sweet, patterned Christmas trees with your favourite jeans or leggings and a pair of booties for a subtle nod to the holidays.

$ 30.99

Reindeer-and-Evergreen Printed Long-Sleeve Sweater

The holidays aren’t complete without adding a little Fair Isle to your wardrobe. This pretty blue-and-white pick is perfect for casual parties or lounging at home.

$ 21.19

Long-Sleeve Winter Christmas Pullover

This sweet sweatshirt, with its blocky reindeer and Scandinavian borders, is a throwback to the ’70s and ’80s patterns beloved by knitters everywhere.

$ 65.99

Adult Narwhal Ugly Christmas Sweater

What’s more fun than narwhals roasting marshmallows over an open fire? We can’t think of anything (especially since the flames are embellished with sparkly threads!).

$ 58.99

Adult Santa-and-Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

This knitted cotton-and-acrylic pick features Santa and one of his trusty reindeer under a starry sky. The contrasting red neckline and cuffs add a little extra punch.

2. For dad
$ 20.95

Bah Hum-Pug Ugly Christmas Sweater

Who doesn’t love a Christmas pun? Especially a Christmas pun combining dogs and Dickens. It really doesn’t get much better.

$ 20.95

Flying Santa Sleigh Ugly Christmas Sweater

Simple and sweet, this jolly design features the big guy in red and a few of those famous reindeer. It’s perfect for the unassuming-yet-festive crowd.

$ 10

George Men's Christmas Shirt

Favour collared shirts for special occasions? This holiday, choose one that’s positively splattered in Christmas cheer.

$ 44.99

Repeating Santa Pattern Sweater

He might look a little like he’s wearing vintage wrapping paper with this sweater but who cares?! Encourage him to go all out by adding a Santa hat.

$ 29.99

Dinosaur Snack Ugly Christmas Sweater

Jurassic Park but make it yuletide. Add some snowflakes and all of a sudden a T. rex eating a brontosaurus is the hit of the holiday party.

$ 58.99

Adult Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater

At some point during the holiday season, sloth mode will be activated. He’ll be suitably dressed for lazy mornings, movie nights and drinks in front of the fire.

$ 20

George Men's Christmas Hoodie

It’s your favourite black hoodie—but on-theme for the season.

$ 14

George Men's Christmas Crew-Neck Sweatshirt

If you’re going to wear a sweater featuring a photo of Santa holding tankards of beer, you’d better have a sense of humour. An arsenal of dad jokes is also required.

3. For kids
$ 7.50

George Sloth Christmas Sweater

This pick features the cutest little sloth you ever did see, complete with sequined hat and candy cane. The only problem? It might be more adorable than ugly.

$ 10

George Santa Christmas Sweater

Santa’s so cool, he’s gotta wear shades—Christmas tree shades on an ugly Christmas sweater, to be exact.

$ 22.95

Canada Eh Ugly Christmas Sweater

With moose, maple leaves and the most Canadian saying ever, this soft, 100-per-cent cotton pick is light enough on the “Christmas” to satisfy even the grinchiest of grinches.

$ 26

Mermaid Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater

And you thought they didn’t celebrate the holidays under the sea! Seashells and snowflakes set the scene for these swishy gals.

$ 7.50

George Reindeer Christmas Sweater

This Rudolph looks so much like the one from the vintage Burl Ives claymation Christmas special that you’ll want it in your size.

$ 29.04

Doge Ugly Christmas Sweater

Is it a cryptocurrency? Is it a meme? Is it an ugly Christmas sweater? It’s all three. And it’s also pretty cute.

$ 50.99

Batman Holiday Hat Ugly Christmas Sweater

Even Batman gets into the holiday spirit. Little DC Comics lovers will be stoked to wear the caped crusader in his festive finest.

4. For dogs
$ 39.99

Green Reindeer Dog Sweater

Is it Dasher or Dancer? Whatever reindeer is front and centre, this cute option will make your doggo trendy and toasty. Add a trapper hat to complete the look.

$ 15.31

Christmas Cotton Puppy T-Shirt

Don’t let cookie crumbs hit the floor or the official taste tester will live up to the name on this sweet tee.

$ 34.97

foufoudog Scrooge Ugly Christmas Sweater

If your dog has a tiny bit of ‘tude (or a perpetual resting grump face), deck them out in this fuzzy sweater and have a little laugh at their expense.

$ 31.99

Red Reindeer Dog Sweater

This pick even has ribbed sleeves just like the human equivalent of an ugly Christmas sweater. Plus, the red pompom nose on Rudolph is ultra-charming.

$ 10.97

Printed Mock-Neck Sweater Dress for Dogs

You know what your dog needs for the holidays? A cheery tunic embellished with pompoms and a ruffle. Obviously.

$ 9.97

Plaid Moose Dog Pajamas

If the whole family is getting Christmas jammies, don’t forget to include your pooch. The plaid print is on point for the season, while the moose on the bum is utterly adorbs.

$ 9.97

Buffalo Plaid Dog Sweater

If you’re going for stylish, you can’t go wrong with Buffalo plaid and iconic wool cuffs. And if your pup’s not into sweaters, then a plaid hat and scarf works, too.

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