Camping Lights Buying Guide

Camping Lights 101

Camping lights have advanced a lot since the days when gas lanterns were state of the art. With all the options available, you can easily illuminate your campsite at night to create a safe, comfortable environment for your family. You’re going to want a basic hand-held flashlight, and a lantern is essential for lighting larger areas. Hands-free headlamps are perfect for setting up a tent in the dark, while spot lights provide intense beams for help in emergencies. Even if space is at a premium, like on a canoe trip, make sure you bring more than one source of light (in case the other fails or gets lost) and extra batteries too.

Types of Camping Lights



A flashlight is the most essential light for camping: it’s portable, durable, and some models are even water-resistant. When you have to carry out a simple night-time task such as locating your air mattress pump, you'll be glad you packed a flashlight. It’s also the ideal companion for answering nature’s call after the sun sets. Lightweight and simple to aim, flashlights easily outshine the competition when it comes to pointing a light beam with precision and dexterity.
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Nothing beats the convenience of a headlamp when trying to pitch your tent at night. By freeing up both of your hands, headlamps let you easily perform many different camping tasks in the dark. Once you get used to your headlamp, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. Look for adjustable models that allow you to widen the beam into more of a flood, and consider the comfort of the headband for periods of extended use.
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No camping checklist is complete without a traditional lantern-style light. With the flick of a switch, lanterns throw a 360-degree flood of light that will illuminate your entire campsite. Most lanterns have a stable, insulated base for table use at dinner time. They also feature loop-style handles for easy suspension, so you can hang your lantern somewhere high to brighten a larger area. When shopping for lanterns, keep in mind that modern battery-powered models are safer than old-style gas, propane or kerosene lanterns. Shop lanterns Spot%20Lights

Spot Lights

Some situations call for a much brighter light (searching for lost keys or campers, for example). A spot light delivers a condensed beam of light that penetrates the darkness far into the distance. Add one to your camping gear shopping list and everyone will have greater peace of mind during wilderness adventures.
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Solar Lights

Never buy batteries again with lights that are powered by sunlight. Solar lights charge up automatically during the day so that they're ready to work at night. Solar power is used in camping light options such as lanterns and rope lights. Look for solar lights that have a charge indicator to inform you how much life is left in the battery. Models that have adapters for plug-in charging are best to give you a fast, convenient alternative method of recharging your camping light. Most models require eight hours of sun for a full charge. Shop solar lights Rope%20Lights%20&%20Glowsticks

Rope Lights & Glowsticks

A fixture on patios and backyards, rope lights are great way to provide a perimeter of light for your campsite. They're durable, easy to handle, and easy to store. Look for rope lights that plug into each other to give you a larger extension of light. Glowsticks provide the same type of illumination, but are more portable. They come in different sizes, ranging from one-and-a-half inches to 15 inches. The six-inch model, which is the most common, holds a charge for about eight hours.
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Camping Lights Safety Tips:

• Flashlights and other camping lights can get hot after operating for extended periods of time
• Don't store lights with batteries in places where they will become extremely hot
• Keep camping lights out of reach from children
• Protect lights by wrapping them in old clothes or fabrics
• Do not bend rope lights to a 90-degree angle as this can break the wire inside the light
• When filling fuel-based lanterns, ensure that any spillage is wiped away to avoid fires

Bulb Options

Incandescent Bulbs +

The incandescent bulb has been around the longest and still offers benefits that other bulbs cannot. For instance, incandescent bulbs reach full brightness immediately and produce a warmer-coloured light. They also provide a steady beam of light that doesn't flicker.

Fluorescent Bulbs +

Many utility and camping-style fluorescent lights are quite durable and provide ample light for camping. They do tend to be larger than other types of camping lights, so consider your packing space.

LED Lighting +

The new kid on the block is LED lighting, which is extremely rugged and uses very little power. When equipping kids with camping lights, LEDs are best because they generate only minimal heat. LED also has the advantage of being unattractive to most bugs!

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Camping Light Maintenance Tips:

• If storing battery-based lights for an extended period of time, remove the batteries to prevent damage from battery rupture
• Remove all fuel from gas lamps after using them on camping trips