Bracelets 101

So many bracelets and only two wrists on which to wear them! Deciding between elegant tennis bracelets, sentimental charm bracelets and funky fashion bracelets can be a challenge. Fortunately, bracelets come in such a wide range of price points and are suited to so many different occasions you don’t have to settle on just one. You can splurge on a pearl bracelet to set off your formal wear and still stock up on plastic bangles to pair with a t-shirt on the weekend. A smaller chain bracelet can complement a smaller wrist that might be overwhelmed in an oversized cuff. Likewise, a larger wrist can balance the look of a chunky statement bracelet, while smaller pieces can look out of proportion.

Types of Bracelets


Charm Bracelets

Wear your heart on your sleeve, or just beneath it, with a personalized charm bracelet that reflects your individual style. A charm bracelet consists of a basic chain link bracelet of silver, gold or other metals to which you add keepsake charms. Charms can symbolize important events in your life, like a graduation, new baby, anniversary etc. You can also purchase charm bracelets with some or all of the charms already fixed to the base, or an Italian charm bracelet featuring bead-like charms rather than dangling ones. A charm bracelet is the piece of jewellery gift that keeps on giving, as you can continue to add charms on future occasions like birthdays and holidays.

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