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Boxing Day Survival Guide

Here are tips to successful shopping on Boxing Day 2018.

Holiday Home Fragrance Ideas

Home fragrance ideas to enhance the ambience of any room and evoke your favourite traditions.

How to Start CrossFit Workouts at Home

Expert advice on CrossFit workouts. Everything you need to start CrossFit workouts at home.
Perfect Home Gym_Woman doing plank at home

How to Create the Perfect Home Gym

Get inspired with these best home gym ideas to create the perfect home gym setup.
Walmart Teddy Bear Commercial

Walmart Teddy Bear Commercial Delivers Holiday Hugs

Here is the Walmart teddy bear commercial that everyone is talking about this holiday!
Managing Flu Symptoms

Managing Flu Symptoms

Walmart.ca teams up with experts to answer how to manage the flu this season.
Gaming Laptop

How to Choose a Gaming Laptop in 2018 on Any Budget

Find out everything you should consider when purchasing a new gaming laptop in 2018.
Managing Flu_ Guy in red scarf at a pharmacy

How to Prepare for Flu Season

How to prepare for Flu Season 2018 with Walmart’s guide to preparation and prevention.
Sick man with pill

Tips on How to Prevent the Flu

Get ready for flu season 2018 with these tips on how to prevent the flu.
How to stock up and plan for a big game night

Grey Cup 2018: How to Plan a Grey Cup Party

The Grey Cup is nearly here. Plan your big game party with this handy checklist.