Christmas Lights Buying Guide

Christmas Lights 101

The best Christmas light shows start with a plan and the right selection of Christmas lights to achieve your desired look, both indoors and out. Strings of exterior incandescent bulbs or LED lights will bring a luminous glow to your roofline, windows, trees and bushes. Inside, LED lighting has become the favoured choice for decorating your tree, halls, windows etc. Rope lights, flood lights and other lighted decor items such as animal figures, gift boxes, candy canes and nativity scenes can add to the overall spectacle. Today's safe, durable Christmas lights can transform your home into a radiant showcase of holiday magic without breaking your budget.

Types of Christmas Lights


LED Christmas Lights

Here's a light you can use to create an unlimited variety of indoor and outdoor Christmas light displays. LED (light emitting diodes) lights are durable, weather-resistant, and stay cool in operation. They also use up to 10 times less energy than traditional incandescent lights and will give you many more hours of enjoyment before burning out. LEDs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Use LED strings to wrap your Christmas tree with no fear of overheating. Outdoor-certified LED string lights can be attached to a timer and, in some cases, programmed to blink, flicker or repeat pre-set patterns. Shop LED Christmas lights Incandescent%20Christmas%20Lights

Incandescent Christmas Lights

Incandescent bulb string lights have been around for decades and offer the benefits of superior brightness and multidirectional light. They're great for trimming your house and yard, highlighting rooflines and gables or wrapping around trees. The standard bulb sizes are C7 and C9. When an incandescent bulb burns out or breaks, you simply remove it and screw in a replacement bulb. Keep in mind though, that these lights use more energy than LED lights, become very hot when illuminated, and because of the LED lighting revolution it is increasingly difficult to find incandescent replacement bulbs. Shop incandescent Christmas lights Indoor%20Christmas%20Lights

Indoor Christmas Lights

Adorning your Christmas tree, fireplace mantle or bay window with strings of incandescent bulbs or LED lights is among the most cherished of family holiday rituals. Lights are available in various shapes, sizes and colours to coordinate with your decor or holiday theme. The newer LED lights are energy-efficient, which helps the environment and your pocket book, and cool to the touch, an important consideration if you have young children. They’re also relatively inexpensive, so it's quite affordable to change your colour scheme from year to year. Consider rope lights or strings of white LED lights intertwined with garland to accent your doorways and windows. Shop indoor Christmas lights Outdoor%20Christmas%20Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights

There’s something magical about wrapping your home in a warm glow of lights, set against the chilly backdrop of winter. Outdoor Christmas lights are built to withstand severe weather and keep out moisture. To beautify your home with Christmas lights, first decide what part of your home you want to decorate and then buy the amount of lights you need. Multiple lengths of string lights can be connected to extend across the front of your house or highlight architectural details such as windows, columns or doors. Eco-friendly LED lights are a long-lasting option. Traditional incandescent bulbs produce a bright light, but use a lot of energy and tend to burn out quickly. Many lights are available in regular or mini-sized, and in four- or six-colour combinations. You can also get your glow on with the newest Christmas light technology including projection, motion, and colour-changing lights. Shop outdoor Christmas lights Bulb%20String%20Lights

Bulb String Lights

Multiple runs of bulb string lights can cover a lot of area at an affordable price. Strands of LED lights, white or multi-coloured, are ideal for indoor and outdoor Christmas light displays. Indoors, LEDs stay cool and are safe to use on both natural and artificial Christmas trees. Outdoor LEDs are economical to operate and, if you are limited to one outdoor outlet, can be attached in longer runs than incandescent lights due to their low energy consumption. Bulb string lights are commonly available in 25-, 50- and 100-foot lengths. The most common bulb sizes are C7 and C9. Some bulb lights are sold separately from the strings and sockets for replacement purposes, while LED string lights typically come with bulbs and sockets permanently fused. Shop bulb string lights Rope%20Lights

Rope Lights

Rope lights are an easy way to decorate your home, both inside and out. The LED inside rope lights are sealed within long tubes or sleeves of flexible PVC (plastic). You can run them along straight edges like eaves and windows as your main Christmas light display, or wrap them around tree trunks and railings as accent lighting. Rope lights come in various colours and are easily coiled and stored when not in use. Shop rope lights Specialty%20Lights

Specialty Lights

Net lights draped over ornamental shrubs and bushes add depth and drama to your outdoor Christmas decor. Other specialty lights to consider include sphere balls, icicle lights, mini lights, novelty lights and musical Christmas lights. Spheres are round metal frames wrapped in mini-bulbs or lighted from within, often with a glowing effect. Place them in your empty planter boxes, urns or porch pedestals. Icicle lights suspended from your eaves replicate the wintry look of translucent icicles. Strings of mini lights closely spaced are ideal for winding around tree trunks or porch columns and work well for tree lighting indoors. Oversized novelty lights featuring iconic holiday characters and objects make great yard ornaments and can provide a focal point for your outdoor display. Shop specialty lights

Christmas Light Hanging Tips:

• If uncertain, seek expert advice on how to put up Christmas lights
• Envision your design and confirm all measurements before you start hanging
• Confirm the location and working status of your outdoor power outlets
• Ensure all lights are in good working order before you hang them
• Avoid mixing strings of solid and multi-colour lights
• Ensure proper spacing between lights for a balanced display
• Use adhesive clips or string hangers to avoid damaging eaves and mouldings
• Consider rope lights for decorating vertical surfaces

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Christmas Light Storage Tips:

• Avoid tangles by wrapping string lights around a container or cardboard
• Use bubble wrap or plastic grocery bags to cushion layers of bulbs
• Wind string lights around plastic coat hangers and secure ends with twist ties
• Make sure lights and strings are dry and free of debris before storing
• Purchase plastic spools designed specifically for storing string lights
• Place each string in a separate bag and store all together in a sturdy bin
• Store indoor and outdoor lights separately for easy identification
• Make note of or replace broken or missing bulbs or damaged strings at season’s end