Camping Cooking Essentials 101

On camping holidays, one of the biggest challenges is keeping everyone fueled up and satisfied with healthy, tasty meals. Your family may be getting back to basics, but the truth is, they’re still going to want to eat great food. The good news is there’s a wide selection of affordable cooking tools and gear that will help make your outdoor adventure a vacation to remember. If you pack an efficient camping kitchen, a reliable gas stove and a few key appliances such as a camping coffeemaker, you’ll soon discover that camping cooking can be just as easy as cooking at home.

Types of Essentials


Camping Kitchens

With today’s
camping kitchens, it’s never been simpler to prepare healthy, delicious campsite meals for your family. A typical camping kitchen comes with built-in surfaces for food preparation, side shelves for storage and hooks for hanging pots, pans and utensils. Fancier kitchen models feature sinks, drawers and even magnetic knife racks. Once you’ve experienced how much easier it is to prepare meals with a camping kitchen, you’ll never want to go back to roughing it.


Camping Stoves

Your family’s outdoor chef will need a dependable
camping stove or grill during your camping trip. There are two basic categories of camping stoves: gas and solid fuel. You should consider buying a model with at least two burners to ensure everyone gets fed in a timely manner.
Camping grills cook faster than stoves because food is placed directly over the flame. Stoves are best for cooking eggs, beans and bacon, while grills are ideal for chicken, steaks and hot dogs.


Camping Cookware

Camping cookware has come a long way in recent years. You no longer need to sacrifice the luxuries of your home life while distressing in the great outdoors. Start your mornings with a piping hot coffee brewed in your
camping coffeemaker or
coffee pot. For breakfast, retrieve your eggs from a sturdy, protective
egg carrier and toast bread to your liking with a handy
camping toaster. When lunch and dinner roll around, pull out your easy-to-use
stove-top griddle to prepare lightly oiled vegetables, grilled sandwiches and even thin boneless steaks or chicken breasts.


Camping Pots, Pans and Cutlery

A good set of camping
pots, pans, cups and cutlery are essential to help you stay organized during mealtimes. You can easily find options that are durable, lightweight and affordable. When shopping, consider buying nested sets to save space and help you stay organized. Camping cookware is available in a range of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. Other handy items include camping plates and
knives. And if you intend to go fishing during your outdoor getaway, you’ll need to bring a
fish knife to clean your catch.


Camping Coolers

It’s wise to take two good-sized campsite
coolers with you when camping — one for food and one for beverages. That way, you can let the kids help themselves to cold drinks without worrying that a lid left open could spoil the food. It’s also a good idea to choose coolers with hinged lids. They’re easy for the kids to open and close and tend to shut more securely, locking in the cold and keeping wildlife out. For hikes and other excursions from camp, you’ll also want to bring along at least one easy-to-carry
portable cooler.


Other Essentials

Clean water and warmth are keys to a happy and healthy camping trip.
Water purification tablets are a quick, easy way to ensure your water is safe for drinking and brushing teeth. Be sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions on how to use the tablets. For those chilly nights, a
camp heater will help keep you warm so that you get a better sleep and don’t catch a cold.


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