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Preventing the Flu

Flu Shot 2018: What You Should Know

Everything you need to know about flu shot 2018 and flu season ahead in Canada.
hydroponic farming

What is Hydroponics and What You Should Know Before You Grow?

Find yourself wondering what is “hydroponics” or wondering how to grow hydroponics? Start here.
After Workout

How to Relieve Sore Muscles with Active Recovery

Walmart.ca shows you the most effective ways to prevent and manage post workout pain.

Holiday Party Ideas to Help Create a Holiday Haven

Easy holiday party ideas and holiday recipes that keep your guests, and your wallet, happy.

Smart Home Ideas: How to Get Started with Smart Home

Smart Home 101: The perfect start to your smart home setup, from beginner to pro!
How to mount and setup a HDTV

How to mount a tv on the wall?

If you're wondering how to wall-mount your new HDTV, look no further! We've got you.
What screen size should I get for my room

How to Choose the Perfect TV Screen Size

There are many considerations when deciding the right TV size, let’s have a closer look.

The Cutest Family and Baby Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018

Awesome family and group Halloween costume ideas are at Walmart Canada this season!
Create your own superhero inspired Halloween costumes at Walmart.ca

Easy DIY Superhero Costumes for Halloween

These superhero Halloween costume ideas will keep you and your family inspired and feeling heroic!
new HDTVs for 2018 and the best tv shows, apps and Smart TV content

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your HDTV

HDTVs can do a lot more than connect to a cable box, let’s explore.